Last chance for an online class…

The Artsy Grunge class at the Scrapbook Studio (this Friday night) is going to be heaps of fun, and it’ll be the last chance you get to do an online class with me. I’ve resigned from my design team position and will be leaving at the end of September.

I’ve really enjoyed being part of the team at the Scrapbook Studio, but I’m looking to focus my commitment more onto my digital site Eidou, as well as hopefully becoming part of a magazine/manufacturers design team. Thank you to everyone that’s supported me in my journey so far… I hope you all stay with me as I take the next steps towards my ultimate goal of a book and own range of products!

Eidou is now up and running, we’re still a couple of designers short (get well guys!!) and have plenty of room for other designers who are looking to go digital and sell their products online. I want Eidou to be a place where more inexperienced designers can get a footing an industry already dominated by ‘names’. So if you’re thinking about it and have some designs you’d like to sell through Eidou, drop me a line and let’s talk! 🙂

I’m staying at my parents place tonight with Joshie, after 2 nights on the lounge floor with a sick wee boy I’m opting for some comfort and staying in Joshie’s room with him there instead (he’s got a trundle bed – muuuuch more comfortable than a hard wooden floor!!). He was vomiting last night but it seems to be back to just being a cold today so fingers crossed for a better night tonight. Poor wee guy, was just a bit sniffley yesterday so I sent him to kindy as normal, and we got a phone call after lunch to say he’d started vomiting in his sleep so could we come and pick him up early please… I think he’s on the mend now… couple of days at home with us and kept warm should do the trick. It’s been one illness after another this winter – roll on summer!!!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran


  2. Oh, poor Joshie!! He has really had an awful run of sickness this winter, I hope this one is the last one!

    Wishing you all the best for your new website and plans/dreams for your book – just go for it!!


  3. Big big hugs to you and Joshie Louise, hope that he is feeling really better soon and awesome website and ideas!


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