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Mixed Bag…

It’s been a stressful month, and last night we had news that my grandfather in England is dying. He’s been in a home for 6 1/2 years (which they moved him to when they thought he had only a couple of weeks to live), but he’s a fighter. Unfortunately though his body is shutting down, his liver function is only at 11% and he’s no longer able to eat so this is it. For real this time. He’s 88 and done well to survive this long, I think he just wanted to spite my grandmother…

I haven’t seen my grandparents since I was 11, but I write to them and send them photos and do my best to stay in touch. Joshua is named after my grandfather (his middle name William), and although I don’t have a super close bond with them it still hurts to know we’re going to lose him soon. I will always regret not going to England to see them when I was younger and had the chance. So we’re just waiting on the phone to ring, and dad is on tenterhooks and trying to find prices etc so he can go over to see them – either before or after… and I can’t stop thinking about them.

I remember the holiday they had here when I was 11, I remember my grandad picking me and my brother up from school and walking home with us. I remember him falling off my brothers skateboard (with my grandmother going eeeh Bill, you’ll kill yerself). I remember the phone conversations where I’d hardly understand a word he said (Geordie… LOL). I remember the box of rubiks cubes they sent us before the huge fad got to NZ (made us so popular!). I remember hurting his feelings when he made me some toast and I didn’t like the fact it had too much jam on it – funny the things we remember and regret. I’m not sure anyone else would remember the toast thing, but I do. I remember him cutting his toenails in a motel (and being told off by grandma – LOL). My grandad is a lovely man, I only wish I could’ve known him better – he would’ve just loved Joshie… so today I’m sad.

I did some scrap therapy last night but my heart isn’t into doing much more today. I went to the gym this morning but couldn’t focus around the circuit, still, at least I went…

Here’s a page I did for the Scrapbook Studio with this months kit – I just love the Core-dinations cardstock they’re getting in. You can do so much with it!! There was also a rather beautiful Hambly transparency and some way cool rubons (dying to use the robots next)… they definitely outdid themselves with the kit this month!!!

Looks like Lisa has something up her sleeve for me soon too, to do with a class me thinks… will keep you posted!!

I’m planning some very cool challenges over at Embellished once my DT position starts in May, hope you’ll check out some of the very cool happenings over there!


Toot Toot!!

I’ve been busy with this months kit for the Scrapbook Studio, way gorgeous kit and I’ve so many layouts planned already. I got the most adorable train album from the new Kaiser range arriving in store soon, and I made Joshie a wee story book about the day we had on little toot. He just LOVES it!! Hope you do too!


It’s been a busy week this week, mum is away so I’ve had the squash with me and he’s been such a little sweetheart. Since we got him his new bed he’s suddenly behaving like a big boy, we’ve had hardly a tantrum and he’s been just soooo much easier. Yay!

Here’s a couple of the layouts I did as my DT entry for Embellished, I can’t show you the other as it’s off being published so you’ll have to wait! LOL

And this was for the double pager… they wanted a soft look to it… It looks a lot better in RL, just so soft it doesn’t translate so well in photos… Oh well. 🙂

I’ve had a lot of work on this week too so haven’t made it to the gym either! I was carless for the beginning of the week as my radiator had cracked and wasn’t well Wednesday. I had too much work on yesterday so am aiming for later today!! I’ve actually begun to enjoy going but it’s not been easy to get there so far. Next week I have my hospital treatment on Wednesday so I’ll have to make sure I go Monday and hopefully Tuesday as well, as I’m usually very tired after my treatment so probably won’t be able to get there again until next Friday… wish I didn’t have to battle so much sometimes…

Anyway, I’ve been busy with one of my DT projects for Scrapbook Studio – they’re getting a whole lot of Kaiser in and it’s GORGEOUS!! I’m loving the papers especially, but they also do such awesome wooden stuff too… won’t say too much until it’s finished but toot…


Now for the big announcement…

I can finally tell you all I’m now a Design Team member of Embellished, a very cool Australian shop and forum who do way cool kits. Kelly Slattery from the Scrapbook Studio DT is also on board there and it’s thanks to her I found out about the call – so thanks Kell!! I’m thrilled to have been chosen and can’t wait to get started! So wahooooo, I’m international!! LOL


One more…

One more with my K&Co stuff before I move onto my gorgeous Scrapbook Studio kit – can’t wait to get into it!!

You can’t see the edges of the page here but it’s all mounted on white bazzill…

Lots of news!

We had such a busy weekend! We went to pickup Joshies new big boy bed (going to have to start calling it just his bed LOL) and we’re rapt with it. Joshie just loves it (especially his new duvet) and it looks so much better in his room. We got it off TradeMe for $200 (bargain!) and we’ve got a small bedside cabinet to match which I’ll pick up this weekend ($53!!)… We’ll change his big drawers to match once some come up on TM but there’s no hurry as the ones he has are fine for now (even if the handles ARE pink)… It’s got me really motivated to get his room decorated now so once mum’s back from holiday next week I’ll start stripping the wallpaper off his walls…

We went to a birthday party on Saturday afternoon, a joint 1 and 3 year olds and it was bedlam… LOL. Joshie had a ball and it was a great way to spend the afternoon! They had a bouncy castle and games, lots of sugar and a whole heap of fun!

Sunday we asked J what he wanted to do and he said “amimals” (yep, that was a deliberate typo), so we took him up to Matakana to the Country Park there. He had a train ride (not the best value around… $7 for two small laps for Steve and Joshie), but he enjoyed it and got to see all the animals (which are thankfully free…). Nice day out.

This morning I got my GORGEOUS kit from Scrapbook Studio for the month (thanks guys!!!). I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it all and can’t wait to get into it… promise I’ll share as soon as I’ve got something finished 🙂 sooooo many goodies – if you’re able to get into their store in Mt Wellington DO IT!! They’ve got such a huge range of goodies – I can spend hours in there. If you can’t get in then go online to – the website is pretty much up to date with what’s in the store and you can shop naked (I don’t think the girls would appreciate a nudist group in the physical shop – but you never know!)…. LOL

I sent a layout I did to the lovely people at K&Co and they showed it round and liked it and have asked me to send them any more I do… I’ve since done these two and have one other in the works…

I just love the vibrant papers and stickers. I’m normally not a huge sticker fan but there’s are so cool – and glittery!!

On the downside I’m having a few issues healthwise at the mo, nothing major but I’m having another round of hospital outpatient treatments from next week. They only take about 5 hours and it’s one next week, one the following fortnight and then one a month later and then hopefully I’ll be right again. These things happen and I’ve had the treatments before, they make me a bit tired (and I hate the drip) but other than that it’s a nice excuse to curl up in a lazyboy and read a good book!!



I lost my counter off my blog for some reason so have to start again and now have some Ralph Emery at the bottom, grrr!! Everyone please click… LMAO!!!

Hmmmm think it was at about 4000…