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A bit of culling…

has been going on my life at the moment. Me and Steve have gone through the house top to bottom and dumped/donated/sold a kazillion things that were just cluttering up the place. In that same vein I decided it was time to declutter my time as well, I have so much going on at the moment that I’ve decided what little time I do have to scrap these days, has to be spent wisely. So I’ve resigned from Embellished. I’ve loved being on the team and Ali is just awesome, but I’m finding it’s become a much bigger commitment than it used to be and I just don’t have it in me. Anyhoooo, here is a couple of layouts I’ve done recently…


I had big ideas for this one but it just didn’t really come together… but I’ll share it anyway.. ya win some, ya lose some huh?

This second one is one I did for Embellished a little while ago – again my mojo was absent. I did this one on a patterned background but didn’t like it so pulled it all off and bunged it on some bazzill. Still not what I had in mind but whatever… (why can’t my head feed the right info to my hands!!)…


However my mojo seems to be returning!! I’ve done 2 layouts and an OTP project recently that I just love. I just can’t show you. Yet. LOL Oh, and my latest thing? I’ve discovered that if I don’t print, then I actually quite like my handwriting! Never thought it would happen. Honestly!

Digi wise we’ve had a few teething issues with people trying to hack the site lately. We’re currently moving servers to somewhere I think is more secure, more helpful and less likely to cut and paste their help comments!! Anyhooo, we’ve also recently put together a gorgeous collaborative kit for February – called a Vintage Romance it’s absolutely HUGE! Check it out here.


As for me, I’m off to see my midwife on the 10th February, funny is I haven’t spoken to her in almost 4 years and she was just thinking of me the other day. She must’ve known… LOL. I’m looking forward to meeting up with her again, she’s lovely and always made me feel really comfortable. Yay Lorraine!

It’s weird knowing I’m pregnant but not really feeling it yet. I’ve had no morning sickness and other than a couple of dizzies and blood noses (which I got first time around too) everything is pretty much the same as normal. It wasn’t real last time until I heard the heartbeat for the first time and saw the baby on the scan. Apparently he/she is currently the size of the grape, so I can no longer call ‘it’ beanie… which was last weeks pet term.

Joshie’s been swimming a few times lately and he’s become so much more confident in the water (cocky even!). I want to make sure he gets lots of swimming in while the weather is nice, he didn’t take to the water when he was younger but now he loves it. I’m also going to make sure the new bub is taken swimming early. Joshie had a lot of colds when he was younger so missed out on most of his swimming lessons. I paid for two terms but he only ended up going a couple of times as he’d just started kindy and was getting sick from that too!!

Anyway, enough bleating.

L 🙂

Further along….

than I thought! I’m actually 6 weeks pregnant, not 4! LOL… I’ll blame the pregnancy hormones for my lack of mathematical skills. hehehe
Haven’t been to the doctors yet but will make an appointment for Monday and then go look up my old midwife who I had for Joshie. Her name was Lorraine and she was lovely so hopefully she’s still doing midwifery!
All exciting… I have a strong suspicion it’s a girl and we’ve already got a name sorted if it is! I’ve loved this name forever so if it’s a boy then it’s back to the drawing board namewise!
So far no morning sickness and the tiredness is just the usual… lucky me!
L 🙂

Getting big…

Joshie that is, not me. Not yet anyway. LOL

This morning was his first day back at kindy after a month long break (and it WAS a LONG month)… hehehe. He was quite excited to be going back this morning and picked his own clothes to wear – and they matched! Of course they’re also the only two items he owns with Spiderman plastered over them so that obviously helped.


He’s growing up so fast! No wonder I’m clucky… LOL

As for scrapping I’ve not managed to do any, in fact my scrapping has been at a standstill since before Christmas (other than all the pressies I had to make). The mojo is there but I’ve been working late a lot lately to catch up on the work I’ve not managed to do while Joshie’s been home. He’s been good. Really good. But I still achieve nothing with him around and it’s put me behind in my work by about 2 weeks so yay for Kindy! I’m hoping to be on top of it all shortly and am planning on scrapping my little heart out tonight once he’s gone to bed. I refuse to work tonight!! No digi stuff, no graphic design stuff, no dt stuff… ok well maybe some DT stuff but I enjoy that kind of scrapping too! hehehe

We had some bad and good news from England yesterday. My cousin Matt has passed away unexpectedly from a brain aneuryism which has made me very sad. I used to write to him a lot while he was in the army years ago and always thought one day he’d come over here and we’d actually meet in person! We spoke on the phone a few times and wrote 2-3 times a week and just became really good friends. When we moved house we lost touch as he’d moved in the meantime too, left the army and we both got busy with our own lives. I tried to find him on the internet a few months ago but there were 158 Matt H’s in just one listing and I didn’t get around to trying to hone down the list. I wish I had.

The upside of this is that his father, my Uncle L, has come over from England and has managed to track down my uncle/aunt, mum/dad and my Auntie M. He’s at this moment heading down with my Auntie M in a campervan to meet up with the rest for a long-overdue reunion. It’s been about 18 years since my parents have seen him, and 38 since my Auntie M has! England is too far away sometimes. I won’t go into his reasons for suddenly finding the urge to come here but I’m glad he did and I’m looking forward to meeting him, as I can no longer meet Matt himself.

Moral of this story? don’t put off making contact with those you’ve lost touch with and would like to hear from again. I never will again.


First the big news…

Yep, it’s super-early days but I’m not one able to keep my excitement in so here it is – I’m pregnant. Due 15th September according to the web calculators and in a bit of shock as to how fast it’s happened!! Very excited, a bit scared and totally motivated to get this damned house renovated and sold! So there you go… big cheesy grins all round. I’ll head to the doc’s on Monday and look up my old midwife and we’ll go from there (TOLD you it was early days!! LOL)… I’m terrible about waiting…

Ok, on another note here’s a layout I did that was recently featured in ScrapScene…

byeeeee for now


You gotta be kidding…



an award is always a nice way to start the day so thank you very much Carol who awarded me a place in her lovely blog list.

So now I have to name 7 or so other blogs that I read often and admire lots… I’ve done this one before but here’s my list:

Nic Howard (that one’s a given and no surprises there)
Ingvild Bolme (am hanging out for her to write her book!)
Ali Russell (owns Embellished and is a super talented scrapper and photographer too!)
Anne Bodil (does gorgeous vintage work)
Oddbjorg (from Norway, how does she do it!?!)
Aga Werrington (a face I’m seeing around more and more often, keep an eye on this one!)
Anne-Marie (Binxcat – currently pregnant with twins & winning accolades all over – oh and a damned nice person too!)

so there we go, a few updates from last time and all blogs well worth keeping an eye on for inspiration and ideas!!

L 🙂

Seriously… you’re missing A LOT

Ok so I’m on the team of Scrap N’ Art but it’s truly an amazing ezine! I subscribed long before I joined as it’s such a great online magazine so have you checked it out yet?

You’re seriously missing out if you haven’t! This latest issue is full of amazing layouts, I’ve not been this inspired in a long, long time and that’s the truth. The Jan/Feb issue is over 100 pages long and chocka full of great info and free downloads for the digital amongst us…


How cool are they?

Over at Eidou we’ve had a great start to the year with a sketch and swatch challenge, and shortly a template challenge too… lots to keep digi and hybrid scrappers alike busy!

On a personal front I’ve been amiss at keeping in touch lately, I’ve had computer issues and have reinstalled my whole system 6 times this week!! don’t ever think that upgrading your system software is a good idea. It’s not. Ever.

Sooo here’s catch up time. Joshie’s had a great break from Kindy and we’re making progress with the toilet training! hooray! thought the kid would be going to college in nappies… no changes on the bottle front and he’s still getting me up umpteen times a night to be retucked in (he’s a mobile sleeper!) but he’s a little sweetheart and his behaviour really turned a corner when he hit three. Hence trying for another. Wouldn’t have happened otherwise! No news on that front yet but it’s early days…. you know I’ll keep you informed! LOL

Ok… so Christmas was great, we did the family thing with ALL the rellies a week earlier so it was nice and restful on the day. Joshie spent the morning before we went over to my cousin’s house on the trampoline…


Then played Santa’s helper, delivering (and opening) everyone’s presents.


Now a question… why on earth are there so many of those damned tags holding kid’s presents together!?! don’t they want the kids to ever get IN to them? I feel a page coming on…


this one’s just because I love his smile, he’s doing the ‘grin for the camera’ bit… there goes the end of the natural smile shot…


A day before Christmas Eve we decided to do some last minute shopping so went to Borders… I found my boys around the music section…


And then onto Christmas morning… Joshie was in fine form with present opening this year. We had a rough night on Christmas Eve and he didn’t want to get up in the morning as he was tired… until he came out and saw all the presents. To quote “wow, so many presents”… hehehe


And then Christmas Dinner over at my uncle’s house where he has a gorgeous pool area. My brother Mark took Joshie in for a swim and had a great time…


and finally, look what Santa brought for Joshie


Yep, a bike with no pedals. It’s called a Glide to Ride and teaches them balance before you add the pedals on later. So there he is, two feet on the ground and worried he’ll fall off. 10 mins on the bike and it’s been lonely ever since… I’m sure he’ll get into it and once he does we won’t be able to get him off it. And yes, Santa did go a bit mad on presents this year but me thinks he knows that it’s probably the last year we’ll be able to afford to do it (or he will) if we succeed in having another baby…

Sooo New Years we headed up North to Whangarei and spent the evening with the lovely Janine and Ruth and fandamily. Unfortunately Joshie didn’t make it until midnight and was begging to go to bed (I’d already tried to get him to sleep earlier but he wasn’t having any of it). Soooo 11.45pm we head back to the hotel (sounds flasher than it was!) using Steve’s new Navman (for the 100m journey back… LMAO). We got Joshie settled and then the fireworks started. Yep, my 3 year old didn’t go to bed until 12.30am and didn’t sleep late, didn’t have a nap the next day and still was up at 9.30pm the next night. This child is a vampire. He doesn’t sleep. I swear. Should’ve known that from his first night after being born. The only newborn on the planet awake for 6 hours and 2 feeds before deciding to sleep. Briefly. I might sleep when he leaves home…

As for scrapping I’ve been busy doing digi and class stuff so can’t share yet, but I’m working on a few mojo-boosting things to get myself back on track with it all. After doing 3 albums for Christmas the mood’s kinda left me but I’m starting to feel inspired again so stay tuned…

I should’ve warned you this one was a novel!

L 🙂