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Scary stuff!

Yup, I’ve gone and done it, joined a gym!! I’ve got an assessment tomorrow at Curves and will start the circuit thingy this week. Got sick of being a vegetable and with winter approaching I know the walks on the beach won’t happen – I’m not even that FOND of walking on the beach. I mean, I love being down there with my fandamily, but really aren’t into exercising in public! So back into it, everything I said at New Years is still true and I still want to get myself sorted this year so here I am!

Managed to do a couple of pages this weekend, one for the Scrapbook Studio. The paper was monotone grey so I added some colour with chalks, paints and ink.

This second page is one I’ve been putting off for ages. I wanted to use some tigger paper I had but didn’t want the page to look naff – I’m pretty happy with how it turned out in the end.

Happy Birthday Hannah, 30 today!! have a great day matey…

We took Joshie to A Spoonful of Sugar on Sunday (thanks Deb for telling everyone about the place!), it was great. It was the first time EVER that we got to sit and actually finish a coffee in peace while we were out. Joshie LOVED it there, the nannies were awesome and he didn’t want to leave!

Other than that a quiet weekend with a sick squashie, who’s now over his virus/cold and is back to kindy today (yay!)…


yay spgetti!

Can you email me at and I’ll give you my addy to send the piccies too…

yay! someone wants it!!

Putting it out there!

Ok, I could be setting myself up for a fall here, which is something I unfortunately tend to do sometimes but here it is: I’m bored with scrapping Joshie photos and was wondering if anyone would like me to scrap a page for them, using their photos and info? First person (and possibly the ONLY person LOL) to say yup gets it…

In the meantime, the Embellished DT call is finished and I’m anxiously awaiting any news! I’m hopeful but never confident, must work on self-confidence!

I have been thinking about writing a book (of hints and layouts etc) for about 6 years now but it’s only recently that I thought my work may be getting to the possibly worth publishing stage. I encouraged someone (the very talented Sarah Groen) to write a book (which she was obviously working anyway and unbeknown to me) and now she’s off doing it – and good on her!! I’m a big procrastinator with big dreams but it’s always my self-confidence that stops me – total fear of failure obviously!!

I want my work to stand out and be different, and I know my work is creeping more and more towards Sarah’s style which isn’t a conscious thing (although I LOVE her work so she’s an obvious influence), it’s just become a natural progression for me. So my quandry is this: how can I write a book when someone of a similar style (and who’s a much better scrapper than me) is already off doing it? I think I’m talking myself out of the idea again…. but it keeps niggling.

I’m sure I have something new to offer, something different to say and a few ideas that aren’t already out there! I’m more experimental in my layouts than ever and am really happy with where it’s heading, so how do I get get the confidence to just get out there and do it!

Personally I have a fairly decent collection of scrapbooking books, and they all give me something different. Whether it’s a new technique I want to try, or some motivation or inspiration to look at things differently, each book in my wee library is indispensible and gets referred to for ideas at some time or other. I want to be on my own bookshelf! I want to be on other peoples bookshelves. I want to inspire, and help people learn to appreciate their own talents and love their work. Just because it’s their’s.

Any advice? where would I start? You guys know me, know my work… so what about my work would you like to see in a book (if anything!!!)… be honest!

Some of my layouts lately have been hit and miss, but that’s what happens when you begin to experiment with different mediums and styles and that’s ok. I’m ok with that. I know not everything I do is a masterpiece, but occasionally one layout just comes together so easily that I just can’t stop looking at it – and that’s what I want to share.

Would I be wasting my time?

Ok, therapy session over. Joshie is sick again today, the vomiting has stopped but we’re into a full on cold now instead. Poor wee guy is a trooper though, it only bothers him when he’s trying to sleep and can’t breathe through his nose. Love that kid.

I had an evening out with my lovely mum last night – yup I dragged her along to see Duran Duran in concert. And it was FAB-U-LOUS! I’ve been a groupie since I was 14, and it was amazing to finally see them after 22 years of wanting to!! They didn’t disappoint… 🙂

byeee 🙂


Just something I threw together….

Love the fact that my scrapping is quicker these days!!

Joshie’s asleep

So I’ve had a quick play with the March DT kit from Scrapbook Studio….

I added a few of my own bits (as I do) but was pretty restrained with my embellishments. LOVE the Bazzill stitching templates – soooo easy!


It started well….

But went rapidly downhill from there… oh well, you get that sometimes!

Thursday afternoon we picked Joshie up early from kindy and headed off to the Easter Show (Steve couldn’t wait)… LOL

Joshie had a great time feeding the animals…

Going on rides…

And watching the Shrek show:
Complete with glowing sword!! He didn’t sit through more than 10 minutes of the circus (which wasn’t as good as last year) or the Shrek show (weren’t too worried about missing THAT one either LOL), but Joshie enjoyed it all and that’s why we went!

Friday we decided to go for a walk on the beach, and then to the MacNut farm, just out of Helensville. We had lunch there and went for a walk around the ponds – love that place! We then headed off to Shelley Beach up the road for a play and an ice cream…
He was soooo tired after 2 busy days that he crashed for 2 hours! Yay (he NEVER has a nap easily for me normally)…

Saturday we just went to Albany mall for a while, nothing too exciting there! LOL

Sunday though, and I was up at the crack of dawn scattering a kazillion easter eggs all around the deck and garden. It didn’t start well – Joshie was a monster when he woke up and we had 20 mins of screaming (not uncommon for him to wake up like this – unfortunately). However, I persevered and we went around looking for eggs to fill his wee bucket with…

We decided to go out to breakfast ($20 for a mocha, juice, flat white and muffin!!)

soooo we headed off for a drive to find some planes to show our plane obsessed son! The reason he woke screaming was because he’d heard a plane but couldn’t see it with the curtains closed!! After two quiet airfields we decided to head to the Auck International airport, and as we were all still hungry (muffin doesn’t go far 3 ways!) we stopped in Newmarket for a snack. There was a car in the cafe for the kids to play in, which was great for keeping them amused!
So finally we went to the airport…
We watched from the carpark lookout for a bit then went inside for a while (and Joshie had a play in the playland). On the way home J fell asleep but wasn’t sleeping well and I suspected he was coming down with something. Sure enough, 2 hours later he was vomiting and had a temperature of over 39 degrees. Rough night but he slept through mostly (other than a 3am wakeup) and I thought it was just a quick bug. It wasn’t.

So last night was spent on the floor of the lounge with a very sick little boy. This morning he seemed a lot better though so I think he’s on the mend. We’re having issues with him being super clingy with me, and totally anti-dad. He won’t even let Steve pass him anything without having a tantie – it’s ridiculous and making Steve feel unloved and me claustrophobic as I’m getting no space. Hopefully it’s just a phase.

I didn’t get chance to do any scrapping this weekend, understandably! Joshie has been a bit aggressive lately too, and the other day he went into the haka stance and started mouthing off at us. We’re pretty sure he’s been learning the haka at kindy, which we’re really annoyed about as 2 1/2 year olds can’t differentiate between a dance challenge and aggression. I’m going to talk to them about it on Thursday…

On a lighter note thanks to Debbie and Heidi for nominating me as one of their favourite most inspirational NZ scrappers – I was shocked to see my name on the Paper Pesto blog among all those so talented ladies. I’m so grateful!! what a confidence boost…

The Embellished DT call is up tomorrow so I’m crossing my fingers that I get accepted to join that very talented bunch too! I’ll show you all my entry layouts when I know…

Sorry for the long post, busy weekend!!

byeee 🙂

Yay!! Easter tomorrow

and I’m soooo looking forward to the break. I LOVE the Easter show, even when it’s not a great show I still love going – Easter just isn’t Easter to me without having a family day out at the showgrounds. Joshie is getting excited too I think, we keep telling him where we’re going and he’s been going “yeah!!” at the top of his voice… I’d better charge my camera batteries me thinks… LOL

Well I took my first online class last night and I think it went really well. Not a huge turnout but I’m glad as my computer was slowing down with each person who logged on! In the end though I hope/think everyone had a good time and created something they really like!

I’ll post some new pages I’ve been working on soon…
byeee 🙂