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Ever had a hangover…

without the alcohol? I hate that… had one of the worst nights ever sleepwise last night. My fault probably. Well some of it. A lot was Joshie. As usual.

It started off ok, I was down in the office working on my website (which I’ll be making an announcement about VERY soon), and made the mistake of going straight to bed after I’d finished. My mind was buzzing with ideas and things to do, and finally around 3am (yep, I tried to get to sleep for that long) I got up and wrote it all down. Hate that. Should’ve got the pen out at midnight.

Anyway, it made no difference as Joshie decided to wake up at the same time and was calling for me. He wanted a cuddle and bottle (yep… STILL haven’t shaken that one – I know, I know…) but he went back to bed ok. 20 mins later I was just about asleep and he wants me again. This time he wants to get up, and despite my protestations there was no reasoning with him (or ordering him to get back into bed). We had a cuddle and again, back to bed – only to be gotten up (never actually made it asleep) at 4.15am. This time he was upset as his nappy had leaked (all the damn bottles he has!! grrr – and I know, he shouldn’t be in nappies still – he’s a very strong willed child and I’m not pushing him before he’s ready)…

Sooooo, changed his nappy and the calling for me continued, in the end we sat up watching Fireman Sam until 6am when I managed to get him back into bed… for… wait for it… 10 minutes. By then the sun was coming up and I thought to hell with it, he’s got kindy this morning at least! Thank the big guy in the sky for Kindy…

So it’s 11.25am and I’ve just gotten out of bed with a massive hangover-type headache and no fabulous night-before to merit it… LOL

Today’s another dare from me day over at Embellished… this one was to create and use a flower out of something you normally wouldn’t use – I’ve used playing cards for this layout:

We’re rolling towards ‘my’ week in the Scrapbook Studio’s So You Think You Can Scrap competition… can’t wait to see what you guys make of my style! it changes constantly so it’ll keep you on your toes me thinks. By the way, the work you’ve been submitting each week has been just amazing. I didn’t expect the judging to be so difficult, I thought there’d be a couple of standouts each week that pretty much made the decision for me but I’ve been wrong. As the styles we’ve asked you to tackle have changed each week, so have the strengths in different peoples work. I hope you’re all enjoying trying new techniques and for those that haven’t already, I hope you’re finding your style!

Well my entry for the MMM competition is on it’s way to the US of A. I’m pretty proud of myself for the work I submitted, and if I don’t come anywhere at least I know I did my best. I hate not giving my best at something, bums me out… LOL Thanks also for all the words of encouragement, it’s nice to know I have a team of people behind me! LOL… must get badges… hehehehe


Big relief…

Yep, I’ve sent in my entry for the Memory Makers Masters – such a relief to get it in the mail! Hopefully they’ll like my work but if they don’t, they don’t. I’ve done my best.

I’ve been very busy lately but managed to whip up this page for the Embellished dare – using a food wrapper/tinfoil/gladwrap on your page. I created a mirror out of tin foil for this one…

We’ve just taken Joshie to the movies for the first time ever, normally I wouldn’t have bothered trying as he’s such a fidget, but today we went to see Kung Fu Panda. He LOVED it, sat still the whole time and kept looking up at me and grinning – so worth the expensive entry cost! I must be old, I remember it costing me $3 to go see a movie when I was young, now it’s $9 for a child and $15 for an adult… and there’s no jaffa rolling down the aisles these days… ahhh…. memories… LOL

I’ve got some rather exciting news to share very shortly too (for me anyway)…. so if you’re a digi designer keep checking here…


Slack, slack, slack… or just busy!!

It’s been a bit too long since I updated but I’ve been very busy behind the scenes scrapping madly! I just can’t show it you yet… LOL

What I CAN do though, is direct you to as I’ve got a couple of layouts featured in their digi magazine. They’re older ones (to be honest I’d forgotten I’d even submitted them it was that long ago) but nevertheless, they’re in. As am I. gulp… that dang piccie of mine seems to be popping up a few places lately, which is all good… I think. yep. It’s good.

Just a lesson in submitting I reckon, just because you don’t hear anything back doesn’t mean you’re not still being considered!

I’ve been flat tack workwise and it’s not helped that Joshie has again decided to wake us repeatedly during the night… *sigh*… 3 times last night… *yawn*… hope he grows out of this soon!

Got a few challenges coming up at Embellished shortly (they do so many dares and challenges over at that site – awesome stuff!). Of course the So You Think You Can Scrap competition is halfway through over at the Scrapbook Studio too, they haven’t done my week yet and I can’t wait to see how people interpret my style, I’m still interpreting it myself! LOL


No you’re not mad…

If you visited my blog a couple of days ago there were some ATC’s up… I’ve removed them temporarily as I was meant to keep them secret until after the swap but didn’t know!! Now I do… LOL

I’m squashieless today, he’s staying over at Nanna’s (thank you mum!) so we can have a good nights sleep for a change. I think it’s been growing pains that have had him (and us) up repeatedly in the night… he seems to have gotten over it now and is back to his normal self. Yay!

I’ve been busy still and have finished my 4th layout for the MMM entry, I’m hoping to get my 5th and final done tonight so I can get them copied and send them off this week. Scary stuff!

I’ve also been mass-producing a bit lately, I had double DT kits delivered this month so had twice the work I normally would have at once. I don’t mind but with the MMM application as well (and the ATC swap) it’s made for a busy month, and I admit my mojo disappeared on me for a while there. The ATC cards are great for getting back into creativity though! I can feel a new addiction coming on… hehehe

I have some more layouts to do for Embellished and Scrapbook Studio too, so hopefully will have something more to show you soon! I’ve also been delving into digital work again, must say I’m loving the lack of cleaning up after creating that way… nice not to go to bed covered in ink and paint… oh and glitter, you wouldn’t BELIEVE where I find glitter… LOL


ummm and another…

yay, finally making some progress!!!

one more…

this is with the archaic range again… and a bit of glimmer mist too!


I’m in love with Grungeboard!

And glimmer mist… oooh and they’re awesome together (except the glimmer mist tends to pool on top of the grungeboard like oil on water if you don’t sand/paint the grungeboard first). Anyway, I got some awesome grungeboard designs from Embellished this month and I’ve been busy painting, inking, embossing and perfect pearling away… still getting used to it as it’s such a different medium to use (for a start it’s flexible and feels a bit like a suede vinyl).

Anyway, here’s a layout I did using the grungeboard and some Archaic papers from Basic Grey… (and yes, I know the word time is crooked – I used tombow glue and it moved when I weighted it)…

I’ve got a fair bit of work on at the moment and haven’t made it to the gym since last week. I had my hospital treatment on Monday which put me out of action (gym-wise) for two days and since then I’ve had Joshie and have been too busy to make it there. What’s bugging me is they keep ringing me up!! What gym goes around ringing their clients every week to see when they’re coming in next? It’s really bugging me and is making me not want to go back there… I mean I KNOW I’m a member and KNOW it’s been a week but life happens and you can’t always stick to a schedule. They’re getting their money regardless so what’s the deal? All it achieves is to make me feel guilty for not going, getting annoyed at them and adding to my daily stress of trying to find time to go!

I just find it weird that they’re calling. I’ve belonged to gyms before (surprising, yes, I know) and as long as they got their money they didn’t give a stuff when I turned up. I’m going as often as I can at the moment but I’m wondering if they’re got a bet on me or are on commission for how much weight they can badger me into losing or something! LOL… sheeze, I’m not about to be their poster girl even if I WAS a size 10 (I think I was BORN bigger than that…) *sigh*

Joshie hasn’t been the best the last couple of days. He’s been back to hitting, biting, yelling (while waggling his finger at us) and generally saying lots of “No!” “My turn, my turn” “Don’t want it” “Shut-up” and the odd incoherent screaming. He woke up in the night last night and cried/screamed again for 30 minutes until he had a bottle. I think it was a nightmare as he’s eating a wee bit at least (this child just doesn’t eat but is as healthy as a horse generally!)

I sooooo want him off the bottles and out of the nappies but we’re not having much success at either and it’s stressing me out a bit. Some days Joshie will only have a bottle at night, which I’m happy with… but then he’ll have a bad day at kindy or not have a nap or something and then all he wants is bottle after bottle. When does it get easier? does it ever…