Bored stupid…

and it’s only day 3! LOL… sheesh I’m going to be completely nuts by the time I’m back on my feet. I miss my computer. I miss my scrapbooking. I miss my son most of all! but I still have a few woohoots…

  • A bit woohoot to my wonderful friend Deb, who amidst everything going on took the time to send me some stunning flowers that arrived this morning – you’re awesome chickie!
  • Woohoot to not having done my ankle in when I did my foot – should heal much faster
  • Another one to Curves Gym for ringing me to see how I was
  • A huge woohoot to Steve for looking after me so well (despite the sarcasm and my new nickname of moonboot)
  • A big one to everyone who’s sent me lovely messages of support and good health! much appreciated
  • A giant woohoot to mum for having Joshie overnight two days in a row, I’m missing him madly and want him back now though! LOL
  • Yay to being able to read in bed and catch up on some programming books I wanted to read (yep, I know it sounds terrible but I’ve finished all my Diana Gabaldon’s)… hehehe

One minus woohoot to a particular client who, despite knowing I’ve got a broken foot, keeps hounding me with questions and requests for files I can’t currently get to! arrghhh….

I’m still going to SENZ come hell or highwater, I’m just not sure how I’ll do with getting around once I’m actually there… LOL. I should be a bit more mobile on my crutches by then and will hopefully be down to one, if not then you may see me being wheeled around by my ever-patient mum. She’s had a lot of years to get used to my clumsiness but she’d probably thought I’d have outgrown falling over my own feet by now!

I’m going a bit stir crazy but have decided to catch up on some serious reading and draw an abundance of sketches that I’ll be sharing in a new section of Eidou – coming soon!! Also keep an eye out for our big launch competition for hybrid/digital scrappers. If you’re not sure if you’re hybrid enough to enter – if you do your journalling on the computer or adjust your pics even, then you’re considered a hybrid scrapper. We’ll have some great prizes and challenges and hope you’ll join us! I’ll keep you up to date on the Eidou blog so keep an eye out…


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by lisasbucketlist on September 24, 2008 at 4:27 pm

    You are more than welcome Louise – so glad that they could brighten your day and make you feel better!


  2. Oh ouch on the foot. Oh oh on being bored already – hope you can get some creative stuff done to keep you sane.


  3. Posted by Vicki on September 24, 2008 at 8:23 pm

    Now thats not fun and I’ve got no suggestions except the DVD and chocolate.


  4. I can’t even imagine how bored you must be … you and I have such similar lives with kids, working full time from home, scrapping, etc that you must be like me and have hardly any time where you do “nothing”! So being on bedrest must be tough! I was going to suggest drawing some sketches, or even starting that book you are planning to write!! DVDs are good too if you’ve got a telly in your room. Magazines? Phone a friend? Hope you find some stuff to pass the time. ((Hugs))


  5. Hey you have been TAGGED!!!! Check it out at Have fun!!


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