Putting it out there!

Ok, I could be setting myself up for a fall here, which is something I unfortunately tend to do sometimes but here it is: I’m bored with scrapping Joshie photos and was wondering if anyone would like me to scrap a page for them, using their photos and info? First person (and possibly the ONLY person LOL) to say yup gets it…

In the meantime, the Embellished DT call is finished and I’m anxiously awaiting any news! I’m hopeful but never confident, must work on self-confidence!

I have been thinking about writing a book (of hints and layouts etc) for about 6 years now but it’s only recently that I thought my work may be getting to the possibly worth publishing stage. I encouraged someone (the very talented Sarah Groen) to write a book (which she was obviously working anyway and unbeknown to me) and now she’s off doing it – and good on her!! I’m a big procrastinator with big dreams but it’s always my self-confidence that stops me – total fear of failure obviously!!

I want my work to stand out and be different, and I know my work is creeping more and more towards Sarah’s style which isn’t a conscious thing (although I LOVE her work so she’s an obvious influence), it’s just become a natural progression for me. So my quandry is this: how can I write a book when someone of a similar style (and who’s a much better scrapper than me) is already off doing it? I think I’m talking myself out of the idea again…. but it keeps niggling.

I’m sure I have something new to offer, something different to say and a few ideas that aren’t already out there! I’m more experimental in my layouts than ever and am really happy with where it’s heading, so how do I get get the confidence to just get out there and do it!

Personally I have a fairly decent collection of scrapbooking books, and they all give me something different. Whether it’s a new technique I want to try, or some motivation or inspiration to look at things differently, each book in my wee library is indispensible and gets referred to for ideas at some time or other. I want to be on my own bookshelf! I want to be on other peoples bookshelves. I want to inspire, and help people learn to appreciate their own talents and love their work. Just because it’s their’s.

Any advice? where would I start? You guys know me, know my work… so what about my work would you like to see in a book (if anything!!!)… be honest!

Some of my layouts lately have been hit and miss, but that’s what happens when you begin to experiment with different mediums and styles and that’s ok. I’m ok with that. I know not everything I do is a masterpiece, but occasionally one layout just comes together so easily that I just can’t stop looking at it – and that’s what I want to share.

Would I be wasting my time?

Ok, therapy session over. Joshie is sick again today, the vomiting has stopped but we’re into a full on cold now instead. Poor wee guy is a trooper though, it only bothers him when he’s trying to sleep and can’t breathe through his nose. Love that kid.

I had an evening out with my lovely mum last night – yup I dragged her along to see Duran Duran in concert. And it was FAB-U-LOUS! I’ve been a groupie since I was 14, and it was amazing to finally see them after 22 years of wanting to!! They didn’t disappoint… 🙂

byeee 🙂

5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by spgettie on March 27, 2008 at 1:12 pm

    Is it me? Do I get to have something scrappped by the fabulous Louise? Looks like I am first, YIPPEE.
    Now can you tell from my excitement at the possibility of having a layout scrapped by you at how fantastic I think you are?
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your work!!! I would love to know how you make your own transperencies. I think that is something you do so well, and I wouldn’t know where to start. I think you could deffaintely write a technique book on the hybrid scrapping you do.
    I disagree with your comment about Sarah being so much better than you. I think Sarah is fantastic but you are too and yes maybe your styles are similar but they are not the same!!!
    I say go for it!!!
    But I do understand the self doubt because I do it ALL the time! It took me 2 years to get up the courage to submit to up2scrap and Steph came to visit me and woah wouldn’t you know she wanted somehting. Now I am going to say this….my stuff is no where near as good as yours and yet you doubt yourself? Go figure, we are strange people us humans!!!


  2. Posted by Hannah on March 27, 2008 at 2:45 pm

    Wow, you have to be quick around here!!! I would have said yes too … I love your work!
    Can’t wait to see what you come up with using Yvette’s pics.

    I don’t see why you can’t write a book. Your style is not really that similar to Sarah’s (IMO) and I think you have a lot of offer. Like Yvette said, I love the way you do cool stuff with transparencies, and some tips & hints on how to do that would definitely be useful.

    GO FOR IT!!!!! You have nothing to lose.


  3. Posted by Mrs Frizz on March 27, 2008 at 8:08 pm

    well I would have put my hand up and said pick me as well … too late … can’t wait to see your latest creation.

    Go you – stop procrastinating and go for it … believe in yourself and never doubt yourself. Your creativity amazes me … go for it!!!


  4. Posted by Angela on March 27, 2008 at 9:51 pm

    Louise, my dear, stop underselling yourself. I was gutted to see that Yvette had beaten me earlier this afternoon (and I didn’t have time to post then as I was rushing to an appt). Your pages are absolutely amazing, and I’m sure a book would go just as well. I eagerly look forward to your pages posted.

    Good to hear you had a nice time at the concert, and I hope that Joshie is on the mend.


  5. Posted by Debbie on March 28, 2008 at 8:00 am

    Louise, you know how I feel on the matter and am always saying go for it!!!! thanks to you my scrapping has changed so much since we met and also so has my confidence! You are an amazing woman and I honestly know lots and lots of scrappers that would buy a book by you!


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