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Back on my size 11’s

Yes, I admit it: I have hugely big, get-out-my-way-or-I’ll-stand-on-you, squash-you-flat, showboat sized feet. I figure I’m almost 6 foot tall though so any smaller and I’d fall over! All that aside I’m back on them and feeling much better. Steve isn’t. Yup, he’s been in the bathroom most of the night and has taken up residence in my spot on the floor. This nasty bug just won’t go…

Joshie is at kindy again today and I’m hoping he stays well as he had a tiny bit of diarrhea yesterday (what an uplifting post this is so far LOL) but he’s fine in himself so he’s gone. I need to majorly catch up on some work today so this’ll be short!

I made it to the post yesterday so the goodies are on their way and I’m hoping to get some scrapping time tonight once Joshie is in bed. There’s so much to do at the moment!

Don’t forget about the cyber crop on tomorrow from 7.30pm at the Scrapbook Studio/Scrapbooking by Design website forum, it’s going to be great fun with lots of prizes and there’s still time to sign up. I’m taking Joshie to see Santa tomorrow for our annual photo and am hoping he’ll oblige, then back home for the crop so it’s going to be a busy one.

Before I finish I was just reading Hannah’s blog about the goals she’s achieved this year (well done by the way Hannah – well deserved!) and it got me thinking about what I’ve achieved this year. I’ve gone from doing a couple of scrapbook pages for myself at home and wanting to do more to being published and Highly Commended in Up2Scrap, getting on the Scrapbook Studio Design Team and making a killer tomato album LOL!! I also came second out of a decent sized field of very talented scrapbookers in a 7 week competition, as well as co-founding a charity that seems to be ticking along nicely now. Not a bad year considering I didn’t start with any goals at all! It’s got me excited to think what goals I might achieve next year if I actually write some down to work towards so thanks Hannah, you’ve got me thinking!


Back in the saddle…. almost

Thanks for all your well wishes, I’m on the mend and very grateful that my Crohn’s seems to be sorting itself out by itself. I’m seeing my gastro guy next week just to be sure but my blood tests have come back ok which is such a relief!

I had a very rough time when I first got sick when I was 24, I lost 14kgs in 2 weeks and ended up in hospital for almost the same amount of time. In that first year I was in and out of hospital with tests and relapses and more tests… Then I had to have surgery which left me unable to do anything but lie in bed for almost a whole year so I get jittery if I get a flare up, which up until now has been rare and minor. Still, I’m on the mend and finally eating again after 3 days of not being able to look at food, but now it seems Joshie may have gotten the virus that triggered my problems. Just can’t seem to get rid of the bugs at the moment.!!

The main problem is I’m on immunity suppressants, the same drugs they give transplant patients after their surgeries to stop them rejecting their organs. The result is I tend to get anything going and it hits me harder than it does most people. So Joshie gets something (as kids do) and he gives it me and then we pass it back and forward around the family until something else comes along!

Oh well, never mind!

On a nicer note I got my kit from Scrapbook Studio on Monday and it’s gorgeous! I love the elegant colours and can’t wait to get started. I already have a layout and off the page project planned and will post them when I get them done.

To the competition entrants: I’ll get to the post office tomorrow when I have a bit more energy back so the goodies should arrive for the weekend 🙂

I’m hoping to take Joshie to Glenfield on Friday as Santa arrives in all his splendour and I want to get a photo (although I’m not expecting Joshie to be accommodating at all this year). I should be back to normal (or as normal as I get anyway!) by then.


A break in our scheduled programming…

Firstly my apologies to the 5 ladies who entered my competition, I’ve got your prizes ready to go but am really sick today and am unable to get to the post office. I’ll try and get there as soon as I can but can’t be far from the bathroom at the mo!

We’ve just got Joshie right and now I’m down and for me it’s a little more serious. I have Crohn’s Disease which has been in remission now for almost 10 years, however after spending the night on the bathroom tiles last night I’m pretty sure it’s rearing it’s head again. I’m staying in bed for the next couple of days and hopefully it’ll come right on its own, otherwise I’ll have to go see my specialist and there’s a good chance that he’d admit me to hospital for a few days to get it under control. I’ll keep you posted and am crossing my fingers it won’t come to that.

Better go, I’ll send off the prizes as soon as I can 🙂

Ho, Ho, whatever….

Not feeling the happiest today, Joshie has been projectile vomiting for the last couple of days, and although he’s thankfully on the mend it’s been a rough week. Joshie has just gotten over his awful cough and now it’s vomiting, and there’s nothing we can do but try and look after the poor little guy while his body fights the virus.

I think he may have picked it up on Thursday, which was a bit of a highlight as we all went with his kindy on a bus to a house with animals, and the somethingorather beak farm brought over some more animals and we had a lovely day in the sun. The catering was taken care of (and soooo yummy) and Joshie had a great time, although he started getting sick that night. We’ve not started him at his new kindy yet (only visited a few times) as he’s been sick, I’m hopeful he’ll go tomorrow though as he’s not thrown up since last night and seems much happier today.

Still, that’s what you get with kids this age – always sick!!

On another note the cyber crop is this Friday and it’s looking to be a goodie!! We’ll be posting sneak peeks all week and here’s mine…

Have a great weekend!


Yay the last challenge is over and you can all have a wee break and get ready for the cyber crop on the 30th November online with the Scrapbook Studio ( now. Well done to those that stuck with me and entered every week, it was unfortunate timing on my part to do it when there were design team calls on! duh!

First place overall goes to Beverley, you get the stamps! I’m looking forward to seeing what wonderful things you do with them 🙂

Second place overall went to Annelie, you’ll be receiving a wee gift, as will the 3 other ladies who took the time to follow my challenges and read my blog! I’ll run another set of challenges next year but try and time it so there’s no DT calls at the same time!!

Gorgeous layouts everyone, and even if you didn’t get chosen as a winner please remember how difficult you all made the judging! If the 5 of you who entered could all email me your addy (send to I’ll get your goodies in the mail (I’ll try and get it in the post by Friday but it may be Monday at latest!). 🙂

The overall points tally looked like this:

Beverley: 4 pts
Fifiscrapz: 3 pts
Annelie: 2pts
Yvette: 2pts
Meadowroo: 2pts

Annelie: 4pts
Beverley: 3 pts
Fifiscrapz: 2 pts
Meadowroo: 1 pt
Yvette: 1 pt

Beverley: 4 pts
Yvette: 3 pts
Annelie: 2 pts
Fifiscrapz: 1 pt

Beverley: 11 pts
Annelie: 8 pts
Yvette: 6 pts
Fifiscrapz: 6 pts
Meadowroo: 3 pts

Happy scrapping!

Busy, busy, busy

Yup, that time of year is here where I’m madly trying to finish my christmas shopping (one small pressie to go), as well as my DT stuff and all the work that needs to be done by year’s end! Busy, busy, busy but I must say it beats being bored!

We had a great weekend with Joshie, me and mum going to Joshie’s cousin Charlotte’s second birthday party at Chipmunks. The kids all had a great time and the squashiemonster didn’t stop moving!!

Then Sunday we took him (and my parents) down to Red Beach School for their Gala. Joshie went on pretty much every ride, won a car and got a load of goodies. It was really fun and we followed that with a trip up to Matakana Country Park to feed the animals. Just an awesome family weekend!!

On the down side Joshie still isn’t his usual self. He’s still off Kindy and is coughing too much!! The doctor said if the anti-biotics don’t work then it’s most likely viral and there’s nothing to do but wait until his body fights it off itself. The main problem is he drinks or eats (though not much) and then coughs until he vomits back up some of whatever he’s just had. It’s just mucous and unfortunately he’s just got to deal with it which he is, he’s a tough little cookie. He’s fine in himself until he coughs, otherwise you’d not know there was anything up with him.

We’ve also made the decision not to have another child after all. After 5 months of trying I realised this month (with Joshie being so not well) that I’ve been stressing about how hard it would be on our family to bring another baby into it, financially we can’t afford to upgrade houses and with a 2 bedroom there’s no room for another! Also I need to keep working and couldn’t take 6 months off to look after a child so we’ve decided we’d rather look after the one we’ve got to the best of our ability rather than stretch ourselves too thinly and cause unnecessary stress. I figure when you’re relieved you’re not pregnant yet then it’s definitely not the right thing to do! 🙂

Don’t forget the challenge closes midnight Wednesday and the final winner announced on Thursday so there’s still time!


Challenge 3!!

Hi everyone

It’s time for challenge 3, but firstly the winners of challenge 2 (the sketch challenge).

Congratulations Annelie! We just loved your page:

Second place goes to Beverley for this fabulous creation:

And for third place we chose Fifiscrapz for this fun page:

To the others that entered it was very close! I’ll tally up the points later…

Anyway, here’s the scraplift challenge from the very talented Dallas Foley:

Remember a scraplift is YOUR interpretation of this layout, so get creative! There are stamps up for grabs still for first place overall, and I have a few spot prizes I’ll allocate when the competition is closed on Wednesday midnight.

Happy scrapping!