Thanking the big guy…

there’s only one Jellybean in there! OMG I was stressing over this one, we have such a small house and money is tight – we can cope with another one but another two is a WHOLE different ball game. Maybe I’ll be able to sleep again now… phew!

Here’s a layout I did recently using lots of stuff, just playing around mostly. It’s about how Joshie always finds a new friend wherever he goes… :


Other than that I was just sent this poem which is rather  appropriate for all the devastation going on at the moment in Australia:

by Oliver Thomas

Flickering flames of frenzied fury
Fanned by a freshening breeze.
Terrible tortuous tongues of fire
Hungrily lick at the trees.

With a roaring rush, the raging inferno
Famishes forest and farm,
‘Til the land is blackened, barren and bare
And the world once wild is calm.

And the stillness settles on silent soil
Which once was the place of trees,
While the animals dead, or long since gone
Are merely memories.

But the green grass grows as time goes by,
And sinewy saplings soar;
For Nature nourishes new grown trees
‘Til the bush is there once more.

The designers at Eidou are currently putting together a collaborative charity kit, with all proceeds from the sale of the kit going to the fund set up to help survivors of the bushfires start to rebuild their lives. Sarah Gladman is also organising donations of 12 x 12 blank pages that can be bound together and given to the families so they can start rebuilding their memories, anyone wanting to help can email me for her address.

L 🙂

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  1. I’ve been to your small house so I understand why you’re relieved, LOL! But seriously, I’m sure you would have been fine if it were twins, I guess you just cope, somehow! It’s good that you have an answer now, I hope you can sleep easy again 🙂

    Love the layout!


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