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Counting my blessings…

Me and Joshie are learning to count together (well I already know how to count but if you saw me balancing my chequebook you might beg to differ), but this was a conversation we had yesterday…

Me: “One, two… and what comes next?”
Joshie: “Four, three, yellow”
Me: “Are you sure?”
Joshie: “Meemee, meemee…”
Me: “Yes sweetie?”
Joshie: “Truck”

I think we need some more practice! Not bad for a 2 year old though I reckon…

And the good thing is he’s on the mend. After only a couple of doses of antibiotics he’s coughing a lot less and pretty much sleeping through the night again. He even got us up at 5.50am this morning for a bottle and then wanted to go back to bed – which he did for another 2 hours. Unheard of. I’m trying to get him off having bottles but with little success. When he’s not well he wants them even more and he’s VERY pedantic in nature (I think he gets that from Steve) 🙂

In the morning we have a routine of coming for a cuddle on my knee while he has a bottle. But we have to do it in order. His order. Blanket. Then a second blanket. And make sure it’s the blanket he wants. Not the green one. The blue and green one. Now the bottle… aah – all is good in the world again.

I look at our little trials though and am so grateful to have a happy, healthy son and the family and partner I have. Deb’s friend had a very prem boy who seems to be coming right now, but now the mother of this wee fighter has breast cancer and is fighting for her own life. If her son inherited his fighting spirit from his mother then she’s got a great shot of beating it. My thoughts are with that poor family who have already been through more than a single family should ever have to go through.

I’m also thinking about my friend Sarah’s son Ben today, he’s only 4 months old but is off into Starship as he’s very small and hasn’t put on much weight since he was 6 weeks old. I’ll hopefully see Sarah tomorrow but it’s a worrying time for the family especially.

There are other friends who are going through difficult things they have to deal with at the moment too, and it just reminds me more how lucky I am. This close to Christmas it’s especially important to send out some love to those that need it most and hug your children and family just a little bit more.

On another note, this week’s challenge finishes tonight and I’ll be posting the scraplift tomorrow. It seems trivial, after the rest of this post, I know. But when I think there are so many more important things to do other than scrapbook I remember why I do it. Aside from the creative outlet I get, it’s a way of making sure my family remember ‘us’ and how important a simple moment can be in the scheme of things.

Live for today, scrapbook for tomorrow and spare a prayer for those that need it most…


Monsters everywhere…

Yup, the demon next door is at it again. This time it was the lid of a bottle of V8 juice (which we don’t drink but can no doubt be found in their recycling bin) thrown onto the garage roof while Steve was inside. Then while he was weedeating the front we had a paintbrush thrown in between the deck and the garage, which Steve threw back! How stupid are they? they’d been facepainting and suddenly we have a paintbrush, with paint, thrown at us… duh!! doesn’t take a genius does it!?!

So we’ve bought a camera… we didn’t want to do it but it’s got to that stage. Unfortunately we’re going to have to catch the little bugger at it and then we’re going to take it to the Police and get them to pay a visit as it’s beyond a joke now. We’re worried as we’re painting the house over summer and don’t want stuff thrown at it while the paint is wet (OR dry!!) which is exactly what he’ll do… will keep you posted!

And Joshie’s back to being a wee monster too, in his defence he’s not well though so we’re putting up with more than we normally would. He’s tired from the weekend too as it was pretty busy. We took him to Lollipops, then to feed some ducks and ended up with a train ride/bush walk/playground and animals down the road. With him not being well (chest infection which is making him cough huge mucous amounts up and makes him wretch/vomit) he’s not been going to bed until very late (10.30pm ish!) and then he’s up numerous times in the night. Poor little guy, hopefully the antibiotics will kick in quickly…

The Scrapbook Studio DT is busily planning the cyber crop on the 30th November, so if you get chance come and join in as there’s some great prizes up for grabs and it’s a great opportunity to create some christmas stuff for gifts (or yourself!). Stay tuned for some sneak peeks…

Don’t forget, Wednesday midnight is the cut-off for the current challenge, some gorgeous entries in already (you guys have really gone all out for this sketch!)… still time to get creative for the rest of you.


Yay and apologies!

Somehow I missed Roo’s entry into the last challenge, I’m sooooo sorry Roo! I’ve awarded her 2 points as well for this entry:

I really like the bubblewrap printing… must give that a go myself!

And now for the yay bit… Up2Scrap is out and I’m finally published! Yup, it was all thanks to a tomato as my page and card sucked a bit – I rushed them as the online competition I was involved with took awhile and I ran out of time. Still, it’s thrilling to open a great magazine and see my work in print! For those that don’t get the mag here’s my entry…

I really struggled with a page about me, I redid it umpteen times and still wasn’t happy with it but sometimes you get that… guess I just don’t find myself that inspiring!

I also spent way too long making the wee doll of Joshie, that I got a wee blocked about what to do with the rest of it… that’ll teach me to plan it all a bit better next year!

I must say a huge congrats though to the 4 that made it onto the DT (if they read this!), the work you submitted was lovely. And another congrats to Bev, what an awesome page about you it was!!

Keep scrapping, second challenge closes Weds midnight – anyone that doesn’t have a blog to upload their entry to can email it me at


Quick update…

After spending up at the Scrapbook Studio yesterday I decided to skive off and do some scrapbooking today, here’s what I did:

The wording says “My favourite time of day” and it’s based on Kelly’s monthly sketch challenge…


Update and Cyber Crop

Hi Guys

Firstly thank you for all the lovely Birthday wishes I got yesterday, it’s so nice to go online and be bombarded with lots of lovely words of friendship and kindness.

I had a great day, we went scrapbook trekking around Auckland (me, mum and the squashiemonster) and I finally got to meet some of the fabulous team at Scrapbook Studio. I spent more than the vouchers I was given (as I do) because I just couldn’t decide!! hehehehe – and sorry again Kelly for Joshie making your little fella cry (he hit him on the head with a car!!)… he’s not himself at the moment, I think he’s coming down with another cold… just in time for Kindy next week. Typical.

Yup he’s starting his new kindy next week and we’ve visited a few times already to get him used to the place and so far he loves it. We had to bribe him with a sticker to leave the other day so it’s looking good!

Thank you for the lovely layouts for my first challenge, they’re all really well done and very creative with the make-your-own-background thing. However, we’ve made a decision and here are the results:

4 pts goes to Beverley

3 pts goes to Beverley (FifiScrapz)

2 pts goes to Annelie

2 pts also go to Yvette

The entries were all so nice and of a similar standard I thought everyone deserved to place!!

Don’t stress too much about the busy sketch I posted, as I said you don’t have to adhere to it religiously, as long as there is a basic resemblance that’s fine! It’s meant to be about having fun. It’s unfortunate I picked right now to do it, I didn’t realise at the time there were a few DT calls coming up but good luck to everyone entering for a design team! I’m sure I’ll get to see a few names/faces I recognise a little more prominently around the place.

Just to give you a heads up there’s a cyber crop coming up on November 30th (the Friday) online at the Scrapbook Studio forum (http://www.scrapbookingbydesign).. there are going to be heaps of challenges and prizes up for grabs and they’re always a lot of fun so mark it in your diaries!!

Have a great weekend everyone, better go do some work to pay for the overspending I did yesterday 🙂


Challenge 2

Yup, sorry for the delay, had a busy day!

Here’s the sketch, borrowed from somewhere but can’t remember where 🙂 must be my age…
You don’t have to follow it religiously, but it should resemble the basic layout… I’ll be posting the points for the first challenge tomorrow.

I’ll update you on my birthday pressies later…. hehehe

Getting in the Mood…

A few of the websites around the place are starting to get christmassy and it put me in the mood to scrapbook some of the christmas photos I have floating around. I did this one in 20 minutes using the basic grey paper for the back, scenic route one for the flowers, bit of kindy glitz, some letters and my good old dymo labeller! I’m working on another christmas one at the moment and I’m loving it!!

Well I found an old friend on Facebook, and it inspired me to look up some other friends I’d lost contact with. I managed to find them but their emails were dodgy so hopefully they’ll decide to contact me if/when they can.

However it’s nice to be back in contact with Stuart. We went to school together and he’s the only person from school who ever bothered keeping in contact when I moved away. We had a brief and disasterous attempt at flatting together, but we were too young and drove each other mad. Still, we’re both grown up now and, like Hannah and her friend, are living very different lives.

Me: I’m pretty quiet and unexciting, just your average SAHM who works from home and loves her partner, scrapbooking and sudoku! Not as social as I’d like to be, too self-conscious for words and also very self-critical (see!!) 🙂

Stuart: Was a Chef, Airline Steward, now is in the Police Force, and has finally come to terms with being gay. Other than all that he sounds pretty much the same, except more like a grown up (aren’t we all).

I’m really glad to be back in contact though, and hope we can get to know each other again.

Other than that all is quiet in the land of Lou, I’m putting together a sketch for Thursday morning so get those entries in! Bit sad that 24 people said they were in but I’ve only had 2 entries 😦 Still, they were good ones!!