On the mend…

Well kind of!! Had another rotten night of no sleep (can’t stop coughing at night!) so mum has Joshie tonight and I’ll be sleeping in Joshies bed so Steve can get some sleep. Yay!

I had a play the other day (or rather early morning – this was one of those 4am madness things)… and did this layout just for me. It’s called Black Belt in Retail Therapy – Joshie sooooo takes after my mum! LOL

Loving those new Kaiser papers at the mo…

I’ve also managed to whip up some more Artist Trading Cards for the latest Scrapbook Studio swap. The theme this time around is hearts and although I can’t show you them yet, I have to say I LOVE them, bit reluctant to give any of them away!! They’re a lot more arty than I usually do but on ATC’s it just works – love these little cards, they’re so much more forgiving than a scrapbook page!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Great layout – nice to do one for “you” eh?

    Have a GOOD sleep tonight … hope you’re feeling heaps better after that.


  2. OK… what is that tree? SUPERB effect! LOVE IT!


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