Back in the saddle… again…

So here’s the foot (as glamorous as it’s not)…

Now personally (and I know black goes with everything) but I’m thinking of decorating it… well, maybe not.

And here are the gorgeous flowers that my wonderful friend Deb sent me:

Did ya spot all my scrapbooking books in the photo? right by my bed… LOL – talk about breating, eating and sleeping scrapbooking!!

I’m a bit more mobile today, made it down the stairs to the office twice today (man I wish the loo wasn’t so far away LOL) so I’m getting there! Much better with the crutches too which is a relief – I was so scared of falling over as my balance is terrible – hence the break in the first place!

Got some rather good news today which I can’t share just yet, so all in all (and despite the foot) this week is ending on a high note AND Joshie slept through last night. We had an awful night with him the night before as I think he’d spent too long away from me and was mum-deprived. He was so clingy and kept waking up all night wanting me so in the end he slept in my bed with me and Steve was relegated (he wasn’t complaining) to Joshie’s bed for the night. I made sure he was on my knee with stories and cuddles all night yesterday before he went to bed and I hobbled to tuck him in and he slept through. Yay!

He’s such a drama king though… he’s got a tiny scrape on his toe but it was bleeding yesterday (ever so slightly) so we put a plaster on it. OMG, you’d think we amputated it!! He’s been CRAWLING around the house going “can’t walk, broken” (just like mum) and expecting me to carry him! I’m more mobile but not THAT mobile yet… LOL *sigh*

Oh well, hopefully my wee soldier has had a sleep a kindy today or we’ll be in for it again tonight… LOL and *sigh* again… gotta love em…


5 responses to this post.

  1. Great news that you are already more mobile … I’m gussing you’ll soon be a pro at walking with the cast on, with or without crutches!


  2. Oh,a nd that’s “guessing” not “gussing”. LOL


  3. So glad that you are getting around better and yay about joshie and so glad that the flowers look great!


  4. Posted by Vicki on September 26, 2008 at 7:33 pm

    Yes, black does go with everything! LOL. I’m sure you will get more comfortable using the crutches and things will be able to get to easier. I think Joshie has gone out in sympathy.LOL


  5. Ohhhh….I can SO see your cast with rhinestones all over it! Those flowers look gorgeous, hope you’re able to get more and more mobile as time goes on!


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