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Photo Meme… and Prima!

Hannah tagged me to do a photo Meme. The rules are to find “the 6th photo on the 6th page of a) my computer and b) my photo hosting/sharing site”. Soooo here they are (no laughing)

From my computer: not too exciting but I was taking photos of textures to create digi stuff with and just liked this feather we found on the beach.


Next, from photobucket: box-side1

This was the box I submitted to the Scrapbook Studio for their Design Team call. Geeze my work has changed somewhat… LOL

Thanks to everyone for their congratulations for winning the Prima Build a Book contest – I’m soooo excited and still stunned. I keep expecting to get an email saying “oops sorry, we meant to send the email to someone else” or “KIDDING!!”… I need to thank my mum too, she’s just awesome and so supportive of my scrapbooking. When I said I’d heard about the competition and wanted to enter we went around every scrapbook store that sold Prima and she paid for the whole album as I never have any money… LOL. At the time she said it was her investment in my scrapbooking future and I made her a deal – if I won I’d split the winnings. So mum is about to have a WHOLE heap of Prima goodness heading her way. I won US$600 worth of lovelies (still can’t believe it) and I’ll take some photos when it arrives. One thing’s for sure though, I won’t be needing to buy any Prima for a little while (just a little while though, I can’t resist new stuff!!).

Here’s the album cover anyway for those that haven’t seen it:


And here’s some tips on how I made it:

When I got the album I decided I wanted to do a really pretty album about me, so I called it the same as my blog – Pieces of Me. Having four tabs it was crying out to be done in sections of body, mind, heart and soul. I added some extra pages by using some Prima transparencies, and I also laminated skeleton leaves between laminating sheets and then cut the page to size for one of the extra pages. Basically I just went for it with the decorating, rubbing a soft chalk ink around the edges of each page for a frosted effect. Everything is light and soft with a hint of colour. I cut strips of prima paper, sewed through them, then tore and distressed them. These were glued on throughout the album as a backing using a clear glue – I often backed them together to hide the glue (you can’t see any of the adhesive throughout the album as something is always backing it eg. the circle chipboard is backed by a circle rubon to hide the glue but keep the circular shape).

While I was building the book I actually had 3 pages layered at a time, I left clear space on each page so you can see a glimpse of what was beneath and was careful that what showed when all layers were placed together, showed through in the clear space. I didn’t want a cluttered look, and fortunately it all came together in less than a day with a pretty, cohesive look. It’s an album I look at often and a few months later I wouldn’t have done anything differently in creating it.

Finally a HUGE thanks to the wonderful team at Prima, thank you so so much for choosing my album – it’s such a thrill and I’m such a huge fan of Prima products.

Now back to haunting the postman… LOL

L 🙂

And FINALLY – the big news…

Go here:



a big announcement…

Finally I can share with you what I’ve been so excited about the last week or so – I’ve been asked to join the team of Scrap’N Art Magazine and have accepted!! Wahooooo…. and the second thing? they’re doing a feature on Eidou in the March/April issue… double wahoooo….

Oh and guess what… I HAVE SOME AMAZING NEWS FOR ME PERSONALLY… but I can’t share that with you for a few more days… LOL

soooooo excited!!!

Round one is up…

Over at ScrappinPatch I decided to enter their competition – their version of Stars in Their Eyes. Week One’s challenge was to scrap like Nic Howard, a big ask as everyone knows how talented she is and being a groupie, the pressure was on. The results aren’t in yet but here was my entry:


I must say it’s now one of my favourite pages and it came together quite easily as Nic and I share a lot of traits with our styles. This weeks challenge is Mou Saha – another talented scrapbooker who does lots of what I don’t – HAND WRITE!! arrrghh… this week’s one is going to be a whooooole lot harder and will definitely stretch the old brain, but what fun huh!?!

L 🙂

Classes coming next year!


I’ve been organising my classes for next year and the first one will be:

Saturday February 21st – 9.30am-4pm

Unit 4/17 David McCathie Place, Silverdale (The upstairs floor of FluidForce)
Cost $42/head including coffee/tea and lunch.

Please bring your own cutting mat, tools, inks and snacks )
You’ll also need a single 4×6 photo, b/w is preferable and something suiting a modern vintage page works best.

There will be some older scrapbooking supplies for sale as well at super clearance prices (cardstock/papers/embellishments etc).

If you’d like to join us then please send me an email at – a deposit of $10 is required to hold your place as seating is limited.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Told ya I was in the christmas mood…


This HUGE collaborative kit from the Eidou designers is amazing value and chock full of christmassy goodness! Everything is 300dpi PNG or JPEG files.

This amazing kit consists of:

12 x papers
3 x ornaments
1 x rubon word sheet
1 x star rubon
2 x coloured berry branches
1 x holiday topper
1 x vintage christmas bird
3 x curled ribbons
3 x journalling blocks
3 x tags
1 x bear art
1 x candy cane
1 x dove
5 x flourishes
1 x frame
3 x holly sprigs
2 x poinsettia flowers
3 x stars
1 x wordart
2 x gold snowflakes
2 x white snowflakes
FREE co-ordinated glittered alphabet

And here’s a wee sample:



Weekend update

We had such a busy weekend last weekend, starting Saturday morning with Joshie’s friend Grace’s 3rd birthday party. Jo & Gaby had prepared a huge kiddie banquet but the most Joshie ate was a couple of lollies…


Then they had a scavenger hunt… guess what Joshie won?


Followed by a game of Pass the Parcel…


Then it was time for the Pinata!! Joshie loved it and Grace gave it a good go too…


After that we just had time to hit the shops before they shut. Sunday morning was the Red Beach School Gala. We got there nice and early and Joshie was soooo excited… he even went down the MEGA SLIDE (although Steve was the unfortunate soul who had to take him down). It was HUGE and even Steve was wondering how wise it was to attempt it… but he did and has the friction burns to prove it.


He also had a go on a little train they had there, bit of a rip off ($6 for two and only two laps of the small track) but whaddya do… the kid loves trains…


And then he had a go at driving himself on the much better value ($5 a car for ages!) ride… he wasn’t too impressed with Steve’s attempts to keep them from driving into the wall but he’s in the I DO IT phase… still…


He topped it all off with a ride in a police car (which I’m hoping is the only ride he’ll ever get!) and winning a wee car with the putting balls in the clowns mouth game.

This weekend we’ve got the Santa parade and next week’s my dad’s birthday – I love this time of year!! I’ve already got my Christmas CD’s out and am getting into the spirit. I’m having a pressie wrapping night with mum soon so bring on the eggnog!!