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New at Eidou…

Two gorgeous kits jam packed with goodies to keep you scrapping!

First up is Watermelon Days – Summery in it’s lusciousness, dripping with melon juice as you bask in the sun… This huge kit contains 30 papers, 2 word arts and 22 elements as well as a FREE striped alphabet – perfect for summer.


Next up is the fabulous Girlie Girl kit – A gorgeous, bright and beautiful new kit to bring out the Girlie Girl in Everyone! Featuring 16 fabulous papers and 17 co-ordinating elements, it’s jam packed with jewelled goodies!


Both available in the store now!

Back in the saddle…

Ok, I’m over it… back to my normal self! And the mojo has returned, glad it only disappeared on me briefly and soooo glad to be scrapping again. I missed it!

Thank you Deb for the flowers (I thought it was you!!), they were so thoughtful and kind. I’m so grateful to have you as a friend and don’t know what I’d do without you.

To everyone else thanks again for all your support, I’m busy working on some pages to send for Sarah Gladman’s Victorian Fire Victims project. If anyone else is working on any they’d like me to send with mine just email me.

L 🙂

ok, fess up…

who is the angel that sent me a gorgeous bunch of sunflowers and a box of yummy summer fruits to cheer me up! There was no name and although I have my suspicions I’d love to have confirmation of who the sweetheart is. I soooo appreciate it, it was such a lovely surprise and has really cheered me up.

I also want to thank the academy… nah, but I’d really like to thank everyone that’s left such lovely supportive comments at a time I really just needed to vent. I’m thinking the pregnancy hormones have gotten to me a little but, on the upside, the nausea seems to have abated. Hooray!

I’m still mojoless but I figure if I just stay away from it for a few days I might just get myself inspired, although I am tempted to submit my work to magazines again, I’ve not done that in a long time and it’s motivational to see your stuff in print.

Speaking of which, have you seen the latest Up2Scrap? My first DT thingy is in it this month and it’s a bit of a buzz to see my stuff in there.

I’m soooo over this heat, Nic’s blog has made me crave caramel mini eggs and right now I’m ready to blob in front of telly for the night (Joshie’s over at Nanna’s)… aaah… today is a MUCH better day. So thank you all.

L 🙂

The anti-list

I don’t know whether it’s just the hormones or what but I can’t shake the blues today. I just feel really dejected and down, the kind of “lock myself away and not talk to anyone” kind of day. I’ve tried doing the gratitude list that Hannah started but with all the blessings I know I DO have, I just can’t find anything positive to think about today. I hate feeling like this. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. So here’s my antilist, I figure if I get it out maybe it’ll look like less of a list.

  1. The house is a bombsite of renovations and toys
  2. I didn’t get onto a DT I really wanted to be on (but then aren’t that surprised either as I think I’ve lost my mojo – hopefully temporarily)
  3. I’m hating my job right now
  4. I’m sick of being broke and want to trade in our lotto ticket for one that works
  5. I’m sick of feeling sick
  6. I still want to lose weight and get fit and am frustrated with injuries and exhaustion
  7. Joshie’s unhappy at his kindy and I don’t know how to fix it without moving him again, which I really don’t want to do

See? I’m just feeling in great need of a holiday we can neither afford timewise or moneywise. We haven’t had a real family holiday or even a weekend break away for so long. We managed a night away at New Years but that was it and at the moment we have too much on the house to do before the baby is born and too little money to spend on anything other then bills to contemplate it.

And I’m really wondering where my mojo has gone. I scrapped these recently for a DT entry but didn’t get anywhere.


I think I’m just that I’m feeling overwhelmed by everything at the moment. I’m going to layoff DT’s for a while, other than the commitments I have at the moment I’m not going to bother trying for anything else as I just don’t need the rejections… I think part of my problem is I’ve been trying to take up parts of other peoples styles so much that I’ve lost my own. So I give up. I’m going to go back through my albums and rework some of the pages I’m not happy with and scrap for me again and hopefully rediscover my mojo along the way.

L x

Thanking the big guy…

there’s only one Jellybean in there! OMG I was stressing over this one, we have such a small house and money is tight – we can cope with another one but another two is a WHOLE different ball game. Maybe I’ll be able to sleep again now… phew!

Here’s a layout I did recently using lots of stuff, just playing around mostly. It’s about how Joshie always finds a new friend wherever he goes… :


Other than that I was just sent this poem which is rather  appropriate for all the devastation going on at the moment in Australia:

by Oliver Thomas

Flickering flames of frenzied fury
Fanned by a freshening breeze.
Terrible tortuous tongues of fire
Hungrily lick at the trees.

With a roaring rush, the raging inferno
Famishes forest and farm,
‘Til the land is blackened, barren and bare
And the world once wild is calm.

And the stillness settles on silent soil
Which once was the place of trees,
While the animals dead, or long since gone
Are merely memories.

But the green grass grows as time goes by,
And sinewy saplings soar;
For Nature nourishes new grown trees
‘Til the bush is there once more.

The designers at Eidou are currently putting together a collaborative charity kit, with all proceeds from the sale of the kit going to the fund set up to help survivors of the bushfires start to rebuild their lives. Sarah Gladman is also organising donations of 12 x 12 blank pages that can be bound together and given to the families so they can start rebuilding their memories, anyone wanting to help can email me for her address.

L 🙂

You can help too!

YOU CAN HELP!!!! (I’ve copied this from Ali Russel’s blog but the same applies to please read on…)

A good friend of mine, Sarah Gladman has started a fantastic plan to help those families devistated by the Victorian fires this week. This week over 173 people lost their lives in the most horrific fires in Australian history. The death Toll is expected to reach over 300 lives. Below is Sarah’s plan and YOU CAN HELP!!

As scrappers, one of the most important things we deal with on a daily basis are memories. Family memories, memories of loved ones, memories of holidays, birthdays, christenings, bbq’s and days at the beach. These families in Victoria have got no tangible evidence of their lives left. No family photos. No happy snaps. You can replace a fridge, but you can’t replace years of momentos.

In order to help out these family begin to put their lives back together I have started a scrapbooking plan – called “MEMORY GIFTS”.


Quite simply, I ask each and every one of you who read this blog to donate a 12 x 12inch almost completed scrapbook LO to the “Memory Gifts” program. Each page will be sent to me. I will collect them and bind them, then hand them over to the head of Pastoral Care for the Victorian Catholic Education Office, Maria Kirkwood in Melbourne. It will not be just Catholic families benefiting, it will be anyone who needs it.

Each family devastated by fire will be (in time) given album pages to help them begin their memories again. Those families can then approach their own families for copies of photos to put into the albums, or simply start putting in fresh memories.

If you think you can help, please leave me a comment and I will forward it on to Sarah who will give you her postal address so that you can send your page. Any help you can give will be much appreciated.

I plan to have these albums finished by the 20th of March – that gives us a month to get cracking and create as many pages as we can!

If you feel you wish to contribute in some other way, please leave me a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Many thanks on the behalf of the Victorian families who have lost everything. If we all scrap just one page each we will be able to give these families a wonderful gift to treasure!!!

thank you!

The lovely Sonya (from the Scrapbook Studio DT) kindly gave me this blog award.


This entails saying one thing nice about the man in my life: Steve.

I love the way he surprises me with flowers from the garden or hugs while I’m making dinner, he’s very sweet at times!!

Next I need to List 6 ways I measure success in my life:

  1. Having healthy, happy children
  2. Sharing my life with someone that really loves me
  3. Having friends to count on when I need them
  4. Having some money in the bank (not that successful there!)
  5. A sense of achievement in my work
  6. Some recognition for the things I’m passionate about

And finally, choosing 5 other bloggers to send this on to:

Hannah Blair – just a really great blog to keep up with!
Debbie Blincoe – because she’s one of the most caring people I’ve ever met
Janine Worthington – just coz i luv her
Vicki Parker – a digi queen who inspires all
AnneMarie – This is Binxcat – super talented and such a lovely person!!

So there… thanks Sonya for the pick me up!

Have a lot going on…

So I have morning sickness… didn’t get it with my first pregnancy but definitely have it now. I’m not actually throwing up (which is good) but I’m continually having bouts of nausea and am just so exhausted it’s insane. I had a crappy weekend which consisted of me in my pjs most of the weekend, blobbing on the couch and feeling like death warmed up. I’m seeing the midwife tomorrow for the first time since I had Joshie so it’ll be nice to catch up with her again. However it was also a really sad weekend.

A good friend of mine Jo went into labour on Friday and had her little girl Friday morning. Unfortunately the umbilical cord was wrapped around little Alice Rose’s neck and body and she was born unconscious and was oxygen deprived for quite a few minutes. It took the team at the hospital 13 minutes to find a heartbeat and she was rushed off to NICU at Starship in critical condition. The doctors had already told Jo and her partner Gabby that Alice was likely to be severly brain damaged if she survived, and they did a scan and found she also had tumours on her little heart. Being so brain damaged they wouldn’t be able to do anything about the tumours, and little Alice died in Gabby’s arms early on Saturday morning. My heart absolutely breaks for them. Being a same-sex couple they went through so much to get pregnant, with Jo spending months in England so their lovely daughter Grace could have a biological sibling. It was their last shot and for it all to go so terribly wrong at the end is devastating for all involved. They’re the nicest couple you could meet and I’m so, so sad for them.

It’s hit me harder probably because I’m pregnant myself and I won’t stop being scared about this pregnancy until the kid (or kids) hit oh, 60 years old… face it, you never stop worrying about them but you learn to deal with the day to day worries. I’d forgotten how scary it was to be pregnant though, to have this little person in you so reliant on you doing the right thing for them but you ultimately having very little control over it all.

So after this weekend, I’m grateful. I’m grateful for the nausea that let’s me know all is still well inside me. I’m grateful for the support I have from Steve and for the gorgeous wee boy I already have. And I’m grateful for Jo and Gabby’s friendship, I can only hope I can be as good a friend to them during this awful time.

L x