Second time around…

Yup, we again went to Smales Farm last night. We got all rugged up as it was a bit windy and spitting a little on and off and headed off for the spectacular laser light show – VERY disappointing!! The laser lights weren’t exactly spectacular – in fact we weren’t sure the show had actually even started except for a change in the music. It was only when a thank you for coming came up that we figured that’d been it LOL

Santa didn’t turn up while we were there either (after 9.30pm) but we’d seen him in a car earlier so know he was around. If there hadn’t been a light competition on (blurry shot below – my night mode isn’t forgiving of wind and me… LOL)

there’d have been bugger all to look at. There were some glowbots running around (people all neoned up – a moving shot below.. so hard to photograph!!)

and a 3 minute firework/fire display that you could only get a good view of if you stood with as many people as cold fit in the middle of the roundabout with the people doing it. Not exactly a safe place to have it and you couldn’t see much from where we were. Must apologise for the crappy photos – night mode is the only one where anything showed up and for that you need a tripod to get a non-blurry shot!

Just felt a bit disorganised, and the coffee machine still wasn’t there 😦 Overall disappointing which is a shame as the atmosphere with the music was lovely and the people there all seemed in a lovely festive mood. Never mind, it’s still nice of the organisers to put it on for us for free and Joshie got himself all excited about the lights in the fountain and trees anyway 🙂

So in an effort to see more lights, we drove around a few streets on the way home. Every year we check out Panorama Court and Vista Motu as everyone in those streets usually gets involved. There’s been a few changes in homeowners in the past year though so a few didn’t get into it this year, but the ones that did were really beautiful so at least we saw something!

Joshie is at kindy for his last day today, apparently they’ve been working on something for the parents and I’m dying to know what they’ve been up to!!

Anyway, back to work, have a great one!!

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  1. Posted by Hannah on December 20, 2007 at 1:56 pm

    Oh dear, how disappointing! I was wondering about doing it, but I don’t think we’ll bother. Such a shame that it wasn’t better, I would have expected much more from a “professional” show.

    At least Joshie had fun though! That’s the main thing! 😉


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