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Sheeze it’s been a busy week, and having a cold still has slowed me down a bit but them’s the breaks!

If you’ve never checked out the Aussie site Embellished ( then it’s well worth a look. They’re currently doing a Design Team call and I’ve given it a go, I can’t show you what I’ve done but you can view them in the gallery if you’re interested 🙂

I’ve also had a tonne of work on so haven’t been able to go out and visit people much this week, so I’m glad its Friday!!!

Have a good one

Exciting stuff!

Yup, my first online class and it’s all about layering. Layering your pages can take them from just nice, to WOW – and there’s a definite knack to it. So we’re having an online class in March devoted to teaching you how layer effectively, and creating a cool layout in the process…

The kit contains everything you need to make this (other than adhesives and tools), and all instructions will be online in the classroom. You’ll be able to follow them step by step, as well as ask questions if you get stuck! Kits will be available shortly from the Scrapbook Studio store but you’ll have to be quick as numbers are strictly limited.

On another note, yesterday I bought Joshie his big boy toilet and he was very keen to try it out. He dragged the box over to me so I could assemble it (it has a step so he can climb up by himself). Once it was put together we went into the bathroom and I asked him if he wanted to try it, he pulled down his shorts and tried to get his nappy off! LOL

Next thing, he’s sitting on it and getting off it a few times and then waving me away so I left him for a minute (me thinks my boy likes his privacy). He came running out with a wad of loo paper and was ‘wiping himself’ – just like a big boy – but not having done anything to wipe… lol again

When I went into the bathroom he’d managed to unroll half a roll of tp, but he was just so proud of himself – it was priceless. He even managed to put the wad down the loo and flush! Not bad for day 1 me thinks…


He’s back

Yep, my gorgeous wee fella is back to being his usual gorgeous wee fella self. Think he must be feeling better as he’s been an absolute sweetheart the last couple of days. And I’m relieved.

Big step today as well. Yep, my big boy is starting toilet training and I’ve bought him a potty (actually a rather too expensive seat and ladder setup so he can use the real toilet). We’ll see how it goes, he doesn’t seem that interested in the whole toilet thing, although I asked him yesterday if he wanted to sit on the toilet (he was in there bothering me) and he pulled down his shorts and said yes! LOL

Some very cool things are happening at Scrapbook Studio and all will be revealed shortly, but here’s a sneak peek to whet your appetites…

ciao for now


Yesterday, for the first time ever, I was ashamed of Joshie. We went to David’s 2nd birthday party and he was a bully. He first tried pushing little Liam off a bike, and when Liam started to cry (he’s only just 2), Joshie started yelling at him – making him cry even harder. He also deliberately coughed all over Grace, repeatedly, despite me telling him off. Then he wrestled her for a toy he’d decided he wanted and was generally disobedient and naughty. He ran the bike into Richard’s leg deliberately, then as we were leaving (he didn’t want to go), he attacked and scratched my face. I’ve been embarrassed by his behaviour before when he’s played up while we’ve been out, but I’ve never before been ashamed of him.

All in all, not a great day with the Squash. He continued it all when we got home… it was a long day. He’s still getting over having a cold and he’s overtired still, but I’ve never seen him as naughty and hope it was just a once off.

I’m sick today too, Joshie has given both me and Steve his cold and it’s come on with a vengeance. I was fine yesterday and just started sniffing a bit on my way home, and by last night it was all on. And it sucks.

On the bright side I did this layout for Steve’s father in memory of his mother who died almost a year ago now. The time has gone so fast…

Anyway, going to go…


First the great news – my darling mother has offered to fly us down to Wellington (well pay for the flights and accommodation – she’s not a pilot) for SENZ this year! Yay mum!!

Second bit of stuff to share: here’s the other two layouts I’ve done for the DT kit for February. I must say I really got into the pink and I did warn you the 6 x 12 size would be around a fair bit! LOL

This is my take on the sketch challenge for February:

And here’s a layout using a huge amount of my kit on one page! LOL, I really wanted to try circle flowers and they work as a nice filler to tie in all the papers.

I’m thinking of applying for the Embellished Design Team. It starts its term in May and I’m pretty sure my 6 month term with Lisa is up in April, which is a pity as I’ve really enjoyed being on the team. Kelly Slattery is already a DT member at embellished and is a permament DT member for the Scrapbook Studio, so if I did make it on I’d be in the company of some amazingly talented ladies! I did apply for the Prima Hybrid one but we’ll see… not expecting anything but I’ve enjoyed entering. It makes me try new things I normally wouldn’t do!

Byeee! 🙂


Yep, really bad night with Joshie last night. Really bad. Really, really bad. Managed about 1 1/2 hours sleep all night as he’s developed a bit of a cold and couldn’t sleep. He was waking up every 20 mins throughout the night and I ended up sleeping on the floor of his bedroom (made it there around 4.30am) and it was NOT comfortable… oh well, he seems fine this morning. Nose has stopped running and he’s a box of birds so that’s the main thing.

Here’s my second layout from February’s kit…

I love it, it’s the first 6 x 12 layout I’ve ever done and think you’ll be seeing more of them in future!

I have to come clean, growing up as an 80’s teenager I LOVED Duran Duran. The walls of my bedroom were covered with posters of them, and for some reason I found the very skinny, very gangley and pale John Taylor rather gorgeous. How times have changed… still I’ve bought a couple of tickets to their concert in March as I don’t want to miss them. I’ve wanted to see them since I was 14 but last time they were here I’d just had Joshie so couldn’t go, and I figure this may be my last chance as they’ll probably retire soon! Sheeze I’m old… LOL

But for now, it’s work time and then hopefully I can grab a nap this afternoon, if not then it’s definitely an early night!


Just for fun!

I’ve been a busy little bee this week, I spent the other evening creating these embellishments. I love playing with felt, it’s like being a kid again! I making another 3 or 4 and then I’ll show you why! 🙂

My DT kit arrived yesterday from the lovely Lisa at the Scrapbook Studio. Bit of a shock for the mum of a boy – it’s very pink and girlie and soooo sweet. So it was obvious I needed to dig around for some old photos of me – so here I am, 2 years old and just before we emigrated to NZ from England.

Joshie is at Nanna’s again today so better get back into some more work… need to pay off my Christmas credit card bill! LOL


Quick update

I’m having trouble trying to upload this to the Scrapbook Studio gallery ( so here it is! This is for Heidi’s challenge of black and white with one other colour.

Back to work…. LOL

Final one…

Yay! I finally scrapped this photo of Joshie taken last year, he’d been told off at Kindy for biting another child and we were defending him saying he wouldn’t have done it unprovoked. They were adamant (this was the horrible Kindercare) that he just decided to attack this kid but when his eye went like this a couple of hours later we were sure he was just reacting to being poked in the eye! Anyway, this is the last page I’m submitting for the Prima Hybrid DT call, so I’m crossing my fingers and toes…

Everything digital on the page, other than the doodled flowers, I created myself and then scrapped with traditional products. I love the look of hybrid and my work is going more and more that way so I’m glad I’ve found my ‘look‘ – although that’ll no doubt change again.

My mum fell in love with the laugh word so I’ve given it to her, it’s a thank you for all the Joshie-sitting she’s been doing lately which is sooooo much appreciated.

On another front I’ve been busy creating lots of digital stuff lately, so my traditional scrapping has taken a bit of a back seat. On the plus side of that though, is that I now have a stash of very cool digital elements and papers to play with! I’m hoping to have my website launched within a month and will have plenty of freebies online.

I’m hoping to get my Scrapbook Studio kit shortly, got fingers itching to scrap!! Once I’ve done some layouts I’ll share them here and in the gallery. In the meantime, they have some very cool and very different challenges going on in the forum, so if you feel like a bit of something different to try – create, upload, and win!

Ok, better go, things to list on TradeMe! LOL


Decision made

After a few weeks of umming and aahing over whether to try for the Prima Hybrid team I’ve decided to go for it. I’ve got a lot on with my own stuff I’m trying to do, but I really love to do Hybrid layouts and I’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a go – the chances are very slim of me getting in anyway as they get hundreds of entries from around the world.

So, I’m submitting this layout (which you’ve no doubt seen):

This off the page project I’ve just this minute finished and is already on my wall!:

I’ve got one more layout in mind which I’ll get done in the next couple of days and post when it’s finished. Nothing ventured, nothing gained 🙂

I made a big batch of heart shaped cookies that Joshie took to kindy with him today, Cinnamon and cherry ones with pink icing so they should’ve gone down well I think!

Don’t forget you can download the free layout page for splish splash (se previous post) from my website The full site will be up soon and I promise, it will look a lot better than the 2 minute job that’s up at the mo.

Better get back to work, things to do!