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Can’t sleep…

Yup, late night tonight. I just can’t sleep for some reason…

Went to visit the lovely ladies at Scrapbook Studio today, and managed to completely spend the vouchers Santa mum gave me for Christmas. I got such cool stuff!!!

I got the most AMAZING artist trading card holder by 7 gypsies, I don’t do the trading card thing so am going to decorate it with photos and quotes… can’t wait to get started!! I got soooo many goodies including a great new book to peruse and a tonne of other stuff.

I got totally spoilt this Christmas, I got a digital photo keychain as well and just need to upload some piccies on it. All in all, a very scrappy Christmas!!

Joshie was cute when we took him to the shop too, he was playing with cars and behaving for once and I saw him drop his car. He said “sowwy” (having trouble pronouncing the R’s yet) to his car! Seriously cute – especially as he did it twice. Man I love that kid…

I do wish he’d go to bed earlier though. He’s going through a phase, one of those I’ll-go-to-bed-when-I’m-good-and-ready type phases. Unfortunately his good-and-ready is around 9.30pm each night so we’re not getting any downtime before we head off to bed as well. Hence the fact I’ve been fiddling with my blog and am just considering going to watch a movie…

I’ve also been pondering some New Years Resolutions. I hate them. I hate making them. But every year I do. And every year I fail to keep them. However, this year I’m not making any. Problem solved. But I DO have a to do list that I’m hoping to work through during 2008, then at least if I don’t complete it I won’t have failed necessarily. Except that I hate incomplete lists… No hope for me I think.



Just thought I’d give you a preview of the G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S January kit from Scrapbook Studio… I made this page with just a few of the awesome goodies inside…

And yes, that’s me aged about 2… LOL – I still have sticky out ears!!

All over for another year :)

It always surprises me how quickly Christmas comes and goes. One minute it’s November and the weather is just warming up, and before you know it we’re eating Turkey and singing Auld Lang Syne. I try and make the most of the Christmas season and am usually more into it than I was this year, but for some reason – and despite my best efforts – I just didn’t feel Christmassy.

We did the trail of lights, Smales Farm, the Christmas Carols, the Tree, the presents, the dinner, the Christmas Eve movies etc. etc. etc. but it never really hit me this year. It was strange when I went shopping on Sunday after our family get-together, it felt like Boxing day and that it was all over even though we hadn’t even had Christmas yet… hmmm

Despite that I DID really enjoy the quiet family day we had with my parents and brother and Joshie had a ball. It was lovely to watch him REALLY into opening presents for the first time this year, and he loves his ‘jump jump’ as he puts it (his new trampoline).

Aaaah, the trampoline. We had a few dramas on the day before Christmas Eve with the trampoline. Turns out what Santa was going to give Joshie was just a safety enclosure (yup, despite the advertising saying it was a set there was, in fact, no trampoline included!!). And as I bought it in October I had no way of proving what the ad in the paper said. Sooooo long story short I had to go find him the matching trampoline AND put it together on Christmas Eve. It all worked out though and despite aching joints (hard work putting one of those together!!) it was all worth it to see Joshie so happy and I’m very grateful for the fact we were in a position to be able to just go and buy the trampoline as well as the enclosure, I feel sorry for families that bought the same item and didn’t find out until Christmas morning that there was no trampline in the box…

So what am I grateful for this year?
• A happy and healthy family
• Great friends
• Making it onto a DT
• A business that’s ticking along and has a great future this year

Speaking of scrapbooking (as I do!! LOL), here’s a page I did a few weeks ago but couldn’t show you as mum reads my blog and got a large canvas of the same pic for Christmas!

We had a Boxing Day lunch yesterday (in between the rain showers) and Steve is currently building himself a man shed, no me allowed LOL! Our office is wayyyy too small for both of us so he’s building himself a workshop to make some more room for all the amazing scrapbooking stuff I got for Christmas (good on ya mum!!). 🙂 Ooooh, and I got my favourite – Scrapbookey VOUCHERS!!! I’ll be seeing Lisa very soon me thinks… hehehe

Anyway, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying a break in the sun with your families. Roll on 2008!!


Sooooo full!

Yup, tonight we had our big family christmas dinner and it was really good, lots of fun and the kids had a great time. Joshie didn’t have a nap so has since crashed into bed (yay! LOL) and I’m so glad we did it early.

I’m looking forward now to a quiet immediate-family-only Christmas day for the first time ever. It’ll be so nice to relax with a casual BBQ and watch Joshie opening and enjoying his presents, without the pressure of catering (helping mum cater!) for over 20 people.

I’m not likely to get another blog in before Christmas as I have a trampoline to put together yet 🙂 so thank you all for your wonderful comments and support this year, and have a WONDERFUL Christmas!!

Big Hugs 🙂

Second time around…

Yup, we again went to Smales Farm last night. We got all rugged up as it was a bit windy and spitting a little on and off and headed off for the spectacular laser light show – VERY disappointing!! The laser lights weren’t exactly spectacular – in fact we weren’t sure the show had actually even started except for a change in the music. It was only when a thank you for coming came up that we figured that’d been it LOL

Santa didn’t turn up while we were there either (after 9.30pm) but we’d seen him in a car earlier so know he was around. If there hadn’t been a light competition on (blurry shot below – my night mode isn’t forgiving of wind and me… LOL)

there’d have been bugger all to look at. There were some glowbots running around (people all neoned up – a moving shot below.. so hard to photograph!!)

and a 3 minute firework/fire display that you could only get a good view of if you stood with as many people as cold fit in the middle of the roundabout with the people doing it. Not exactly a safe place to have it and you couldn’t see much from where we were. Must apologise for the crappy photos – night mode is the only one where anything showed up and for that you need a tripod to get a non-blurry shot!

Just felt a bit disorganised, and the coffee machine still wasn’t there 😦 Overall disappointing which is a shame as the atmosphere with the music was lovely and the people there all seemed in a lovely festive mood. Never mind, it’s still nice of the organisers to put it on for us for free and Joshie got himself all excited about the lights in the fountain and trees anyway 🙂

So in an effort to see more lights, we drove around a few streets on the way home. Every year we check out Panorama Court and Vista Motu as everyone in those streets usually gets involved. There’s been a few changes in homeowners in the past year though so a few didn’t get into it this year, but the ones that did were really beautiful so at least we saw something!

Joshie is at kindy for his last day today, apparently they’ve been working on something for the parents and I’m dying to know what they’ve been up to!!

Anyway, back to work, have a great one!!

Flap your ears…

and listen carefully and you may just hear me rocking our little office with Christmas Carols – yup the silly season has finally struck me despite doing boring stuff like website programming today!! Oh the weather outside… is frightful…

Actually it’s rather warm and muggy but I can feel rain coming on. I hope it clears up for this weekend, we’re having our Christmas family thing early this year! I have quite a large extended family and we’re all getting together this Saturday for our big get together. We did it on New Years day last year and we were all sooooo over Christmas by then that we decided to do it early instead which means a nice, quiet immediate-family only Christmas Day for the first time ever! And I must say I’m looking forward to watching Joshie play with his new toys and just having a relaxing dinner with my parents and brother.

So for those that have never been, the other night we decided to go visit Smales Farm and see the laser light show. Silly me thought it was a drive-through thing so we were totally unprepared for the chilly wind that night so decided to try again this week. We’re off to check it out again on Thursday night (if the weather improves as it’s now raining with thunder) and I’m looking forward to it – might have to test the night mode out on my camera. There’s a laser light show and various glowing people entertainment wandering around and you tune your car radio in to listen to the christmas carol station! Lovely atmosphere.

Normally I trek around the streets looking at people’s lights but I think there’s a fair bit of bah humbugging going around this year. I’ve seen only a few houses with many lights up so there’ll be no trail to do this year, such a shame as it’s one of my favourite things to do pre-christmas.

Anyway, as the week trickles away from me I’d better get back to work and will leave you straining your ears to hear my carol warbling…



Just want to say a big thank you for all your supportive comments re: nasty blog message. You guys are all so nice and I’m so grateful to have met you all, if only on line at this stage – you’re an awesome bunch of women and one day I hope to meet you all in person!!