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Something to share…

Ok, so I do have something to share with you finally… because I forgot I’d done them. LOL

Here’s a Birthday Card I made for someone who shall remain anonymous (you know who you are) who I’m lucky enough to call a friend – and I still think you look heaps younger than me!! 😉


And while I was at it I whipped up a couple of bereavement cards to send to my Grandmother and Aunt in England. I’m not much of a cardmaker so these were a bit of a challenge!



I was thinking I’d make my own Christmas cards this year but then looked at my list and decided if I started now maybe I’d get them done for next year instead… LOL

In other scrapping news (that was me doing my best Anchorman voice) I’ve been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY behind the scenes creating layouts that I can’t share until next year. I’m also hoping to have something very cool to announce next week but I’ll keep you in suspenders until then.

The Eidou competition is in Week 3 already! We’ve had some gorgeous entries in the gallery and it’s great to see so many people joining me on the dark side and giving digi a go. I’m very much a traditional scrapper and could never give up my paper, chalks and inks (or the mess that goes with it) but I do like the ease with which I can put together a digi page. The Digi tablet is up for grabs and it’s anyone’s to win at this point – exciting stuff!

I’ve given up the moonboot too, I’m being very careful walking around at the mo and have a bit of a limp but generally it’s on the mend. I have another Doc’s visit in early December to double check it but it’s looking fine to head back to the gym after Christmas (don’t want to push it too hard too fast)… and I need to buy some new gym shoes before then!

L 🙂

Busy but not much to show for it…

Know what I mean? I’ve been scrapping madly this week but can’t show you any of it!! Two of the layouts I’ve done are being published in a book in the States (wahoooo!) and one is for a special project coming up in January. Soooo sorry, but you’ll just have to wait! LOL

We’ve had a busy week too… last weekend we had the rellies up but unfortunately it was too windy around here to do the fireworks thing until Wednesday, after they’d gone home. Joshie loved it though, bit of a firebug me thinks (also a bit of a worry!). He’s been going on about fireworks ever since, must get that from me. I spent many a happy childhood hour laying on my cousin’s trampoline watching the fireworks start as it got dark and getting excited about starting ours. I’m in agreement with the general trend towards banning them, but it’ll still be a shame when that happens.

Soooo here are some pics:

Joshie deciding how many more fireworks he wants to see…


Still wanting one more…


Having a great time with Nanna and Grandad…


The firebug himself…


Definitely the season to be busy too, I LOVE this time of year. I can always feel October in the air when it all starts with Halloween and progresses onto Christmas. I’m a Christmas nut. I’m restraining from putting on the Christmas music but it’s pulling at me a bit… and I’d put the tree up now if we had the room (got some sorting to do before I can do that!)… I’ve almost done all my christmas shopping too so roll on, I’m a ready for ya!

We’re taking Joshie to a friend of his’s 3rd birthday party tomorrow, and then off to the Red Beach Gala on Sunday. Next weekend is the Santa Parade and then another gala the weekend after! Love, love, love it… soooo many photo opportunities… LOL

L 🙂

Hear, Hear… or not as the case may be

I took Joshie to the doctors to have his ears checked out and it’s not looking good. I’ve noticed his speech has become a bit unclear in the last couple of weeks and although he seems to hear us ok it was a concern so I took him back. Apart from a lot of wax in both ears it’s looking like there’s fluid in there too, so he’s on drops to get rid of the wax and then it’ll be back for another check to see if he’ll need grommets too… *sigh*…

On another note:

With the recent passing of my grandfather, it got me thinking about what an incredible marriage my grandparents had. Over 60 years together, even at the end my grandfather didn’t want to leave my grandmother. Just awesome and so inspiring. So in honour of my grandparents I’ve created the Vintage Wedding kit, and here’s a sample including a photo from their wedding day…


Think laces, florals and aged elements, all mixed in soft hues of blues, pinks and creams. Just gorgeous!

This kit has 8 beautiful papers, all distressed for the perfect finishing touch. Also included are two frames, two shaped elements, two flowers, a gorgeous crown, 4 different laces, a sprinkle of bling, a beaded ribbon and a gorgeous distressed curled edging. This one would make a stunning mini album and looks just amazing with my crackled paint alphas.

All papers are 300dpi jpeg files and all elements are 300dpi PNG files, checked for stray pixels and ready to go!

And keep an eye out for this weeks challenge in the Eidou Forum… ;)

Thank you all

thanks to everyone for their lovely comments, your kind thoughts are much appreciated.

I did end up enjoying my birthday (although I feel a bit guilty to admit it), despite the rough start. I hadn’t seen my grandfather since I was around 11 but I think I’d always thought if I ever won lotto that I could go over to England and see both him and my grandmother again. Now that’s no longer possible it just kind of hit hard about not leaving things for another time… sooo back to the diet and gym as soon as my foot is a bit stronger and the moonboot is off completely!

Yesterday I went and voted (double ticks for National) and I’m sooooo relieved Labour is gone. Maybe this country has a future after all! 😉

After that my wonderful mother took me to mooch around the scrapbooking stores (and enabled me further) hehe. I have so much gorgeous stuff to scrap with I’ve spent the last week trying to cull some items, it’s so hard to figure out what to part with though as lately I’ve been dipping back into my old supplies a bit. I think I’ll have to TradeMe some stuff or have a blog giveaway soon (I can see you salivating already)… hehe

I got some lovely presents for my birthday, including a fab new camera (I wanted a smaller one with a higher resolution and got a gorgeous wee pink Olympus that does everything but make me coffee), and an awesome new photo printer (yay I can now do bigger photos than 4×6). I recently discovered panoramic paper though that you can run through the smaller photo printers though but now I can do A4 prints. wahoooo!

In the evening we were booked to have dinner at the Orbit Restaurant. Included in the price of the meal is the trip up the Sky Tower, which we took first as we were early. When we sat down to dinner we realised the Orbit is no longer the buffet it used to be (ummm I went there MANY years ago when the Orbit restaurant was in the Telecom tower)… anyway we decided we weren’t going to spend around $80 a head for dinner and asked to be transferred to the Fortuna instead. Yum, great decision that one was!! $34 a head (almost the same as Valentines which I don’t rate very highly) and seriously delicious…

I came home to find a lovely card from Nic and my Up2Scrap magazine. It was a bit of a fright seeing such a large photo of myself in there but very cool all the same! Can’t wait to get started on that one…

So in the end my birthday was pretty good, I’m sad for my grandad passing but it’s better for him. He was almost 89 (which is super old for a miner – most don’t live past their 60’s) and was in pain at the end. After 9 years of expecting it to happen it was time and although sad must be a big relief for my grandmother and Aunt in England, who have pretty much been bedside for 9 years now.

So again, thank you for all your good wishes.

One note about my grandfathers passing – he kept going on about remember the 22 – he passed at 11.11pm which in numerology is 22… unfortunately that also meant he passed at 12.11pm on my birthday so it’s not an anniversary I’m likely to forget.

L 🙂

Yep, well…

Today is my birthday. Yesterday was my parents wedding anniversary. At 11.11pm last night my grandfather died (remember the 22? in numerology 11:11 is 2:2). Sucky, sucky day.


The fabulous Inspirational Craft Blog picked me to be featured – wow!

thanks so much!

Quick update

This was the LuNic original… (ie. a Louise take on a Nic layout and NO! I’m not the one that made that up)… some ladies at the retreat that shall remain nameless (you know who you are) obviously had too much time on their hands… LOL

This was with the challenge pack we had and the piccie is of Nic’s gorgeous daughter Abby (Lesley took the piccie for me Nic so you’ll get the layout soon!).