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Well we just got home from the supermarket and Steve got into a fight on the way home. Yup, a punch up.

We pulled into a park outside the dairy (the back of the car sticking about 1/2m into the yellow line – tagged onto the back of the parking spots but in no-ones way) and a guy was trying to do a funny turn into the very narrow entrance way to the block from a very awkward angle and started ‘f’ing and blinding at us from the other side of the road. He had to do a 3-point-turn to get in (which you ALWAYS have to do anyway from the direction he was coming from – we’ve had to do it a hundred times) and was hurling abuse at us the whole time.

Ok, so we shouldn’t have stuck out that little bit (who hasn’t at some time?) but is that a reason to go off like he did? We didn’t cause him to have to do anything he wasn’t going to have to do anyway, and is a 3-point-turn that stressful? Personally I would’ve driven up the road just a little bit and done a U-turn in the side street so I could come in at a better angle and not had to do Evil Kaneevil tactics across 2 lanes of rush hour traffic to begin with. But then that’s just the female way of thinking I guess, and I’m a lover not a fighter!

So he pulled in and decided to block the whole road by parking next to us (as close as he could so I couldn’t get out – funny thing was neither could he), until someone abused him and told him to shift his car. Anyway he parked up and was mouthing off the whole time. Then after failing to talk a truckie into deliberately hitting Steves car (who had no problem getting past us), he went up to Steve as he was coming out of the shop and tried to pick a fight, calling him names and swearing etc. Steve told him to F off and was coming to the car when he told him to “go F your grandmother in the car” (meaning me – now I feel very old) so Steve asked him to repeat what he’d just said. The guy pushed Steve, Steve pushed back so the guy took a swing and it was all on…

In the end Steve’s shirt got ripped, I got stressed and it was broken up after a few good swings from Steve. When Steve stepped back from the fight to let it go the guy sucker punched him and carried on mouthing off as we just left to get in the car.

We couldn’t believe it!! The woman in the car in front of us and a guy in another car asked what started it, when we told them it was because we’d parked where we’d parked they couldn’t believe it and totally agreed with us. The guy had obviously had a bad day and was bucking for a fight. The funny thing was I picked up the sunglasses off the floor thinking they were Steve’s and they must have been the other guys, I didn’t know until we got home with them so at least he lost those – they are now in our rubbish bin!!! Serves him right.

So now I’m trying to de-stress… Steve didn’t start the fight nor did he provoke it, but he will always stand up for me and not let others hurl abuse and has every right to defend himself. It seems to be the male way to insult the other guys mother/sister/partner to get them to throw the first punch – that doesn’t work with Steve – he’ll never throw the first punch.

I hate dramas!!! What we wouldn’t give for a peaceful life. I must say though that there are a lot of people on the roads these days that cause near-misses and scare themselves, and then blame you for them, getting very abusive in the process… why is everyone so angry these days? why so violent? all I can hope is that our useless Labour government goes at the next election before they do any more damage (how much more can they do? they’ve killed the economy, housing market, health system, education system, half the businesses in NZ and our judicial system is a joke). Roll on election day, I hope for a government that makes jail a place criminals don’t want to be, and sentences to keep those that need to be locked up – locked up!

My cousin’s husband is an electrician who’s just finished fitting out the WATER FEATURE at the new prison down south… umm anyone see anything wrong with that sentence? He used to eat his sandwiches for lunch and watch as the KFC was delivered for the inmates… and that’s too hard?

Reminds me of the Kahu case, here’s Chris Kahu, murderer of two babies and they’ve let him out on bail TWICE because they think jail is too hard on him – ummm, isn’t it supposed to be? Doesn’t this just illustrate the fact they have no intention of EVER convicting him? I suppose he’ll get home detention if they do… makes you wonder who you’re living next to huh!?!

Ok, my rant is over, I’m calming down – TGIF!! I’ll apologise now to those that may have sat down with a nice cup of coffee to read about my scrapbooking efforts or for updates on Joshie… sometimes you just gotta get it out!


I made my mother cry…

Yup the layout called “Enough” did it… it wasn’t meant to make her cry but it did and I’m glad she knows that I think she did an awesome job as a mum – and yep, is still doing an awesome job as a Nanna!! At least she didn’t see it for the first time in a shop reading the Scrapbooking Memories it’s going to be in, couldn’t have her blubbering in the middle of Paper Plus!

I’ve had a chance to scrap and although I’m not 100% happy with the page (in fact only about 60%) I’ll let it go into my album anyway. I really wanted to use these papers but in the end I’m not sure how well they worked… anyway, here it is, my cat page. It looks better IRL. Mother India and daughter Kenya are so alike, I’m always having to look twice to tell them apart! My bookends…

I’m Joshieless again today (thanks mum!) and we have a whole night to ourselves 🙂 We’re going to check our Borders, have a dessert (yes, I’ve allocated points to something not too diet-deadly), hit the supermarket, petshop and then back home for Thai (yes I know that’s dessert before dinner but who cares!?!)…

Last night we watched a couple of DVD’s and let Joshie stay up late so he’d be tired for mum today and go to bed at a respectable time. We watched Ratatouille (sp.?) which Joshie just loved, and then Hairspray which I really enjoyed. Joshie was boogying on my knee throughout the movie and went to bed and straight to sleep no problem! Hopefully he’ll behave today and tonight.

He’s back to Kindy on Monday (yayyyy!!! can you see me jumping up and down for joy?) – yep, we’ve missed it. A lot. A whole lot.

Got a busy week socially this week too. We’re having a BBQ on Sunday with my friend Joanne, her partner Gabriella and their daughter Grace, although with rain forecast I may have to postpone it for a week. Then on Tuesday we’re off to visit my friend Sharnie who I haven’t seen in 6 years! She’s got a 5 month old son also called Joshua and I can’t wait to catch up. Wednesday my friend Sarah is visiting with her son Jack and then Thursday the lovely Hannah is coming for a coffee and catch up! Somewhere amongst all this I’ll fit some work in and hopefully some more scrapping too!

I’m feeling very motivated to scrap at the moment and my new favourite product is the Prima Say it with Crystals range – G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.!!! I just wanna bling everything! Going to try the challenge on Scrapbook Studio for the month too, it’s a challenge I set myself but never actually did – making my own background papers! I’ll post it when it’s done…

have a great day!

the other one…

Here ’tis… the page that caused me so many problems!

I think it’s because the pictures are so colourful, what I did before just didn’t work… now I kinda like it. I chopped off the ends of the flower petals to take some of the feminine softness away, but decided to go with pink as an accent anyway! Who says you can’t get colour creative with boys pages!?!

I did a couple that have been submitted to For Keeps that I haven’t heard anything back about, so here they are! I understand For Keeps is kind to those that post their pages on their blogs and don’t discriminate by not publishing them… not to say they’ll be accepted anyway!

And this is the one in the May issue of Scrapbooking Memories (it’s through round one anyway!). I quilled the scrolls – a first for me!

I think my work is starting to look a lot more colourful – yay! I’ve tried to be a bit more daring with colour as my pages were starting to be a bit bland…

byeee 🙂

midnight oil…

Yay, I stayed up late last night and managed to do 2 layouts, although one has since been deconstructed!

This one is using the gorgeous January kit from Scrapbook Studio, it was a great combination of colours and I loved using it! The only things I added was a little bit of rikrak, the journalling stamp, stapley thingies and the bazzill background cardstock. I’ve still got a bit left so may try and whip up one more…

I played around with the photos before I printed them, I’ve been doing that a lot lately and my work is becoming more and more hybrid. As I have sucky handwriting I’m liking that lots!!

The other layout I did I wasn’t particularly thrilled with it as it just didn’t quite come together and ended up more cluttered than I wanted. It’s also the wrong colour scheme for what I ended up doing!!! That’ll teach me for sticking stuff down before I’ve got it right… I’ll redo that one later and post it when I’m happy 🙂

Off to do some work, I have another work in progress that I’ll post pictures of soon too… it’s rather different for me!!


Still here…

and wondering where the heck the week has gone!! I can’t believe last week is over already – I don’t even remember much of what we did but I know we were just BUSY! so yes, I am still alive, and exhausted still as Joshie STILL isn’t going to bed much before 10pm (and thanks so much for all your advice – we’ve tried it all but he’s just in this pattern now until it starts getting darker earlier)…

I’ve been flipping around the blogs and must say: gorgeous layouts Hannah and Janine, you’re awesome scrappers!! I love what you’ve done with your DT kits – perfect with the pictures you’ve both chosen and I love the free style you’ve gone with – so fresh!

I’m going to try and do some scrapping tonight so hopefully will have something to post tomorrow 🙂

byeee 🙂

Bit blue…

I’ve been feeling a bit down the last couple of days and aren’t sure why. I don’t know whether it’s to do with the change of diet, late nights with Joshie, lots of work and not much time to scrap or what… although I think I just answered my own question 🙂

No joy with getting Joshie to bed earlier, last night it was gone 10pm… not good for a 2-year-old or a 2-year-old’s family! We let him cry for over 1/2 an hour when we put him to bed at 9.30pm, (which he’s been going to bed at willingly now for around a month) – any earlier and we haven’t a hope! Didn’t work through, we got him up for 5 more minutes (try 15 minutes) as he was at the throwing up he was at the so upset stage. He used to go down at 7.30pm-8.00pm so easily but it all changed with daylight savings. Once he’s asleep he stays asleep (thank goodness) but he’s become a bit of a night owl and no matter what routine we try in the evening (forget having a bath – he hates those with a passion too!!) but stories, bottle, cuddle, blanket etc just don’t work with him.

He’s the most strong-willed little boy I’ve ever known, he was since birth. Most babies when they’re born have a feed and go to sleep. Not Joshie. He had 2 bottles and spent almost 6 hours contemplating world domination before he fell asleep. Guess it’s just the way it goes… hopefully come the end of daylight savings he’ll fall back into his ‘winter’ sleep pattern.

I’m back at work this week, and finding it so hard to concentrate as I still feel in holiday mode. Joshie is out with his dad today so I’ve got a couple of hours to myself (what a relief) and am plodding through it all…

I thought yesterday that Joshie may have been coming down with something, he’d been whingy and clingy for the last few days but he seems to be better this morning. Yay!

I heard from a friend the other day that I lost contact with about 6 years ago . She got married in August last year and has a 5 month old baby boy also called Joshua. I’m thrilled she found me! She was the one person from my past that I really regretted losing contact with. She’s a special person. So next week we’re going to have a catch up and I’m really looking forward to it, and I don’t want to lose contact again. 🙂

I’m also heading over to see my bestest buddy Deb next week, was meant to go yesterday but with Joshie being so hot and grumpy and generally not himself I thought it best not to pass on anything he could’ve been coming down with on to David.

Gonna be a busy week, and with mum back hopefully she’ll have Joshie for me a couple of days so I can catch up on some work as well, and then yay, Joshie’s kindy is back the week after! We’ve all missed it. It’s such a lovely place and Joshie just loves going there, we’re going to increase it to 3 days a week as soon as we can, and then he has 2 days with Nanna which will give me a full week to work and get some money in. I often spend one of his Nanna days with them and go out anyway so I’ll still get to see plenty of the little guy, and we’ll make sure we have great family time at the weekends and evenings too (see, feeling guilty about it already)…

have a good one!

2 Down….

OMG, I’ve just found out that a layout I submitted yesterday to Scrapbooking Memories has made it through to final selection… I’m thrilled!! So far so good, if it’s chosen then that’s 2 out of the 4 mags I want to get published in down, and we’re only just into January!! Kinda takes the pressure off!! LOL

I’ve not had much of a chance to scrap lately, and I’m hanging out to get on with another magazine submission I have in my head which is closing in a day or two. I need to get my A into G I think, problem is work is piling up and I’m only getting to start work at 9.30pm at the moment. Joshie just WILL NOT go to bed… if I leave him in there crying he cries until he throws up and is then up another hour to settle him…

Anyway, one of the sites I frequent was talking about a word to adopt for the year. I chose PERSEVERANCE. I figure with everything I want to achieve this year it was appropriate and pretty much summed it up for me.

I’ve been laughing at some of the comments you guys have left regarding how much scrapbooking stuff I have. Yep it’s a fair bit. But I still need more…

“Hi, my name is Louise, and I’m a Scrapbooking Addict….” (this is where you say Hello Louise)… hehehe

I must admit that a fair bit of it came from when I had a scrapbooking shop, yep for those that didn’t know it I used to co-own ScrapAntics with my mum. We shut the shop down when I had Joshie as it was just too hard trying to do my graphic design work, run the shop/website AND be a new mum. We shut the business entirely a few months later and I must agree, I have a huge stash of goodies. But I’m sure I’ll one day use everything. Honest!

Ok we’re on day 2 of the lifestyle change and so far, so good. I need to get into the exercise but had a very busy day yesterday and didn’t quite manage to do that yet, but I will! I’m hoping to get off down to the beach to get my 30 minutes in but it’s looking like the weather may have other ideas… Plan B may be required 🙂

I’m following the old WW plan but aren’t going to meetings, I’m just weighing in at home. I used to go but found I couldn’t commit to going for a weekly meeting (which were boring as hell anyway), and that’s especially true now I have a toddler. Still, it doesn’t mean I’m not committing to a change, which I am, I’m just not forking over $20 a week to do it… Besides, with all the support from you guys it’s like having a meeting group right here!

I’ve been lurking around the blogs and seen some of your gorgeous layouts, even if I haven’t had a chance to comment I do look and read and it’s nice to see what you’ve all be up to over the holidays. There are so many great holiday pics I’ve seen that’ll no doubt turn up on some fabulous layouts soon, but I’ve been a bit slack in the snapping department. I’ve taken a few but have missed a lot of photo ops lately due to frequent flat camera batteries. Could be that my SPARE BATTERIES FOR MY CAMERA WERE LEANT TO MY MUM AT CHRISTMAS AND SHE HASN’T GIVEN THEM BACK YET… Hint, hint if you’re reading this mum! 🙂 LOL (she’s probably trying to figure out what LOL is too… hehehehe)

Okey dokeys, have a great day