Getting big…

Joshie that is, not me. Not yet anyway. LOL

This morning was his first day back at kindy after a month long break (and it WAS a LONG month)… hehehe. He was quite excited to be going back this morning and picked his own clothes to wear – and they matched! Of course they’re also the only two items he owns with Spiderman plastered over them so that obviously helped.


He’s growing up so fast! No wonder I’m clucky… LOL

As for scrapping I’ve not managed to do any, in fact my scrapping has been at a standstill since before Christmas (other than all the pressies I had to make). The mojo is there but I’ve been working late a lot lately to catch up on the work I’ve not managed to do while Joshie’s been home. He’s been good. Really good. But I still achieve nothing with him around and it’s put me behind in my work by about 2 weeks so yay for Kindy! I’m hoping to be on top of it all shortly and am planning on scrapping my little heart out tonight once he’s gone to bed. I refuse to work tonight!! No digi stuff, no graphic design stuff, no dt stuff… ok well maybe some DT stuff but I enjoy that kind of scrapping too! hehehe

We had some bad and good news from England yesterday. My cousin Matt has passed away unexpectedly from a brain aneuryism which has made me very sad. I used to write to him a lot while he was in the army years ago and always thought one day he’d come over here and we’d actually meet in person! We spoke on the phone a few times and wrote 2-3 times a week and just became really good friends. When we moved house we lost touch as he’d moved in the meantime too, left the army and we both got busy with our own lives. I tried to find him on the internet a few months ago but there were 158 Matt H’s in just one listing and I didn’t get around to trying to hone down the list. I wish I had.

The upside of this is that his father, my Uncle L, has come over from England and has managed to track down my uncle/aunt, mum/dad and my Auntie M. He’s at this moment heading down with my Auntie M in a campervan to meet up with the rest for a long-overdue reunion. It’s been about 18 years since my parents have seen him, and 38 since my Auntie M has! England is too far away sometimes. I won’t go into his reasons for suddenly finding the urge to come here but I’m glad he did and I’m looking forward to meeting him, as I can no longer meet Matt himself.

Moral of this story? don’t put off making contact with those you’ve lost touch with and would like to hear from again. I never will again.


5 responses to this post.

  1. He really is growing up…I thought that the other week when i saw you both!


  2. Gosh Louise, he really looks like a young boy – no longer a toddler. Make the most of this lovely age…the testosterone hits about four and a half, and while they’re still a delight, they can’t keep still for a minute!


  3. He is SO cute, Louise! Love his matching outfit 🙂

    I know exactly what it is like, trying to work from home with kids around. Mine are off Kindy and school for another 2 weeks – eek! I’ve been working a lot at night too, and haven’t done much scrapping as a result. Enjoy your scrapping time tonight!

    Again, I’m sorry to hear about the passing of your cousin. So tragic.


  4. Louise – I think this is the only way I can get a hold of you for a get together. Are you still keen?


  5. Posted by mummymoo on January 23, 2009 at 11:18 pm

    Oh damn he is cute, and I totally hear you about chasing your tail!! YAY for kindy for you that is cool

    Love all the spidy gear and yay joshie for picking it yourself!!!



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