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Back in the saddle… again…

So here’s the foot (as glamorous as it’s not)…

Now personally (and I know black goes with everything) but I’m thinking of decorating it… well, maybe not.

And here are the gorgeous flowers that my wonderful friend Deb sent me:

Did ya spot all my scrapbooking books in the photo? right by my bed… LOL – talk about breating, eating and sleeping scrapbooking!!

I’m a bit more mobile today, made it down the stairs to the office twice today (man I wish the loo wasn’t so far away LOL) so I’m getting there! Much better with the crutches too which is a relief – I was so scared of falling over as my balance is terrible – hence the break in the first place!

Got some rather good news today which I can’t share just yet, so all in all (and despite the foot) this week is ending on a high note AND Joshie slept through last night. We had an awful night with him the night before as I think he’d spent too long away from me and was mum-deprived. He was so clingy and kept waking up all night wanting me so in the end he slept in my bed with me and Steve was relegated (he wasn’t complaining) to Joshie’s bed for the night. I made sure he was on my knee with stories and cuddles all night yesterday before he went to bed and I hobbled to tuck him in and he slept through. Yay!

He’s such a drama king though… he’s got a tiny scrape on his toe but it was bleeding yesterday (ever so slightly) so we put a plaster on it. OMG, you’d think we amputated it!! He’s been CRAWLING around the house going “can’t walk, broken” (just like mum) and expecting me to carry him! I’m more mobile but not THAT mobile yet… LOL *sigh*

Oh well, hopefully my wee soldier has had a sleep a kindy today or we’ll be in for it again tonight… LOL and *sigh* again… gotta love em…


Oooh, I got tagged!

The lovely and very talented Melissa Blair who made it onto this years Memory Makers Masters tagged me! Check out her work via my link on artists I worship (I’m such a groupie).

Soooo, now I get to go around playing tag myself…

So here are the rules:

(1) The winner can put the logo on their blog.

(2) Link the person you received your award from.

(3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs. (I’ve also seen 6…)

(4) Put links of those on yours.

(5) Leave a message on the blogs of the girls or boys you’ve nominated. 

And the nominations are [drumroll]:

  1. Lisa’s Bucket List – this is a blog that my wonderful friend Debbie is running to help her friend Lisa while fighting breast cancer. There are a lot of ways people are becoming involved and trying to help this amazing woman and their family and if you want to become involved I’m sure Deb would welcome you with open arms.
  2. Nic Howard – I’ve long been a groupie of Nic’s and have been lucky enough to become friends with this super talented and very lovely person. You MUST have heard of her or read her awesome book “That’s Life” – if you haven’t, where have you been?
  3. Ingvild Bolme – This woman’s blog is amazing and everytime I see she’s been busy creating I dash over for a VERY long look. Her details are incredible and her work is among the most beautiful I’ve ever seen – I’ll be the first person buying her book!
  4. Michele Beck – I love her style and am lucky enough to be on the same design team as her (Embellished). It’s fresh, funky and a little bit shabby all with a twist that’s uniquely Michou!
  5. Ali Russell – The wonderful owner of Embellished and such an amazing scrapbooker – her work is popping up all over and deservedly so!
  6. Sarah Gladman – I was a fan before she became a friend and fellow digi-designer on my site Eidou. She has so much talent and enthusiasm and her work just blows me away!
  7. Anne Bodil – I’ve only recently discovered this blog and have fallen in love with Anne’s gorgeous shabby chic style – so detailled and beautiful.

Now, go check out their blogs – you’ll be adding them to your blogroll too! and thanks Melissa!! much appreciated matey.


Bored stupid…

and it’s only day 3! LOL… sheesh I’m going to be completely nuts by the time I’m back on my feet. I miss my computer. I miss my scrapbooking. I miss my son most of all! but I still have a few woohoots…

  • A bit woohoot to my wonderful friend Deb, who amidst everything going on took the time to send me some stunning flowers that arrived this morning – you’re awesome chickie!
  • Woohoot to not having done my ankle in when I did my foot – should heal much faster
  • Another one to Curves Gym for ringing me to see how I was
  • A huge woohoot to Steve for looking after me so well (despite the sarcasm and my new nickname of moonboot)
  • A big one to everyone who’s sent me lovely messages of support and good health! much appreciated
  • A giant woohoot to mum for having Joshie overnight two days in a row, I’m missing him madly and want him back now though! LOL
  • Yay to being able to read in bed and catch up on some programming books I wanted to read (yep, I know it sounds terrible but I’ve finished all my Diana Gabaldon’s)… hehehe

One minus woohoot to a particular client who, despite knowing I’ve got a broken foot, keeps hounding me with questions and requests for files I can’t currently get to! arrghhh….

I’m still going to SENZ come hell or highwater, I’m just not sure how I’ll do with getting around once I’m actually there… LOL. I should be a bit more mobile on my crutches by then and will hopefully be down to one, if not then you may see me being wheeled around by my ever-patient mum. She’s had a lot of years to get used to my clumsiness but she’d probably thought I’d have outgrown falling over my own feet by now!

I’m going a bit stir crazy but have decided to catch up on some serious reading and draw an abundance of sketches that I’ll be sharing in a new section of Eidou – coming soon!! Also keep an eye out for our big launch competition for hybrid/digital scrappers. If you’re not sure if you’re hybrid enough to enter – if you do your journalling on the computer or adjust your pics even, then you’re considered a hybrid scrapper. We’ll have some great prizes and challenges and hope you’ll join us! I’ll keep you up to date on the Eidou blog so keep an eye out…


The best laid plans…

go up the wop!! Well, hmmmm…. how to start…

Ok, so there I was AT THE GYM… yep, got my big butt back to the gym and had done a circuit, signed up for a 30 day challenge and was all go when… um, I kinda stumbled onto the side of my foot while getting up off a machine and something went snap. I moved on to the next machine, brave and stubborn that I am but by the next machine I knew something was seriously up with my left foot.

After hobbling over to a chair and amidst much concern I figured I’d done some major damage and went home to ice it for a couple of hours (fortunately I drive an automatic so could drive myself home!). Long story short… a doctor and an x-ray later I now have a rather cumbersome moonboot and crutches and strict instructions to stay off it for at least a week, then another 7 weeks on crutches and the boot. In one small stumble I managed to snap a metacarpsle bone in my foot (which bloody well hurt!!) and just a week before Joshies birthday party, 2 weeks before SENZ and only 6 before the retreat! arrghhhh

I’ve borrowed mum’s laptop to stay in contact with the world but can’t get down to scrap and am going mad already! Who said exercise was good for you? I mean gimme a break. Oh, too late…


Some layouts

These were for the Friday Night Live challenges over at Embellished!

And this one is for the Junk Journal:


My head is floating away…

or at least that’s how it feels!! I’ve just come back from the hairdressers and I had all my hair chopped off. Yup, gone from having it almost waist length to this (no screaming please):

Along with the new hair comes a new motivation to get my big butt to Weight Watchers and back to the gym, where my membership has been gathering dust since my first bout of Sinusitis… well, no more! I’ll be back there with bells on on Monday (and at the WW meeting on Thursday morning!!). I’d start today but we need to do a supermarket shop first!

I’ve been to WW before and lost 17 kilos before I thought to myself “I can do this at home”. I didn’t. This time around though I damned well will. I realise I have NOOOOO willpower to just do it alone at home, I need the WW to get me motivated for the gym and vice versa. My new motivation? coming from the fact that I hate looking the way I do, I hate looking my age (and older), and Joshie is fast approaching the age where he could be teased for me being the way I am. I also want to set a good example for him, which I’m not doing now… all in all, it’s about damned time I just quit with the excuses and did it!

So thank you Hannah, you’re an absolute inspiration and watching you ‘just do it’ these last couple of months has me thinking that ok, I’ve got a hell of a lot more to lose than you did (not to take away from your awesome achievement), but if I don’t start somewhere it’ll never happen. I’ve come to the conclusion that my dream of waking up slim one day won’t just happen, but I can damned well try and make it!!