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Clean slate

Ok, so I didn’t have a nice start to the morning.

Someone anonymously posted a comment about me being a sore loser, unprofessional (I didn’t know this was a professional forum) and not nice because I said that I thought the entries chosen as winners of the favourites section of the Chrisco star competition were a bit dull. My apologies for voicing my opinion.

I ranted and raved back in a post I’ve since deleted, along with the comment which I thought was unfair from someone who not only doesn’t know me, but didn’t even see the competition.

I stand by my opinion and would like to point out that it was shared by a number of other people who were as surprised as I was at the choices the judges made. But that was the whole point – it was THEIR favourite and because I didn’t agree with their choices and chose to voice my opinion some politically-correct person decided to denegrate me on it.

So I wiped all the negativity away.
Clean Slate.

And just to let you know, I’m not in the habit of deleting comments. I recognise everyone’s right to an opinion (including myself) but I’m not about to let someone have a go at me on my blog without dealing with it in the way I choose. If someone had just disagreed with my opinion – fine. But personal attacks will not be staying…

Soooo, onwards and upwards. I’ll try and word myself as politically-correct as possible so the anonymous’s of this world have nothing to jump up and down about but will warn you all that yes, I have opinions and yes, if you choose to read this blog you’re more than likely to come across them now and then. And yes, you most likely will even disagree with me but that’s ok, it’s what debate is all about.

And I’m ok with that.

Aaahhh :)

So nice to have a night and day to ourselves… Joshie is due back very shortly and I’ve enjoyed the very rare break but am really missing him now and want him back! I’ve done some scrapping today…

This one is with Decembers kit:

This one I just had to do as I love the photos so much!!

Off to go do a quick clean before he comes back..

byeee 🙂

Getting close…

I can’t believe how close it is to Christmas. Despite the tree being up, presents wrapped and under it and playing Christmas carols at full volume I STILL don’t feel very Christmassy this year.

I’ve created umpteen Christmas layouts plus an OTP project (which is this very cool – if I say so myself – double sided door hanger). You too can make one with Decembers Scrapbook Studio kit and torment your kids on Christmas Eve by threatening to leave it on the ‘Bad’ side for Santa to see… LOL

Joshie is having his second night away from us since he was born!! Yay, so we’re going out to dinner (nothing flash, Steve wants to gorge himself at Valentines – whatever!), and I actually get to sleep in past cry-o’clock. Joshie doesn’t wake up well. Ever. Never ever. Ever. Got it? Other than dinner it’s a quiet night watching DVD’s undisturbed and at a volume we can actually hear what they’re saying and not worrying about explosions waking Joshie up (the perils of a small house) LOL!

Going to try and get the house clean tomorrow as well as catch up on some work before Joshie gets back and maybe, just maybe, get some scrapping in over the weekend as well.

Have a great one peoples

Rejection time…

Ok, so Scrapbooking Memories didn’t like my ‘blessed’ layout for their family theme so I got the big Thanks-but-no-thanks email. No biggie, don’t expect to get accepted on my first try anyway so have sent it to For Keeps instead! 🙂

I have noticed though, that the last few issues of SM have been featuring fewer and fewer layouts from NZ… a conspiracy? hehehe

Had an awful day with the Squashiemonster today, clingy and whingy and just plain naughty!! Didn’t help that he wouldn’t have a sleep either so the day just got progressively worse until I was ready for killing the little darling by 7pm… Good on Steve for looking after him so I could come and try and get some work done. Not helping that the humidity has given me a killer headache for the last couple of days but I have shares in Nurofen so that’s ok!! LOL

Getting Christmassy now, listening to carols and will be doing some baking this weekend.

I also got my DT kit and am doing the December project for the Scrapbook Studio. Lisa’s outdone herself with this one and I can’t wait to bring you a VERY cool OTP item that I’m hoping you’ll all want to recreate yourselves!

have fun


Thanks for all your support guys, it means a lot to me and I’ve decided that one of my New Years Resolutions will be to have more confidence in myself!

Anyway, here’s the layout I did for Faye’s challenge – using paint.

Rather than doing a background with it or painting chipboard (I like to do things differently! LOL) I created my own transparencies using various pieces of clipart I had and then painted them. It turned into a pretty simple page but I didn’t think it needed anything else…. other than a warning to stay out of the sea this summer… there may be sharks about!

I’m working on Moniques sketch at the mo and then I’ll fiddle around with a few of the other projects I have on the go…

I’m off to Manukau Westfield on Friday, apparently they’ve added 100+ shops to another level so being the shopper I am I have to go give it a look-see, might try and pop in to Scrapbook Studio while I’m over that way and see what goodies Lisa has gotten in… hehehe


1 down…

Yay I’ve had my first submission accepted for Up2Scraps February issue!! It’s the one page I couldn’t show you so you’ll have to buy the magazine to see it!! LOL

Buzz Buzz

Yup, I’ve been a busy little bee the last few days and have really enjoyed my scrapbooking!! I’ve done a few pages, and have for the first time submitted my work. One page I can’t show you as they’re strict on showing submission on your blog, but here are the other two I’ve done…

I’ve also redone this one using the DT kit for November from Scrapbook Studio…

At the moment I’m covered in paint (thanks to Faye’s challenge!! LOL) and am just waiting for it to dry so I can throw the page together and photograph it. Then it’s Meeks sketch challenge (love the sketch!!) and back to my OTP project for November (the kits were a wee bit late LOL).

I’m doing the project for December and already know what I’m doing for it so may just make some preliminary preparations for that too… I’ve also got to draw up the sketch challenge for January so the guys can get a headstart on it and other than that I may even fit in some time to work/sleep/eat/play with Joshie.

Busy, busy, busy but I’m sooooo enjoying it!!

Have a great one