Slack, slack, slack… or just busy!!

It’s been a bit too long since I updated but I’ve been very busy behind the scenes scrapping madly! I just can’t show it you yet… LOL

What I CAN do though, is direct you to as I’ve got a couple of layouts featured in their digi magazine. They’re older ones (to be honest I’d forgotten I’d even submitted them it was that long ago) but nevertheless, they’re in. As am I. gulp… that dang piccie of mine seems to be popping up a few places lately, which is all good… I think. yep. It’s good.

Just a lesson in submitting I reckon, just because you don’t hear anything back doesn’t mean you’re not still being considered!

I’ve been flat tack workwise and it’s not helped that Joshie has again decided to wake us repeatedly during the night… *sigh*… 3 times last night… *yawn*… hope he grows out of this soon!

Got a few challenges coming up at Embellished shortly (they do so many dares and challenges over at that site – awesome stuff!). Of course the So You Think You Can Scrap competition is halfway through over at the Scrapbook Studio too, they haven’t done my week yet and I can’t wait to see how people interpret my style, I’m still interpreting it myself! LOL


One response to this post.

  1. Big big hugs and can’t wait to get started on my “louise” Can’t wait to see what you are creating!

    Fingers crossed Joshie stops waking in the night real soon and congrats about being in the digital mag!


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