Lots going on…

I’ve been just crazy busy for about the last month and FINALLY I’m starting to get on top of it all. This week is the Sketchbook Retreat and I can’t wait but have a tonne of things to sort out before then! I’m meant to bring along over 50 photos for the classes that are on but can’t see me managing to print them. I’m thinking I’ll concentrate on a couple of projects I need to work on during the retreat and bring the class kits home to do at a later date…. anyhooooo

My first album for Rasberry is up on the DT blog – check it out! I’ve got some gorgeous papers, rubons and chipboard to play with too so will be taking that to the retreat with me as well… yummo!

Also – the Great Egg Hunt is on!! Over at Eidou we’ve hidden 10 eggs throughout the store, all you have to do is find them and email me with the products they’re located with and you’ll get yourself a free download of this cute kit – appropriately titled Easter Hunt!


What else? well I’ve taken a stand at SENZ this year, hoping to drag a few more traditional scrappers kicking and screaming over to the dark side… LOL. We’ve got some very cool stuff in the pipeline, and if you’re not able to attend the show then check online during SENZ weekend (mid-July – I’ll give you the details closer to the time) for some special show goodies!

Ok.. better get my A into G, got a page to scrap today for an alphabet album for a lovely little boy (also called Joshua and the same age as my wee fella too), who had a near drowning and is struggling with brain function. So sad but he’s lucky to be alive and is a little battler.

As for other stuff I’m into my 16th week of pregnancy (wow – entering my 5th month already next week!!) and in a few weeks time we’ll be finding out the sex. I’m feeling it’s a girl, and so are Steve and Joshie. Fingers crossed but I really won’t mind if it’s a boy… I wanted a girl the first time around and couldn’t love my little man any more if I tried. I believe we get what we’re meant to have, I also believe our children choose us so we’ll just have to wait and see!!

L 🙂

2 responses to this post.

  1. I hear ya!! I’m looking forward to the retreat more than anything but have a TON of work, appointments, and other commitments to get done first. Thankfully I always have plenty of photos (I print mine regularly and have a BIG backlog!!) so should be able to complete the classes. But yeah, good idea to bring some projects to do and take the kits home.

    Wow, 16 weeks already? That seems to have gone fast!

    Looking forward to catching up with you again in a few days 🙂


  2. Yay, like I said this arvo, i can’t wait to catch up at the retreat and just enjoy this weekend!

    Like you and Hannah I have heaps and heaps to do before Friday afternoon…

    I have been thinking all along that you are having a little girl…


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