Having a Play

Yay, last night I SLEPT! This may seem like a small achievement for most but for me it’s kind of a big deal! I only coughed for an hour last night so FINALLY this never-ending cold is on its way out… Phew!

Joshie slept at mum’s place last night and I’ve yet to hear how it went. Normally he’s good for her but he’s been a wee demon for the last couple of weeks. Ok, so he’s been sick, but that doesn’t justify his behaviour. He’s been CONSTANTLY pushing us to test our limits, and we’ve heard nothing but “Can’t do it”, “I said NOOOOOO!”, “Don’t want it”, “Don’t you DARE” and lots of other charming almost-3-years-oldisms… can’t say I’m enjoying this phase… little parrot that he is, we’re soooo having to watch our P’s and Q’s!

Anyway, I had a play last night and did this page:

I really like the colours and depth to the page, which is surprising because I’ve been a bit down on my work lately – just having a not-happy-with-anything-I-do kinda phase… oh well, this too shall pass!

Back to work I go!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Glad you had a good sleep, Louise! I’m sure things will all seem much easier now that you’re not so tired.

    Ah, the 3-year-old stage. It’s a really fun age in many ways, but sooo hard in others. I found age 4 was a LOT easier, so hang in there!!


  2. Very cute! Love the way you have done the colouring on dreams.


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