Hear, Hear… or not as the case may be

I took Joshie to the doctors to have his ears checked out and it’s not looking good. I’ve noticed his speech has become a bit unclear in the last couple of weeks and although he seems to hear us ok it was a concern so I took him back. Apart from a lot of wax in both ears it’s looking like there’s fluid in there too, so he’s on drops to get rid of the wax and then it’ll be back for another check to see if he’ll need grommets too… *sigh*…

On another note:

With the recent passing of my grandfather, it got me thinking about what an incredible marriage my grandparents had. Over 60 years together, even at the end my grandfather didn’t want to leave my grandmother. Just awesome and so inspiring. So in honour of my grandparents I’ve created the Vintage Wedding kit, and here’s a sample including a photo from their wedding day…


Think laces, florals and aged elements, all mixed in soft hues of blues, pinks and creams. Just gorgeous!

This kit has 8 beautiful papers, all distressed for the perfect finishing touch. Also included are two frames, two shaped elements, two flowers, a gorgeous crown, 4 different laces, a sprinkle of bling, a beaded ribbon and a gorgeous distressed curled edging. This one would make a stunning mini album and looks just amazing with my crackled paint alphas.

All papers are 300dpi jpeg files and all elements are 300dpi PNG files, checked for stray pixels and ready to go!

And keep an eye out for this weeks challenge in the Eidou Forum… ;)

5 responses to this post.

  1. What a lovely tribute to your grandparents – the kit you’ve created is perfect for that photo.

    Sorry to hear about Joshie’s ears. Here’s hoping the fluid goes away so he won’t need an operation … but if he does, I can tell you that it does work. Tyler was a changed boy once he got his grommets.


  2. Oh I sympathise with you about Joshie’s ears, Abigail has always had trouble with hers, and even at the age of 13 – we are still seeing specialists for them.

    Gorgeous, Gorgeous layout and soooo special


  3. Poor Joshie, I hope things come right…i had to have gromets or tubes as they were called back then in my ears when i was 7…Love the layout and the kit!


  4. Georgous kit Louise, and what a brilliant tribute. All the best with Joshie and his ears.


  5. Posted by bronwyn on November 12, 2008 at 4:45 pm

    Gorgeous Louise
    Sorry to hear a bout Joshies ears but good on you for getting them checked and getting it sorted


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