ok, fess up…

who is the angel that sent me a gorgeous bunch of sunflowers and a box of yummy summer fruits to cheer me up! There was no name and although I have my suspicions I’d love to have confirmation of who the sweetheart is. I soooo appreciate it, it was such a lovely surprise and has really cheered me up.

I also want to thank the academy… nah, but I’d really like to thank everyone that’s left such lovely supportive comments at a time I really just needed to vent. I’m thinking the pregnancy hormones have gotten to me a little but, on the upside, the nausea seems to have abated. Hooray!

I’m still mojoless but I figure if I just stay away from it for a few days I might just get myself inspired, although I am tempted to submit my work to magazines again, I’ve not done that in a long time and it’s motivational to see your stuff in print.

Speaking of which, have you seen the latest Up2Scrap? My first DT thingy is in it this month and it’s a bit of a buzz to see my stuff in there.

I’m soooo over this heat, Nic’s blog has made me crave caramel mini eggs and right now I’m ready to blob in front of telly for the night (Joshie’s over at Nanna’s)… aaah… today is a MUCH better day. So thank you all.

L 🙂

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  1. Glad to hear your on the up and up Louise. Love what you’ve done in Up2scrap. So are you going to do a list of how many creme eggs then LOL!??!


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