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one more…

and then I’m gone for the day – honest! I’m finding my groove again and am trying different elements from other scrappers’ styles on for size…


Quick addition…

Just one I threw together this afternoon…


Having a Play

Yay, last night I SLEPT! This may seem like a small achievement for most but for me it’s kind of a big deal! I only coughed for an hour last night so FINALLY this never-ending cold is on its way out… Phew!

Joshie slept at mum’s place last night and I’ve yet to hear how it went. Normally he’s good for her but he’s been a wee demon for the last couple of weeks. Ok, so he’s been sick, but that doesn’t justify his behaviour. He’s been CONSTANTLY pushing us to test our limits, and we’ve heard nothing but “Can’t do it”, “I said NOOOOOO!”, “Don’t want it”, “Don’t you DARE” and lots of other charming almost-3-years-oldisms… can’t say I’m enjoying this phase… little parrot that he is, we’re soooo having to watch our P’s and Q’s!

Anyway, I had a play last night and did this page:

I really like the colours and depth to the page, which is surprising because I’ve been a bit down on my work lately – just having a not-happy-with-anything-I-do kinda phase… oh well, this too shall pass!

Back to work I go!


On the mend…

Well kind of!! Had another rotten night of no sleep (can’t stop coughing at night!) so mum has Joshie tonight and I’ll be sleeping in Joshies bed so Steve can get some sleep. Yay!

I had a play the other day (or rather early morning – this was one of those 4am madness things)… and did this layout just for me. It’s called Black Belt in Retail Therapy – Joshie sooooo takes after my mum! LOL

Loving those new Kaiser papers at the mo…

I’ve also managed to whip up some more Artist Trading Cards for the latest Scrapbook Studio swap. The theme this time around is hearts and although I can’t show you them yet, I have to say I LOVE them, bit reluctant to give any of them away!! They’re a lot more arty than I usually do but on ATC’s it just works – love these little cards, they’re so much more forgiving than a scrapbook page!


Still sick…

and seem to be getting worse not better.. urgghh…. can’t breathe fru by dose….

On the up side, mum and dad arrived safely back from Hawaii with arms full of goodies for us, yay! I haven’t even had chance to have a good look at everything yet, bit like Christmas! My mother has a black belt in retail therapy… actually so does Joshie. I even did a page on it recently, just need to charge my camera batteries…

I’ll be back in the land of the living soon (hopefully!)… until then you’ll just have to cope! LOL


It’s been awhile…

I’ve been AWOL for the past week as Joshie’s been really sick, it’s actually been a really crappy month!

Joshie’s still sick, I thought he was coming right yesterday morning but then last night he had a temperature of almost 40 degrees! I took him to the doc’s this morning and he’s got fluid behind both ear drums but his chest is clear. He’s on antibiotics and I have to take him back monthly for a while so they can check the fluid isn’t reoccurring once it’s gone. Could be a grommet job if it doesn’t clear, I’m hoping desperately that the antibiotics fixes it…

I’ve had Joshie on my knee almost constantly the last week. He’s only slept through (and by that I mean only getting us up once or twice in the night) twice in the last 2 weeks – I’ve spent two nights this week sleeping on the floor in the lounge with him. He’s not eating at all but is at least keeping his fluids up. He seems to be a lot better this morning but then he was like this yesterday morning then he got very sick last night and I ended up calling the Plunket line… *sigh*

Oh well, during the month I managed to whip up these cards for the Scrapbook Studio. I’m not much of a cardmaker normally, but I really enjoyed making these – especially the clear acetate one!

Anyway, mum and dad get back from their month in Hawaii on Sunday and I’m counting down the days! it’s been a sucky, sucky month… but on the upside – it’s almost over! yay! I’m going to hide my mum’s passport when she gets back… hehehe

My sympathies to Hannah who’s had Tyler down with Chickenpox and now as Ethan spotty too… *hugs*

To answer a couple of questions too: Vicky: ATC’s are cards that you swap with other people, they’re little works of art that can’t be sold. You basically get a group together (there’s another swap you can sign up for now at Scrapbook Studio’s forum) and then pick a theme. Everyone creates 10 cards in that theme and we all send them to one person who mixes them up and gives you one of your own back, plus 9 from the other artists. I have an ATC stand for them so when I get them I put them on there as my inspiration gallery!

Distressing Embossing Powder: it’s made by Tim Holtz/Ranger Industries and is an embossing powder with a gritty texture. You emboss as you would normally, but when it’s cool you rub your finger over it lightly and some will come off a bit and make it more distressed – very cool stuff! I have it in 3 colours already and I only discovered it a month ago! LOL

Glimmermist: fabuloso product I can’t live without. Currently I own 8 bottles of it… LOL – it sprays on as a liquid ink but it contains a glimmer effect in it. When it dries it’s just gorgeous! Fab on grungeboard especially.

Oh, and I’ve been making up my own inspiration journal with Joshie (great way to keep us both occupied while sick). I went through all my old scrapbooking magazines (had a kazillion of them) and cut out any layouts or tips etc that “spoke to me”. I put them in a scrapbook and Joshie helped me stick them down. That way I’ve culled a HUGE amount of magazines into a couple of scrapbooks (did I say one? LOL) that contain only the layouts that really inspire me. Now I don’t have to pore through a million magazines when I need a mojo fix… oh, and my mojo has returned! LOL now all I need is a bit of time… hehehe


New territory…

and a whole new addiction me thinks… Artists Trading Cards!! Who knew you could have so much fun with a 2.5 x 3.5″ bit of cardstock!! I stuck my hand up for a go with an ATC swap at Scrapbook Studio and we had a theme of butterflies (my suggestion as I had a stamp I reallllly wanted to use.. LOL).

Anyway, here’s what I came up with…

It made a nice change from doing scrapbook pages – a great way to get my mojo back!!