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Firstly, LOL at knife comment in last post – you crack me up!

Secondly, here’s the freebie I’m offering – it’s the already done layout of Sonnet in png format (300dpi resolution) that you just have to add your own titles to and drop your pictures behind the photo areas to use (they look white here but are transparent in the file). Easy for anyone to do! The file is 6.3meg (but I’ll compress it for sending) and I’ll send it to anyone that asks for it by leaving me a comment with an email address.


It’s here!

Well, as you guys know I’ve very much become a hybrid scrapbooker, and for years I’ve been thinking of going digital and creating my own kits to sell so I’ve gone and done it! I’ve created my first kit and it will be available for sale (as well as some freebies) shortly.

Here’s a sample layout I created, using the kit I call Sonnet. I love the depth and warmth of the colours which work particularly well with heritage or animal pages, but are also a great backdrop for almost any other theme you want to create.

It consists of 3 co-ordinating papers, a torn edge, a polaroid strip, a nameplate and the gorgeous bling swirl. I’ve also created some alphabets – one is a white chipboard look complete with drop shadow, the other is a ghost alphabet available in three varieties – plain, with drop shadow and with drop shadow and staples. The typefaces I used on the sample are Susies Hand and GF Ordner, both available on the internet. The bling swirl will be available as an element set as well, and I have a lot more to come!

Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what I’ve done and if there is anything in particular you’d like to see me create.


It’s coming…

and very soon all will be revealed!…

Now for my mad mumblings… we had a good weekend, spent a fair bit of family time together taking Joshie to the park with his bike in Mairangi Bay and to various playing areas!! That kid just never gets tired, nor will he use the pedals of his bike. When we suggest he does we get a finger pointing at us (no, not THAT finger) and a big NOOOOOOOOO! then he pushes himself off with his feet as fast as he can go… LOL! attitude and a half that one…

We’ve been trying to be a bit stricter with Joshie in the hopes of improving his behaviour and so far it’s working! yay… he’s finally got to the point where he can rationalise a No to something if he’s been naughty.

With the horrendous week I had last week I only lost 500g, but at least it’s a loss and I’m surprised it was that… I’m a stress eater and believe me, it was stressful! Never mind, all seems to be behind us now and we’re working on making it all better…

Still struggling to get back into a working frame of mind as well, I’m getting there but everything seems to be taking sooooo long. The heat is really bad in my office/garage/scrapbooking room too, only have a ranch slider in it and there’s no through draft. Need to find a window the right size on TradeMe…

I’m off to a crop at Deb’s place on Saturday, I think there’s 5 or 6 of us going along for the day so I’m really looking forward to having a wind down day with the girls. I need to get some stuff sorted out for it first though, I have so much that I might want to use I’m going to have to plan these pages down to the last mini glue dot! I do a lot of my work on the computer so will have to print some stuff off and pack it all up ready for Saturday morning… aaaahhhh, nothing’s ever easy! LOL but worth it…


Rough week

Ok, so I apologise for the completely unsubstantiated rumours I repeated about Heath Ledger in my last post. He was NOT a druggie, nor had he had a problem – the site I got my info from was the first to post the news but about the only thing they got correct was that he’d died… either way it’s still very sad.

It’s been a very tough week for me this week, those that know the details thank you so much for your support. It’s meant the world to me to know how many caring people I have around me who are prepared to really help in whatever way they can. Fortunately things are looking much better and I’m really positive about the future now, so thank you all.

On the scrapping front Prima Hybrid are now having a DT call and I’m thinking about entering. My work is very hybrid these days and is getting more and more that way, funny how your work evolves! I sooooo couldn’t live without my mac 🙂

Anyway, have a great weekend and a great holiday weekend to those of us in Auckland, I’ll be spending it with Steve and Joshie having some nice quality family time. Knowing Joshie it will involve feeding animals of some sort LOL



I can’t believe it, Health Ledger is dead. And only 28. What a shock! I never took him for a drug-taking type but he’s apparently had a problem, and had been clean for a year. They found pills by the bed… and he was apparently in an apartment that Mary-Kate Olsen lived in. So sad. He had such a big future. I feel for his 2 year old daughter Matilda and ex-fiance Michelle…

how awful

Coming out…

Ok, I’ll say it. And yes, it’s true. As the lovely Nic Howard so eloquently put in her blog – I’m bi-scraptual. I’ve been in denial thinking I was a traditional scrapper only. I’ve been creating hybrid word for years without even knowing it – and yes, finally it’s cool! So finally I’ve released my inner-geek (or not so inner) and gone whole hog with more and more of my page being digitally created, then scrapped traditionally. The only thing I’m missing is one of those awesome new Epson inkjets for scrapbookers… (do I hear an oooohhhh?)

Anyway, so here I am and here it is… my first out of the closet hybrid page and this is what I did…

Firstly I chose my photo and manipulated it in Photoshop, taking out distracting things and giving it a more retro colouring. I then placed it into a photoshop document sized to 12 x 12 so I could see exactly what it’d look like. Because I don’t have a large enough printer, whatever I printed out neeed to fit on an A4 and I chose to use Bazzill as my base as I wanted a clean look. I then created the transparency using fonts, brushes, frames etc downloaded from the internet and wrote my journalling as part of it. I don’t like the transparency to go over the photo so cut the middle of the frame out. I cut a pattern out of b/w paper and laid that behind the photo, then laid the transparency over the top. When I was happy with it I attached the paper and photo as per usual, and stapled the transparency into place.

I tore a tiny strip of co-ordinating (to the patterned paper) stock and attached it into place, then took a strip of ribbon and attached it staggered partially over the top. I covered a chipboard heart in red cardstock to bring out the red in the Elmo hat, sanded it for a clean edge, edged it with pen, threaded embroidery thread through it and then attached it into place. I punched holes for the two X’s and sewed them with the same thread, as well as tying a knot through an epoxy button and attaching it as well. Finally, I added a heart brad and dimensional magic’d the word hurts so it took on the look of the epoxy button.

So there you have it. Prima Hybrid are currently doing a DT call for hybrid designers and I’m thinking of giving it a go. Gotta be in to win!!

I went to visited my friend Sharnie and her 5 month old son Joshua yesterday, followed by a visit to Deb and David. Busy day but it was lovely to catch up with everyone! Sarah’s cancelled for today but Hannah is coming for coffee tomorrow, which I’m really looking forward to. We’ve met a couple of times but really haven’t had much chance to sit and chat – see you tomorrow Hannah!

Anyway, back to work (urrghhh). I’m having so much trouble getting my head around it all again… nevermind!! I’ll get there

byeee 🙂


I really admire my best friend Deb. She’s gone and shaved her head (in true Deb style!) in support of her friend who’s currently fighting breast cancer. I wish I had her courage, her goodness and her genuine unselfishness towards others. Those that have met her I’m sure will agree just how amazing she is, she blows me away. I hope she doesn’t mind me putting her piccie on here (she’s linked it from a website forum so I think it’s ok) – you go girl!!!

Joshie went back to Kindy today (big hooray from Stanmore Bay!) and he settled right back in straight away (bit of poetry there I think)… LOL. He couldn’t wait to get in there and hardly noticed when Steve left, love that place! It’s been a bit of a saviour for us after his last kindy, and we have no worries about leaving him there. Our only wish is they didn’t close so long over Christmas! LOL

Joshie’s behaviour hasn’t been great the last few days – it’s like the ‘school-holidays-are-dragging-and-I’m-ready-to-go-back-to-school-boredom’ mood, kids get antsy and grumpy and need the routine back. We had 5 hours of tanties at the Albany Mall the other day (less 5 minutes when I bumped into Deb there)… we should’ve stuck with Deb and her entourage – it was the only time he behaved that day!

Did my Monday weigh in this morning – lost another 1.2kg so I’m about halfway to my first 5kg goal. I’m happy with 1kg a week, nice and safe speed to lose weight and I’ll be more likely to keep it off. So far it’s been pretty easy, no major dietary changes other than cutting out the nibbling crap and taking note of portion sizes. 50million kg to go… LOL

better go do some more work