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Just another quickie…

Here’s another layout I did this afternoon… I’ve added a detail of the flowers as they’re a bit different from the norm!! Very into shabby chic at the moment – definitely got the shabby bit down, just working on the chic!! LOL


Just a quickie…

Thought I’d share a new layout that’s very much my style at the moment – Shabby Chic! I’m working on a few more that I’ll share with you during the So You Think You Can Scrap competition…


Wooo Hoooo!!

Yay! We’ve got a HUGE number of registrations for the So You Think You Can Scrap competition starting this Friday at the Scrapbook Studio! You still have today and tomorrow to register if you haven’t already, and you’ll need to register to be able to enter. Challenges are designed to help you find your scrapping style, all while creating awesome pages and having a whole lotta fun (not to mention the prizes!!)… always a good incentive… LOL

I decided to create and intro page for my albums, and this is what I made…

Other than that I’m now working on a fabuloso new computer!! It took me a day to get it all set up and running properly (as it does)… but I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new G5 (mac – I hate PC’s)…

Also loving the new site The Sketch Book – Megan and crew have done an awesome job and it’s definitely a site to get involved with – so much happening there already. Well done guys!

Janine – mummy moo – can you email me your addy, I have something I want to send you?

Byeee… 🙂

Week 21 is up

Yep, it’s sketch time at Embellished and here’s my take on week 21! you’ll have to visit Embellished to see the original sketch – it’s a goodie!!

No doubt Joshie will hate me for that one.. LOL

Poor little guy’s been sick with an awful cold all weekend (we’ve all had it), but he’s on the mend now thank goodness!! If I have to watch Shaun the Sheep ONE MORE TIME at 4am I’ll scream! and probably cry… sooooo tired!!

My new computer has arrived today so I’ll try and get it set up tonight once Joshie’s gone to bed, I sooooo wish he’d go to bed earlier but he’s just not tired!! I’d rather have a stress-free evening where he goes to bed late than a stressful crying/screaming session and STILL not manage to get him in to bed any earlier. I figure every kid’s different and he’s getting enough sleep for him.

You’ve only got until Thursday to register for the SO YOU THINK YOU CAN SCRAP competition over at the Scrapbook Studio. Do it now. Before you forget. Now I said! LOL

byeee 🙂

Quick post

Just to let you know of the latest challenge over at Embellished… it’s a flickr dare and here’s my take on it…

And here’s the original photo that inspired me…

Give it a go!!

One week to go…

Have you registered for this yet? Time is running out – competition starts next Friday!
The Scrapbook Studio is launching a fabulous ‘So You Think You Can Scrap’ competition to create some fun and interest and give those interested a challenge! They have some fantastic prizes up for grabs:

1st Prize: A Digital Camera ‘PLUS’ a 6mth spot on our Design Team
(optional for those interested)

2nd Prize: A Totally Ally Cool Tote Bag 2

3rd Prize: A 12 x 12 American Crafts Cloth D-Ring Album

Just register your interest with Lisa or Lianne at

The first challenge will be set Friday 30th May and each week a new challenge will be posted for a total of 7 weeks. Each week you will have to complete one Scrapbooking Layout. Once your layout is complete you will simply email an image to them so they can upload it to the Art Room.

Those wanting to register please email them by 30th May. International entries welcome!!

And now for a wee sneak peek… no clues – you’ll have to enter!!


Nice surprise…

Scrapbooking Memories has been out for a week or so now, and you may have seen this layout of mine in it…

I’d submitted and sent it MONTHS ago, and was thinking how different my style is now! It’s so much more basic than I do these days (some will probably prefer the way I used to scrap) and I was thinking how quickly it’s evolved.

I’d also forgotten that I’d answered a few questions for Scrapbooking Memories when I submitted and they’ve featured me as a newbie as well and printed my wee interview! very surprised and it had COMPLETELY slipped my mind (which happens a lot these days)… love nice surprises like that.

I’m buying a new computer, this one has done me well but it’s time for an upgrade. My scrapbooking isn’t the only thing that’s evolved lately, my work work has also become more graphical and I’m finding my wee G4 is dragging its heels a bit… Hopefully I’ll have a new G5 by the weekend! so exciting – I’m such a geek!

My cold is finally abating, although I had a terrible night last night. Fingers crossed for some sleep tonight. Please. Pretty please…

Better get back to work, and Vicki your comment was noted, I’ve updated my bio about my book. I need more confidence… 🙂