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Needing to vent… be warned!!

Thought I’d better warn anyone not wanting to hear my rantings before I start.

It’s been a rough couple of months. I’m super relieved SENZ is over but since then Joshie has become a demon, I’ve been really sick with a never-ending headcold and generally things just could be better. Yep I know it’s just a rough patch, but sitting in the middle of it all gets a little overwhelming at times.

We’re having issues with Joshie, I’m not sure if he’s just playing up because he knows that Lucas is on the way or whether it’s the testosterone burst they get at this age but he’s been playing up something chronic. He’s just been SO naughty, yelling in my face while he’s holding my arms, saying no to everything, throwing his stuff around, tantrums and generally being a little S*&T. At a time when I’m really wishing this pregnancy was over and am needing him to be good, he’s being the complete opposite.

Aside from this he’s still not eating properly, he’s so fussy and has a fit if there’s anything new on his plate but I’m persisting with trying to introduce him to vegetables (he wouldn’t know what one was despite my best efforts). It’s so disheartening. On top of that we also have an issue with the toilet training. He’ll do No. 1’s in there no problem at all, but try and get him to do a No. 2 and he’ll whinge and say he can’t, it’s too hard and that he doesn’t need to. 5 mins later he’s done it in his underpants – the other day he even went to hide in the bathroom while he did it! I’m at my wits end and have reverted to pull ups in an attempt to show him that’s he’s being a baby by not using the toilet. It doesn’t matter how I approach it he just won’t even try.

There’s nothing wrong with Joshie, he’s just a very pedantic, hard-core kind of kid that does things his own way and always has. I just don’t know what to do next. I feel like the worst mother on the planet to have an almost 4 year old kid that won’t eat anything but chicken nuggets (he’s ok with breakfast and lunch but dinner is completely limited) and refuses to leave the nappies behind. He’s a kid that still gets up in the morning and wants his teddy, pillow, blanket (must be in that order) and a drink of milk… We’ve tried humouring him thinking he’ll grow out of it. We’ve tried being strict and dealing with the tantrums. We’ve tried coercing him with bribes. We’ve tried punishments like losing toys and time outs. NOTHING is working.

Is it just because Lucas is on the way? Will it change when he sees Lucas in nappies and eating better than he does? I so hope it does. We’ve talked to Joshie about being a big brother and showing Lucas how to be a big boy. We’ve tried stepping back about Lucas arriving thinking he was playing up because of feeling pressured to be a big boy. What do we do? I just don’t know. I’ve read the books. I’ve watch the Politically Incorrect Parenting Show but although I love it and it’s full of great advice, so much of it just doesn’t apply to a kiddo like Joshie. Normal ways of doing things just don’t seem to be working. All I can think of to do is carry on with the discipline and trying to encourage him to eat new things and use the toilet, and hope he decides he needs to be a big boy when he sees Lucas in nappies and eating baby food.

I’ve recently resigned from my position on the Rasberry Design Team as well. The products are lovely and it’s a great team to be a part of but with only 5 weeks to go before Lucas I needed to step back so I can concentrate on stuff that I can do from the house instead of having to go down to the office. I’ve pretty much moved all my work up onto my laptop now (thank you so much mum!) so at least I can work a little more comfortably now.

I’m back for another round of blood/urine tests tomorrow too. I’ve been really sick for the last 10 days with a horrible headcold I’ve not been able to take anything for and ended up with a trace of protein with my last midwife test. I suspect it’s the antibiotics I’ve been on (the only thing I could take as I also ended up with a respiratory infection) that affected the result but my blood pressure was up a little (no idea WHY Joshie… I say with sarcasm) but of course they’re all signs of pre-eclampsia. I’m not thinking there’ll be anything turn up in tests but it’s better to be safe than sorry. I also have to get another growth scan this week which I’m looking forward to, it’ll be nice to get a good look at Lucas before he makes his debut.

Other than all this I’m sooo over this pregnancy. The headcold has made it harder but Lucas is a busy wee fella and I’ve been so uncomfortable that I’ve not slept properly in months. He kicks a lot (nice and reassuring) but my hips are so sore all the time that I’m just done with it all. If I ever think of doing this again just shoot me.

The house is also getting me down, we’ve been living in a semi-renovated, tiny house now for almost 5 years and I hate it. I mean it could be worse but I just feel like we’re never going to get it finished so we can get out of here. And with the housing market like it is we’re stuck for now anyway. What I want to know is who I have to sleep with to get a house makeover… seriously thinking I should run my own telethon…

Ok… venting over… it’s pretty much all out. Of course there’s always more I could bitch about but now I’m just feeling like a big whinger and hate feeling so negative. I should be excited (which I am) but it’s all just a bit on top of me at the moment. All this and I feel like the goodyear blimp. Most pregnant women have gorgeous hair and glowing skin, I get hormone spots, greasy folicles and am generally at my most unattractive. I’m grateful that Lucas is ok, that Joshie is healthy (despite the fact I want to kill him right now) and that I only have a few weeks to go. With Mum and Dad in Cairns at the moment I’m totally grateful for the break I get on Kindy days.

On a lighter note I’ve just had my first layout published in Digital Artist Magazine, it was this one:

spring layout

Nice to see something different of mine in print (or in digi anyway). I’ve also been working on a new kit for Eidou and am loving how it’s coming out. Sales in the digi industry have slowed down as much as they have in the traditional scrapping industry and I’m wondering where to head next with the business. I’ve put in so much work in the past year and have a great group of people together on the site, but it’s just gone very quiet out there. I have a couple of ideas I want to implement as soon as I get chance but it’s disheartening. Serves me right for starting it up at the beginning of a recession (which hadn’t hit here when I did it)…

Oh well, on the upside we’ve upgraded our modem to a wireless router so I can surf at the same time as Steve and from anywhere in the house without cables everywhere – sweet! Some things are looking up anyway! LOL

Ok, so apologies for the venting (but you were warned), but sometimes you just gotta get it out. Roll on Spring. I’m ready for the sun, for playing with Joshie on the deck, for the end of being cooped up pregnant with a bored almost-4-year-old.

L x

Long one…

Ok, sit back with a coffee because there’s a whole lot of updates…

Firstly, I saw the midwife this morning and got some not fabulous news. While getting some blood test results I‘ve had a strange antibody turn up in my blood tests. I suspect it’s from the hospital infusions I had 8 months ago (we were told to wait 6 months before getting pregnant – which we did – and I suspect this is why). If the levels rise it could mean (in very rare instances) the baby being born with bleeding issues (like haemophilia). At the moment it just means having blood tests monthly to keep an eye on the levels, and personally as I suspect the levels were made by the infusions artificially in the first place then I can’t see why my body would suddenly go into mass production of them. Still it’s a worry.

Everything else is fine, baby’s heartbeat is strong and perfect and all my other tests are normal so fingers crossed. Just a wait and see but it’s obvious that this pregnancy isn’t going to be as straight forward as my last one. Lorraine (my midwife) said she’s had another woman recently with the same thing just have her baby with no problems at all, and I’ll be closely monitored by my OB this time around too… so fingers crossed all will be ok but it’s a worry still.

On with some lighter stuff – this weekend being Easter I’m veering away from the egg hunt I did last year. Joshie ended up with way too much chocolate! So this year I’ve bought him an egg with a monster truck and two small eggs and Sunday morning we’ll be doing an egg hunt using clues. Now being only 3 1/2 he’s not likely to figure out anything too cryptic, so instead I’ve gone around the house taking photos of various objects and will print them out (complete with bunny paw print). Then in the morning he can find his first clue, go to the place/object and look for his next photo clue… all the way to the washing machine where his egg will be hidden inside! I’ll be taking photos… LOL.

I love doing things like this, growing up mum did fun things for us (including tying string to our bedroom door handles and making us follow it round the house until we found our eggs!). I appreciated the effort she went to and they’re some of my favourite childhood memories. I just want Joshie to have the same so thanks mum!

Ok, on to the retreat. I didn’t get to scrap with (and give grief to) Nic this time around, so poor Lesley Cooper copped it instead. Good job she share’s my sense of humour so I think she’s still talking to me… I didn’t have as much energy this time either and ended up going to bed around 11pm each night as well as having breaks and nanna naps in the day. Baby is having a growth spurt and I’m feeling it! I did managed to still do around 7 layouts though, there’s one I do really like – the others? well I got them done. Say no more. I didn’t come away with any that I’m really excited about sharing though, KWIM? The motivation was there but the mojo wasn’t… never mind, had a great time anyway! I also did a hybrid make and take card on the Friday night, I must have been stressing over it without realising because my heart was racing before it. Once it was over I was fine again though and didn’t feel too nervous actually during it. Hopefully people liked what we made and I know I did manage to convert a couple of scrappers over to the dark side.

Sooo here they are (and yep, you’ll see my obsession with a recently purchased leaf stamp, staz on brown ink and transparencies cropping up repeatedly)…

First up was this one (had only been there 40 mins and wasn’t into it… that’s my excuse anyway!). Bit of a chuck it on the page and glue it down job, oh well, it’s more photos scrapped!


This one I don’t mind, it’s a play on that “You had me at hello” thing from Jerry McGuire. I wish I’d vintaged the photo before i scrapped it though, might end up redoing the piccie and slotting it in…


This one isn’t really me but it’s very much for Joshie. He loves fun, bright pages and although I love the paper range and chipboard shapes, I’m not sure I did them justice.


This one’s grown on me, it’s a little Ali Edwards I think and much more minimalist than I usually do but I’m beginning to really like it. The gold spray paint on the background really shines and sets it off.


Don’t love it, don’t hate it… LOL


This is the one I really like, it took a while before it came together and the white journalling formed a frame around it that just finished it off.


This one is me playing with scrolls and cog chipboard. I painted, inked and dimensional magic’d the chipboard and then finished it off with some brads, it’s another one growing on me.


Anyhooo, that’s pretty much the updates for now, and before you all jump up and down and tell me not to be so hard on myself I feel my mojo returning… LOL… probably needed another day or two scrapping and I’d have come right! I’ll be back with some Rasberry in the next few days…

L 🙂

Seriously… you’re missing A LOT

Ok so I’m on the team of Scrap N’ Art but it’s truly an amazing ezine! I subscribed long before I joined as it’s such a great online magazine so have you checked it out yet?

You’re seriously missing out if you haven’t! This latest issue is full of amazing layouts, I’ve not been this inspired in a long, long time and that’s the truth. The Jan/Feb issue is over 100 pages long and chocka full of great info and free downloads for the digital amongst us…


How cool are they?

Over at Eidou we’ve had a great start to the year with a sketch and swatch challenge, and shortly a template challenge too… lots to keep digi and hybrid scrappers alike busy!

On a personal front I’ve been amiss at keeping in touch lately, I’ve had computer issues and have reinstalled my whole system 6 times this week!! don’t ever think that upgrading your system software is a good idea. It’s not. Ever.

Sooo here’s catch up time. Joshie’s had a great break from Kindy and we’re making progress with the toilet training! hooray! thought the kid would be going to college in nappies… no changes on the bottle front and he’s still getting me up umpteen times a night to be retucked in (he’s a mobile sleeper!) but he’s a little sweetheart and his behaviour really turned a corner when he hit three. Hence trying for another. Wouldn’t have happened otherwise! No news on that front yet but it’s early days…. you know I’ll keep you informed! LOL

Ok… so Christmas was great, we did the family thing with ALL the rellies a week earlier so it was nice and restful on the day. Joshie spent the morning before we went over to my cousin’s house on the trampoline…


Then played Santa’s helper, delivering (and opening) everyone’s presents.


Now a question… why on earth are there so many of those damned tags holding kid’s presents together!?! don’t they want the kids to ever get IN to them? I feel a page coming on…


this one’s just because I love his smile, he’s doing the ‘grin for the camera’ bit… there goes the end of the natural smile shot…


A day before Christmas Eve we decided to do some last minute shopping so went to Borders… I found my boys around the music section…


And then onto Christmas morning… Joshie was in fine form with present opening this year. We had a rough night on Christmas Eve and he didn’t want to get up in the morning as he was tired… until he came out and saw all the presents. To quote “wow, so many presents”… hehehe


And then Christmas Dinner over at my uncle’s house where he has a gorgeous pool area. My brother Mark took Joshie in for a swim and had a great time…


and finally, look what Santa brought for Joshie


Yep, a bike with no pedals. It’s called a Glide to Ride and teaches them balance before you add the pedals on later. So there he is, two feet on the ground and worried he’ll fall off. 10 mins on the bike and it’s been lonely ever since… I’m sure he’ll get into it and once he does we won’t be able to get him off it. And yes, Santa did go a bit mad on presents this year but me thinks he knows that it’s probably the last year we’ll be able to afford to do it (or he will) if we succeed in having another baby…

Sooo New Years we headed up North to Whangarei and spent the evening with the lovely Janine and Ruth and fandamily. Unfortunately Joshie didn’t make it until midnight and was begging to go to bed (I’d already tried to get him to sleep earlier but he wasn’t having any of it). Soooo 11.45pm we head back to the hotel (sounds flasher than it was!) using Steve’s new Navman (for the 100m journey back… LMAO). We got Joshie settled and then the fireworks started. Yep, my 3 year old didn’t go to bed until 12.30am and didn’t sleep late, didn’t have a nap the next day and still was up at 9.30pm the next night. This child is a vampire. He doesn’t sleep. I swear. Should’ve known that from his first night after being born. The only newborn on the planet awake for 6 hours and 2 feeds before deciding to sleep. Briefly. I might sleep when he leaves home…

As for scrapping I’ve been busy doing digi and class stuff so can’t share yet, but I’m working on a few mojo-boosting things to get myself back on track with it all. After doing 3 albums for Christmas the mood’s kinda left me but I’m starting to feel inspired again so stay tuned…

I should’ve warned you this one was a novel!

L 🙂

Weekend update

We had such a busy weekend last weekend, starting Saturday morning with Joshie’s friend Grace’s 3rd birthday party. Jo & Gaby had prepared a huge kiddie banquet but the most Joshie ate was a couple of lollies…


Then they had a scavenger hunt… guess what Joshie won?


Followed by a game of Pass the Parcel…


Then it was time for the Pinata!! Joshie loved it and Grace gave it a good go too…


After that we just had time to hit the shops before they shut. Sunday morning was the Red Beach School Gala. We got there nice and early and Joshie was soooo excited… he even went down the MEGA SLIDE (although Steve was the unfortunate soul who had to take him down). It was HUGE and even Steve was wondering how wise it was to attempt it… but he did and has the friction burns to prove it.


He also had a go on a little train they had there, bit of a rip off ($6 for two and only two laps of the small track) but whaddya do… the kid loves trains…


And then he had a go at driving himself on the much better value ($5 a car for ages!) ride… he wasn’t too impressed with Steve’s attempts to keep them from driving into the wall but he’s in the I DO IT phase… still…


He topped it all off with a ride in a police car (which I’m hoping is the only ride he’ll ever get!) and winning a wee car with the putting balls in the clowns mouth game.

This weekend we’ve got the Santa parade and next week’s my dad’s birthday – I love this time of year!! I’ve already got my Christmas CD’s out and am getting into the spirit. I’m having a pressie wrapping night with mum soon so bring on the eggnog!!


Something to share…

Ok, so I do have something to share with you finally… because I forgot I’d done them. LOL

Here’s a Birthday Card I made for someone who shall remain anonymous (you know who you are) who I’m lucky enough to call a friend – and I still think you look heaps younger than me!! 😉


And while I was at it I whipped up a couple of bereavement cards to send to my Grandmother and Aunt in England. I’m not much of a cardmaker so these were a bit of a challenge!



I was thinking I’d make my own Christmas cards this year but then looked at my list and decided if I started now maybe I’d get them done for next year instead… LOL

In other scrapping news (that was me doing my best Anchorman voice) I’ve been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY behind the scenes creating layouts that I can’t share until next year. I’m also hoping to have something very cool to announce next week but I’ll keep you in suspenders until then.

The Eidou competition is in Week 3 already! We’ve had some gorgeous entries in the gallery and it’s great to see so many people joining me on the dark side and giving digi a go. I’m very much a traditional scrapper and could never give up my paper, chalks and inks (or the mess that goes with it) but I do like the ease with which I can put together a digi page. The Digi tablet is up for grabs and it’s anyone’s to win at this point – exciting stuff!

I’ve given up the moonboot too, I’m being very careful walking around at the mo and have a bit of a limp but generally it’s on the mend. I have another Doc’s visit in early December to double check it but it’s looking fine to head back to the gym after Christmas (don’t want to push it too hard too fast)… and I need to buy some new gym shoes before then!

L 🙂

Busy but not much to show for it…

Know what I mean? I’ve been scrapping madly this week but can’t show you any of it!! Two of the layouts I’ve done are being published in a book in the States (wahoooo!) and one is for a special project coming up in January. Soooo sorry, but you’ll just have to wait! LOL

We’ve had a busy week too… last weekend we had the rellies up but unfortunately it was too windy around here to do the fireworks thing until Wednesday, after they’d gone home. Joshie loved it though, bit of a firebug me thinks (also a bit of a worry!). He’s been going on about fireworks ever since, must get that from me. I spent many a happy childhood hour laying on my cousin’s trampoline watching the fireworks start as it got dark and getting excited about starting ours. I’m in agreement with the general trend towards banning them, but it’ll still be a shame when that happens.

Soooo here are some pics:

Joshie deciding how many more fireworks he wants to see…


Still wanting one more…


Having a great time with Nanna and Grandad…


The firebug himself…


Definitely the season to be busy too, I LOVE this time of year. I can always feel October in the air when it all starts with Halloween and progresses onto Christmas. I’m a Christmas nut. I’m restraining from putting on the Christmas music but it’s pulling at me a bit… and I’d put the tree up now if we had the room (got some sorting to do before I can do that!)… I’ve almost done all my christmas shopping too so roll on, I’m a ready for ya!

We’re taking Joshie to a friend of his’s 3rd birthday party tomorrow, and then off to the Red Beach Gala on Sunday. Next weekend is the Santa Parade and then another gala the weekend after! Love, love, love it… soooo many photo opportunities… LOL

L 🙂

Hear, Hear… or not as the case may be

I took Joshie to the doctors to have his ears checked out and it’s not looking good. I’ve noticed his speech has become a bit unclear in the last couple of weeks and although he seems to hear us ok it was a concern so I took him back. Apart from a lot of wax in both ears it’s looking like there’s fluid in there too, so he’s on drops to get rid of the wax and then it’ll be back for another check to see if he’ll need grommets too… *sigh*…

On another note:

With the recent passing of my grandfather, it got me thinking about what an incredible marriage my grandparents had. Over 60 years together, even at the end my grandfather didn’t want to leave my grandmother. Just awesome and so inspiring. So in honour of my grandparents I’ve created the Vintage Wedding kit, and here’s a sample including a photo from their wedding day…


Think laces, florals and aged elements, all mixed in soft hues of blues, pinks and creams. Just gorgeous!

This kit has 8 beautiful papers, all distressed for the perfect finishing touch. Also included are two frames, two shaped elements, two flowers, a gorgeous crown, 4 different laces, a sprinkle of bling, a beaded ribbon and a gorgeous distressed curled edging. This one would make a stunning mini album and looks just amazing with my crackled paint alphas.

All papers are 300dpi jpeg files and all elements are 300dpi PNG files, checked for stray pixels and ready to go!

And keep an eye out for this weeks challenge in the Eidou Forum… ;)