Couple of updates!!

Firstly the latest (and my last) issue for Scrap ‘N Art is out now – well worth subscribing to! I’ve had to resign as I’ve had a couple of other exciting opportunities head my way that I couldn’t say no to!

One of these is I’m now the Jedi Master.. oops I mean blogmaster for the Up2Scrap blog and wow have we got some exciting new things in line for you guys!! We’re starting off with a monthly trend watch that includes a sketch challenge – be in to win a year’s subscription to Up2Scrap! Check out the blog for details.

Also I have some other wonderful news that I can’t yet share but am busting to tell you all! All will be revealed shortly…

We’ve had a shake up over Eidou too with some new designers on board, a new gallery and forum and some great new products in store. There are lots of freebies to be had too, including this one from me….


That’s all for now

L 🙂

5 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds wonderful Louise!!


  2. ok!!! Im busting to know what you’re busting to tell us!!!……….and I’m not a patient person lol


  3. ok!!! Im busting to know what you’re busting to tell us!!!……….

    OOOHHHH Cannot wait to hear….


  4. Cool news about the Up2scrap blog and exciting news coming out soon eh, waiting, waiting LOL!


  5. Ah-huh! I thought I read you saying somewhere about changes at Eidou, and now that I see this after not being able to get in over there, it reminds me that I have to re-register. Doh!! LOL
    Awesome to hear about the Up2Scrap blog – whoohoo you.


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