A bit of culling…

has been going on my life at the moment. Me and Steve have gone through the house top to bottom and dumped/donated/sold a kazillion things that were just cluttering up the place. In that same vein I decided it was time to declutter my time as well, I have so much going on at the moment that I’ve decided what little time I do have to scrap these days, has to be spent wisely. So I’ve resigned from Embellished. I’ve loved being on the team and Ali is just awesome, but I’m finding it’s become a much bigger commitment than it used to be and I just don’t have it in me. Anyhoooo, here is a couple of layouts I’ve done recently…


I had big ideas for this one but it just didn’t really come together… but I’ll share it anyway.. ya win some, ya lose some huh?

This second one is one I did for Embellished a little while ago – again my mojo was absent. I did this one on a patterned background but didn’t like it so pulled it all off and bunged it on some bazzill. Still not what I had in mind but whatever… (why can’t my head feed the right info to my hands!!)…


However my mojo seems to be returning!! I’ve done 2 layouts and an OTP project recently that I just love. I just can’t show you. Yet. LOL Oh, and my latest thing? I’ve discovered that if I don’t print, then I actually quite like my handwriting! Never thought it would happen. Honestly!

Digi wise we’ve had a few teething issues with people trying to hack the site lately. We’re currently moving servers to somewhere I think is more secure, more helpful and less likely to cut and paste their help comments!! Anyhooo, we’ve also recently put together a gorgeous collaborative kit for February – called a Vintage Romance it’s absolutely HUGE! Check it out here.


As for me, I’m off to see my midwife on the 10th February, funny is I haven’t spoken to her in almost 4 years and she was just thinking of me the other day. She must’ve known… LOL. I’m looking forward to meeting up with her again, she’s lovely and always made me feel really comfortable. Yay Lorraine!

It’s weird knowing I’m pregnant but not really feeling it yet. I’ve had no morning sickness and other than a couple of dizzies and blood noses (which I got first time around too) everything is pretty much the same as normal. It wasn’t real last time until I heard the heartbeat for the first time and saw the baby on the scan. Apparently he/she is currently the size of the grape, so I can no longer call ‘it’ beanie… which was last weeks pet term.

Joshie’s been swimming a few times lately and he’s become so much more confident in the water (cocky even!). I want to make sure he gets lots of swimming in while the weather is nice, he didn’t take to the water when he was younger but now he loves it. I’m also going to make sure the new bub is taken swimming early. Joshie had a lot of colds when he was younger so missed out on most of his swimming lessons. I paid for two terms but he only ended up going a couple of times as he’d just started kindy and was getting sick from that too!!

Anyway, enough bleating.

L 🙂

3 responses to this post.

  1. Always a good time to declutter at the beginning of the new year, I normally get a bee in my bonnet and do it on New Years Day LOL…. Great layout love the vintage feel…Look forward to seeing you at the sketchbook retreat again


  2. Posted by mummymoo on January 29, 2009 at 10:51 am

    LOL about your head and hands not having the smae idea, I thought I was the only one with that problem LOL – yay about little grapie (not beanie heehee) I was the same with boths boys wasnt real until I heard that they were all okay and kicking 🙂

    Tease not being able to share you OTP and layouts, hee hee

    Take care of you to tho and i will email ya later xox


  3. So you are about 7 weeks now, huh? It’s probably good you aren’t having any of the yucky stuff! Hopefully it stays away and you are good to go 😉 I was nauseous and extremely tired with #2 until about 18 weeks. Is your midwife on the coast??? It’s good you can have the same one again. Makes things nicer when you feel comfortable in knowing you can have the same midwife 😉


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