My new baby has arrived…

Nope, not Lucas but almost as exciting for a tech-head like me…

XC4896~LGENow let me just wipe the drool off my keyboard and confirm that no, I’m not surfing around looking for Asian men, it’s just a demo shot. But I’ve got a real one and it’s more likely to be looking at Hugh Jackman than Mr Japan 2009. It’s in its box calling to me but I’m meant to be working dang it.

I’ve got it so I can do my digi designing work at night in the house without freezing! It’ll also be great when Lucas is born so I can work from inside with him instead of dragging him down to the office with me. All very sensible I thought. LOL

Anyhooo we went to Hamilton last weekend and despite the weather had a great time. Sometimes you’ve just got to run away from an unrenovated house, piles of work and annoying animals who insist on attaching themselves like velcro in this cold weather. We took Joshie to see Monsters vs Aliens (which he loved) and he also went to his first rugby game. We were close to the stadium and saw all the fireworks going off (while Joshie was supposed to be asleep in bed) and that was it for sleep for him. Next thing I know Steve’s got him all wrapped up like a snowman and is off for a walk to tire him out, 30 mins later I get a phone call saying they’d been given free tickets to the big game that was on and they’d be back later. They got in at almost 10pm (bit late for a 3 year old but he was wide awake and hyped up on lollies from a lollie scramble), and Joshie couldn’t stop grinning. Steve really enjoyed some real father-son time too so I was glad I didn’t go (also I hate rugby – league yes, rugby no).

After the weekend I had a big think scrappy wise and have had a MASSIVE cull of my stuff. We’re talking about half of what I had is now (or shortly being added) to trademe to pay for my new laptop. I’ve decided to take my work completely hybrid (other than my DT commitments around the place) so have gotten rid of 6 x big paper stands, 7 huge drawers and 7 paper holders worth of goodies. I’ve found since before the last retreat that I just don’t want to scrap traditionally much anymore, the odd bit here and there but if I can do 70% of the page digitally and the rest traditionally it’ll be a better balance for me. Lighter albums and less glitter in the bed at night.

L 🙂

3 responses to this post.

  1. Woohoo, have fun with the new computer! 😉 Definitely a good idea, who wants to spend the evenings in a cold garage?
    I’m guessing there will be a fair few scrappers keeping their eyes peeled for your bargains on Trade Me! Let me know when you’ve listed them, I might have a little browse 😉


  2. Posted by mummymoo on May 14, 2009 at 8:24 pm

    Hee hee glitter in the bed, mine is ink at the moment – wahoooo on the laptop and great reasoning there 🙂 WOW about the weekend did joshie get any sleep at all, hope you crashed out while they were out, what a neat thing tho to have some daddy time and for free how cool!!!!



  3. Posted by Sheena on May 28, 2009 at 2:32 pm

    guess wot – i came to this site from …yes you guessed it…the rasberry dt site…yeah …i have updated the link…sorry from the bottom of my heart that it has taken this long…hey love the new computer -ENJOY


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