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Mwaaah haaaa haaaa

Halloween always sends me a little mad, I LOVE this time of year and being the ghoul that I am, had to make these biccies for Joshie to take to kindy (and me to take to the retreat)… don’t ya love ’em?

Ok, so they’re short and fat for fingers but who cares, you get the idea! LOL

The Eidou Cropstar competition starts this Saturday and we’ve got 5 weeks of challenges all lined up for you! The grand prize is a Wacom Bamboo Drawing Tablet – I use one myself and LOVE it… seriously cool toy to have! Roll on week one…

If you haven’t checked out the Eidou Forum there’s a growing community of digi/hybrid scrappers hanging out and chatting away. With the economy the way it is, going hybrid with your scrapping is a great way of making your obsession more affordable. Very shortly we’ll be adding regular tutorials to the site for all levels, and Sarah has just added some stunning angel wings to the freebie section – get ’em quick!

Steve and mum are taking Joshie to the Trunk or Treat event up at the Plaza tomorrow night, it’s organised by a church to make trick or treating safe and they have bouncy castles and lots more going on up there. I’m sad to miss it (AND the guy fawlkes thingy down in Orewa on Saturday) but then it’s just a very busy time of year. My birthday is coming up shortly, as are some rellies from Wanganui and somewhere around then I also want to do our own fireworks night.

We always did bonfire night when I was growing up. My grandmother would make bonfire toffee and we’d invariably have some near-miss with fireworks, but fortunately no-one was ever hurt and apart from a fire engine callout when a fence caught fire it was just one of the magical nights of my childhood that I’ll never forget. Whether you’re pro or against fireworks, it’s still something I want Joshie to have the same fond memories of. I think it’s a shame that each year some idiots ruin it for everyone and I do feel for the animals (ours are locked inside with the radio and lights on and they’re fine), but it’s something I’m going to do while we can. No doubt the nanny state we live in will ban them sometime in the near future, we’re on probation each year as it is.

Ok, off to finish up my packing for the retreat – have a great Halloween and stay safe!

L 🙂


I can finally share a wee secret – take a look over to the right. That’s it. Just under the flashing logos that show where you can find me.

Yep, I can finally share that I made the Up2Scrap Elite Team for 2009. My creations will be in the next Up2Scrap issue due out mid-November and I can’t wait to get started!

I’m joined by these very talented scrappers: Delys Cram, Vicki Morris and Sarah Punnett. Congrats to you too guys!

L 🙂

Been a bit awol…

So thought I’d better update both of my readers… LOL

Firstly there’s been no news on my grandfather, he’s now on constant morphine and is pretty much unconscious but refuses to let go. I’m not convinced he won’t outlive us all. I just wish he’d let go though, it’s been very hard on the family – particularly my dad of course – and I think it’s just ‘time’. My grandfather, however, obviously has other ideas.

As for the foot I had an x-ray yesterday, it’s healing well and won’t need surgery (huge relief there) and I have the boot on for a couple more weeks before I can start weaning myself off it. I already take it off at night (so hard to sleep with!) so yay to only a few more weeks of it.

My scrapbooking has fallen a bit by the wayside lately too but I’m getting back into it. I’ve also had a bit of a style crisis lately and have been playing with digi while I figure it out! I’ve just finished packing up all my stuff for the retreat this weekend (yikes!) but do have a couple of layouts to share:

This one is digi and was for embellished, using all my own papers/embellishments:

This was also for Embellished – the theme was “what makes me happy”

And finally this one, which I did with the Little Boy Blue kit at eidou:

To more on Embellished, I’ve recently found out that Ali is selling the business which is such a shame as I LOVE working with her, she’s just awesome. I’m sure though, that the business will continue to be such an inspirational place to hang around and I really wish her all the very best! *hugs*

I also have some exciting news that I can’t share until tomorrow, so I’ll keep you guessing until then. I’ll no doubt have a kazillion things to share with you after the weekend too!

L 🙂

And the wait goes on…

No news from England yet, although apparently my grandfather has been saying (somewhat incoherently) “remember the 22nd”. No-one knows what this is supposed to mean (no anniversaries or birthdays or anything on that day in our family), so we’re all holding our breath and wondering if he knows something we don’t…

On another front at least my brother hasn’t had to have surgery on his back. They drained the fluid away from his spine as it had built up around an old car accident injury from years ago. The doc’s seem to think that it took 15 years to happen, it may not happen again or it may take another 15 years to reoccur, either way he’s at home resting and the pain has subsided.

Thanks for all your supportive comments and emails, much appreciated.

Now, for a short time only THIS KIT IS FREE FOR DOWNLOAD FROM EIDOU:

So head on over and download it now! I’d love to see what you do with it..

L 🙂

Rough week…

Now I’ve found out my brother may be needing surgery on his spine today. Years ago he had a car accident and hurt his back, but he’s been ok. Then a few months ago he twisted funny lifting something at work and has been in pain since. He had a gap in his spine and his hip was out but with physiotherapy it all seemed to be coming right – until a few days ago.

He may have a possible air bubble in his spine that’s pressing on the scyatic nerve or it may be some cartillege, we’ll find out today when he has a scan…

Fingers crossed

L 🙂

Back to waiting again…

We’ve just heard that my grandfather is likely to pass away any day now, we were told this a couple of months ago but he’s been hanging on. However it’s likely this time they’re right as he’s been mostly unconscious for a day or so and his body systems are shutting down. It’s especially tough for my father who has been waiting for this since he was moved into a hospice about 7 years ago! He was given only weeks then and 7 years later it looks like his time is almost up. And I’m sad. I’m sad I never got to go to England to see him again, I’m sad he’s never gotten to meet his first Great Grandchild. And I’m sad that I wasted the opportunity to go over there years ago because I was too afraid to go by myself at the age of 18.

Love you grandad

L 😦

New Eidou kit

I’ve been busy working on a few new items for Eidou, including this kit called Little Boy Blue. This one is great value as it includes the puffy felt yellow alphabet FREE! Inside are 12 soft co-ordinating papers, including 4 with scalloped edges. Also included are 6 puffy felt clouds, 5 co-ordinating buttons, 2 curled ribbons, 3 colours of ricrac, a flat ribbon, a ruffled ribbon, a journalling block, 2 pins, a stitched frame and a gorgeous floral spray.

Here’s the alphabet that comes with the kit:

And the kit itself:

And, of course, a sample layout I made with the kit:

If you’re interested in trying digital scrapbooking but aren’t sure how to start, then very soon we’ll be starting up regular FREE tutorials to help you along.

If you’re a hybrid scrapper (ie, you adjust your pictures before printing them or do your journalling etc on the computer and then scrap them traditionally), then you should sign up for our Cropstar competition starting on November 1st. You can win an awesome Wacom Drawing Tablet or some fabulous goodies from Embellished, who do just amazing kits!

L 🙂