My head is floating away…

or at least that’s how it feels!! I’ve just come back from the hairdressers and I had all my hair chopped off. Yup, gone from having it almost waist length to this (no screaming please):

Along with the new hair comes a new motivation to get my big butt to Weight Watchers and back to the gym, where my membership has been gathering dust since my first bout of Sinusitis… well, no more! I’ll be back there with bells on on Monday (and at the WW meeting on Thursday morning!!). I’d start today but we need to do a supermarket shop first!

I’ve been to WW before and lost 17 kilos before I thought to myself “I can do this at home”. I didn’t. This time around though I damned well will. I realise I have NOOOOO willpower to just do it alone at home, I need the WW to get me motivated for the gym and vice versa. My new motivation? coming from the fact that I hate looking the way I do, I hate looking my age (and older), and Joshie is fast approaching the age where he could be teased for me being the way I am. I also want to set a good example for him, which I’m not doing now… all in all, it’s about damned time I just quit with the excuses and did it!

So thank you Hannah, you’re an absolute inspiration and watching you ‘just do it’ these last couple of months has me thinking that ok, I’ve got a hell of a lot more to lose than you did (not to take away from your awesome achievement), but if I don’t start somewhere it’ll never happen. I’ve come to the conclusion that my dream of waking up slim one day won’t just happen, but I can damned well try and make it!!


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  1. Louise, your haircut is HOT! I love it! It really suits you, and did you get it coloured too?? Or is it just darker because it has been cut? Looks so good!

    Hey, I’m glad I could inspire you to give it a try. I go to the Monday night meeting at 5.30, not sure if you can make that one or not, but if you wanted to go to one where you “know” somebody, I’m there each week! And I probably will be forever! It’s so HARD to do it alone, but the support at meetings is a great motivator. I’m excited for you, sounds like it will be the start of a new you!


  2. Your hair looks great …. what did it look like before? I’m back on the weightwatchers game again too … only I’m not going to meetings, just going on my own will-power … okay so it’s not working to well! I want to wake up slim one day too.


  3. Love the cut – I’ve done the same!!! My long hair needed to go. Aren’t we brave!!!

    I will be back on WW too, as soon as this baby has arrived. I’m sick of my extra KG’s!

    You go girl!!!!


  4. Posted by Vicki on September 19, 2008 at 10:11 am

    Whoa – go you! Love the haircut and love your new attitude. Good luck.


  5. Posted by mummymoo on September 19, 2008 at 9:14 pm

    OMG there must be something in the water LOL I LOVE IT all textured and sharp awesome and you have the most AMAZING EYES!!!! WOW

    Yay you for the whole WW thing I am cheering for you 100% so proud of you!!!! xox


  6. Don’t know what your hair looked like before but looks pretty awesome now.
    I too joined the ww wagon too thanks to some inspiration from Hannah. Week 8 for me now and so glad I rejoined hope it goes well for you and the gym too.


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