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I’m not dead yet…

Just soooo busy!! SENZ is fast approaching and I’m working madly on a kazillion things in preparation for the show – please come and say hi if you’re coming to it in July!! We’ve got a whole lot of new releases at show specials as well as some very cool digi/hybrid layouts to try and drag some of you across to giving it a go (kicking and screaming no doubt!!)… so that’s been me pretty much for the last month!!
Apart from Lucas of course, I’m now in month 7 (where the hell has the time gone?) and he’s a very BUSY wee boy… well all I can say is enjoy the room while you’ve got it kiddo and pass me a timtam… hehehe. All is well with him though, he’s exactly where he’s supposed to be size-wise and is very active with a perfect heartbeat. Off for more blood tests next week but so far, so good!
Did you see the hybrid album I put together with Rasberry goodies? It’s on their blog if you want to check it out… I wanted to reuse some of the rubons so went the hybrid route.
Up2Scrap mag is coming out again soon so keep your eye out for it!! In the meantime check out their blog for this month’s challenge – it’s another goodie!!

Until I get more time…

L 🙂 x