It’s over… thank goodness

Phew! the relief is tangible – SENZ is over for another year! After months of late nights and stress the show is over and although I’m glad I did it, I’m soooo glad it’s over. I don’t know what idiot (that’d be me) put the idea to do a SENZ show at 7 months pregnant into my head but sheeze! Anyway, here’s a couple of piccies of the stand before the show opened:



It’s not quite as I’d initially envisaged but then we ended up with a wall I wasn’t expecting! LOL… I’m nothing if not flexible. I spent the 3 days doing demo’s on my laptop and converting people over the dark side of digi, as well as managing to catch up with a lot of lovely scrappers I haven’t seen in a while. All in all it went well, but the show was much quieter on the Sunday than I expected, the last few SENZ shows I’ve done have always been busy all weekend. Sign of the times I guess!

I had the day from hell yesterday too, started with finding 1/2″ of water on the floor of the passenger seat in my car. After a quote from the panelbeater of around $500 for taking the window out and fixing any rust that may have been lurking, my dad found it was just some rubber had come off and the vents were blocked with leaves causing the water to backup and run into my air vents. On top of this I had annoying clients, a little guy who kept bursting into tears for some unknown reason (he’s regressing a bit as Lucas gets a bit closer to joining us) and generally just a heck of a lot of stress I didn’t need. Was relieved to get into bed and know that the day was over!!

Joshie’s got a birthday party to go to this weekend, and then another one next weekend (popular wee fella) so he’s all excited and helped me wrap the presents. For some reason we always seem to go through 3 times the amount of sticky tape than we would if I was wrapping them alone… hmmm

Anyway, superbusy with work at the mo (major catchup time) and midwife/specialist/OB appointments so I’ll be off and leave you with a layout I whipped up during the show in a spare moment I had! Credit for the kit I used goes to: LaurieAnnHGD and her Summerville kit – free with the latest issue of Digital Scrapartist Magazine. Speaking of which I’m being published in there in the late July issue coming out around the beginning of August – yahoo!


Oh one other thing, since selling up half my scrapbooking stuff and paying off my laptop with it (yep all those papers etc paid for my laptop!!) I’ve found my paper mojo again – yay!!

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  1. Posted by mummymoo on July 23, 2009 at 7:54 pm

    It was the bird cage that did it huh – i thought I saw a paper twinkle in your eye there hee hee – LMG about the car and thank goodness for your dad to the rescue too ………

    The show was cool and I am pretty sure there are a few more converts to the dark side mwhahaha
    Awesome to hang out with you too 🙂 and the Stall looked AWESOMe and so does that layout but hee hee i have told ya that already



  2. Your stand was sooo amazing – you and your mum looked in your element! Did you have any noodle boxes left as I am thinking i want to get a couple! Totally ran out of time to get back to you on sunday to purchase them!


  3. You must be shattered Louise…still glad to hear SENZ went well for you. The stand looks great.


  4. I’m glad to hear that SENZ went well, your stand looked great! Pity I wasn’t able to make it over the weekend.
    Sorry to hear about the car, but it’s great that your Dad figured out the REAL problem before you spent all that money!


  5. It was awesome to catch up with you again Louise, also glad it’s over and very happy to hear you have found your MOJO again


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