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Do you have an electronic cutter?

The Eidou digital scrap shop now has cutting files for sale in the store, including a freebie file you can try out on your machine before you buy! The files are all in both AI (adobe illustrator) and SVG (scalable vector graphics) format which are compatible with most electronic cutters that allow you to download from your computer. Give them a go!


It’s over… thank goodness

Phew! the relief is tangible – SENZ is over for another year! After months of late nights and stress the show is over and although I’m glad I did it, I’m soooo glad it’s over. I don’t know what idiot (that’d be me) put the idea to do a SENZ show at 7 months pregnant into my head but sheeze! Anyway, here’s a couple of piccies of the stand before the show opened:



It’s not quite as I’d initially envisaged but then we ended up with a wall I wasn’t expecting! LOL… I’m nothing if not flexible. I spent the 3 days doing demo’s on my laptop and converting people over the dark side of digi, as well as managing to catch up with a lot of lovely scrappers I haven’t seen in a while. All in all it went well, but the show was much quieter on the Sunday than I expected, the last few SENZ shows I’ve done have always been busy all weekend. Sign of the times I guess!

I had the day from hell yesterday too, started with finding 1/2″ of water on the floor of the passenger seat in my car. After a quote from the panelbeater of around $500 for taking the window out and fixing any rust that may have been lurking, my dad found it was just some rubber had come off and the vents were blocked with leaves causing the water to backup and run into my air vents. On top of this I had annoying clients, a little guy who kept bursting into tears for some unknown reason (he’s regressing a bit as Lucas gets a bit closer to joining us) and generally just a heck of a lot of stress I didn’t need. Was relieved to get into bed and know that the day was over!!

Joshie’s got a birthday party to go to this weekend, and then another one next weekend (popular wee fella) so he’s all excited and helped me wrap the presents. For some reason we always seem to go through 3 times the amount of sticky tape than we would if I was wrapping them alone… hmmm

Anyway, superbusy with work at the mo (major catchup time) and midwife/specialist/OB appointments so I’ll be off and leave you with a layout I whipped up during the show in a spare moment I had! Credit for the kit I used goes to: LaurieAnnHGD and her Summerville kit – free with the latest issue of Digital Scrapartist Magazine. Speaking of which I’m being published in there in the late July issue coming out around the beginning of August – yahoo!


Oh one other thing, since selling up half my scrapbooking stuff and paying off my laptop with it (yep all those papers etc paid for my laptop!!) I’ve found my paper mojo again – yay!!

Neighbours, babies and feeling out of the loop

Ok so this is just a quick update and likely to be one of my last ones before SENZ hits me…

Firstly anyone who’s bothered reading my blurbs for any length of time knows about some of the issues we’ve had with all our neighbours. We have them on three sides and they all need to be committed. Seriously. We just like to live a quiet life and they, for some reason unknown to us, insist on interfering with that life in sneaky and underhanded ways. We had the kid who threw rocks at our dog and on the roof of the house (until we told them we had it on camera), the father of this same kid looking through our windows with a torch to see what we’d done with the kitchen. The drug house (since raided, sold and no longer a problem). The hypocritical, arrogant ones behind us who’ve sprayed our trees with roundup, come onto our property and cut OUR trees where it overhangs OUR water tank and left a mess, thrown a bag of dog faeces onto our property as if it was Kobi that left the reminder on their lawn (our dog is kept on the property at all times unlike theirs, who is tiny and sneaks through our fence to crap on our lawn!). The insane ones who crack whips all summer, say hi to us when it suits them and then ignore us if they think we’re moving house, and we’re sure has peered through out windows and have even set off our office alarm when we forgot to lock the workshop once and someone opened the door. Don’t ask me how but we just KNOW it’s them.

This is about the insane ones. They were fine when the drug house was there, all united against them etc but now they’re back to their old tricks. Now our house is higher than theirs, they’re right in the drainage bowl of the street and have terrible drainage issues (which they think they can fix by filling their property with decks and sheds). We have a small drainage culvert that runs along the front of our property into a pipe that goes under our driveway and then onto their property as it’s the natural flow for the drainage. It’s been there about 50 years and was put there by the council, but in a bid to help them with their drainage issues we put in a pipe to redirect some of the overflow back onto our property and into our drainage system we put in. The mysterious thing is that EVERY winter and umpteen times during winter we find a semi-deflated ball shoved into one end of the large pipe (the only end it’ll fit) that makes all the water back up onto our property completely. I WONDER who would do that? hmmmm. On inspection the ball has the NAME of the idiot owner on it, (and has done the last few times) so it’s not rocket science huh? So now we’re putting a grill up on the big end of the pipe so he who shall remain nameless can’t do it again, if the grill gets removed we’ll stick a camera on him and get the council involved…

What I want to know is why us? We’re pleasant to our neighbours but aren’t ones to get involved much in anything, we just like to do our own thing. And they can’t stand it! We’re not that interesting. Seriously!!

Anyway the drama will no doubt continue… as it does.

As for babies we’re all ready for the little guy to make his appearance and good job too, I’m waaay too tired to shop for anything else! I’m not sleeping much with major insomnia, aching hips and pelvis and a brain that won’t switch off this close to SENZ. I don’t think I’ll have the baby sleep-deprivation shock I had with Joshie this time around so that’s a small consolation. I’m due 16th or 17th September so there’s 2 1/2 months to go but we’ve pretty much got everything sorted, just a small supermarket shop for bits and bag to pack for the hospital and we’re off. His kicks have turned to painful prods and pokes too and he’s sooooo busy, maybe he and Joshie will wear each other out once Lucas is at an age to play with him. One can hope.

As my scrapping has totally revolved around digi stuff in the leadup to SENZ, I’m also feeling completely out of the loop with friends. No-one seems to want to catch up and I’m considering changing my deodorant. Is it me? is everyone just busy? Have I offended the world with my opinions (which I don’t mean to do but I do have them)… I’m just feeling a bit isolated at the moment and there’s no reason in particular for it. Must be the baby blues kicking in, the hormones must be building. Poor Steve, he has my sympathies.

Anyway as for SENZ I’m pretty much just burning CD’s and printing the last bits of signage and we’re there. I’m hoping more than anything I don’t end up sitting there for 3 days selling nothing and wishing I’d never bothered. It’s scary as it’s new to a lot of people but my hope is to show people how much cheaper than can make their scrapping, how easy it is and how interesting it can make their pages. We’re sharing a stand with Up2Scrap too so if you’re coming please come and say hi, it’s always nice to put faces to the names. If you can’t come to the show we’ll also be specialling the kits that are being released exclusively for the show online for that weekend only – you’ll get other bonuses if you buy from us in person though.

Hi ho, hi ho, I can’t feel my fingers it’s so cold but back to work I go…