Weekend update

We had such a busy weekend last weekend, starting Saturday morning with Joshie’s friend Grace’s 3rd birthday party. Jo & Gaby had prepared a huge kiddie banquet but the most Joshie ate was a couple of lollies…


Then they had a scavenger hunt… guess what Joshie won?


Followed by a game of Pass the Parcel…


Then it was time for the Pinata!! Joshie loved it and Grace gave it a good go too…


After that we just had time to hit the shops before they shut. Sunday morning was the Red Beach School Gala. We got there nice and early and Joshie was soooo excited… he even went down the MEGA SLIDE (although Steve was the unfortunate soul who had to take him down). It was HUGE and even Steve was wondering how wise it was to attempt it… but he did and has the friction burns to prove it.


He also had a go on a little train they had there, bit of a rip off ($6 for two and only two laps of the small track) but whaddya do… the kid loves trains…


And then he had a go at driving himself on the much better value ($5 a car for ages!) ride… he wasn’t too impressed with Steve’s attempts to keep them from driving into the wall but he’s in the I DO IT phase… still…


He topped it all off with a ride in a police car (which I’m hoping is the only ride he’ll ever get!) and winning a wee car with the putting balls in the clowns mouth game.

This weekend we’ve got the Santa parade and next week’s my dad’s birthday – I love this time of year!! I’ve already got my Christmas CD’s out and am getting into the spirit. I’m having a pressie wrapping night with mum soon so bring on the eggnog!!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds like Joshie had a busy and fun-filled weekend!
    Wow, that slide really IS big! Rob took the boys to the gala after church, and I heard all about the “mega slide” from them afterwards, including some bragging from Ethan that he went down it all by himself (even after seeing other kids climb up and then climb straight back down after chickening out).
    You are so onto it, wrapping presents already!


  2. looks like Joshie had lots of fun!!
    Love those cards you made too!
    Have a good weekend
    Felicity x


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