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Long one…

Ok, sit back with a coffee because there’s a whole lot of updates…

Firstly, I saw the midwife this morning and got some not fabulous news. While getting some blood test results I‘ve had a strange antibody turn up in my blood tests. I suspect it’s from the hospital infusions I had 8 months ago (we were told to wait 6 months before getting pregnant – which we did – and I suspect this is why). If the levels rise it could mean (in very rare instances) the baby being born with bleeding issues (like haemophilia). At the moment it just means having blood tests monthly to keep an eye on the levels, and personally as I suspect the levels were made by the infusions artificially in the first place then I can’t see why my body would suddenly go into mass production of them. Still it’s a worry.

Everything else is fine, baby’s heartbeat is strong and perfect and all my other tests are normal so fingers crossed. Just a wait and see but it’s obvious that this pregnancy isn’t going to be as straight forward as my last one. Lorraine (my midwife) said she’s had another woman recently with the same thing just have her baby with no problems at all, and I’ll be closely monitored by my OB this time around too… so fingers crossed all will be ok but it’s a worry still.

On with some lighter stuff – this weekend being Easter I’m veering away from the egg hunt I did last year. Joshie ended up with way too much chocolate! So this year I’ve bought him an egg with a monster truck and two small eggs and Sunday morning we’ll be doing an egg hunt using clues. Now being only 3 1/2 he’s not likely to figure out anything too cryptic, so instead I’ve gone around the house taking photos of various objects and will print them out (complete with bunny paw print). Then in the morning he can find his first clue, go to the place/object and look for his next photo clue… all the way to the washing machine where his egg will be hidden inside! I’ll be taking photos… LOL.

I love doing things like this, growing up mum did fun things for us (including tying string to our bedroom door handles and making us follow it round the house until we found our eggs!). I appreciated the effort she went to and they’re some of my favourite childhood memories. I just want Joshie to have the same so thanks mum!

Ok, on to the retreat. I didn’t get to scrap with (and give grief to) Nic this time around, so poor Lesley Cooper copped it instead. Good job she share’s my sense of humour so I think she’s still talking to me… I didn’t have as much energy this time either and ended up going to bed around 11pm each night as well as having breaks and nanna naps in the day. Baby is having a growth spurt and I’m feeling it! I did managed to still do around 7 layouts though, there’s one I do really like – the others? well I got them done. Say no more. I didn’t come away with any that I’m really excited about sharing though, KWIM? The motivation was there but the mojo wasn’t… never mind, had a great time anyway! I also did a hybrid make and take card on the Friday night, I must have been stressing over it without realising because my heart was racing before it. Once it was over I was fine again though and didn’t feel too nervous actually during it. Hopefully people liked what we made and I know I did manage to convert a couple of scrappers over to the dark side.

Sooo here they are (and yep, you’ll see my obsession with a recently purchased leaf stamp, staz on brown ink and transparencies cropping up repeatedly)…

First up was this one (had only been there 40 mins and wasn’t into it… that’s my excuse anyway!). Bit of a chuck it on the page and glue it down job, oh well, it’s more photos scrapped!


This one I don’t mind, it’s a play on that “You had me at hello” thing from Jerry McGuire. I wish I’d vintaged the photo before i scrapped it though, might end up redoing the piccie and slotting it in…


This one isn’t really me but it’s very much for Joshie. He loves fun, bright pages and although I love the paper range and chipboard shapes, I’m not sure I did them justice.


This one’s grown on me, it’s a little Ali Edwards I think and much more minimalist than I usually do but I’m beginning to really like it. The gold spray paint on the background really shines and sets it off.


Don’t love it, don’t hate it… LOL


This is the one I really like, it took a while before it came together and the white journalling formed a frame around it that just finished it off.


This one is me playing with scrolls and cog chipboard. I painted, inked and dimensional magic’d the chipboard and then finished it off with some brads, it’s another one growing on me.


Anyhooo, that’s pretty much the updates for now, and before you all jump up and down and tell me not to be so hard on myself I feel my mojo returning… LOL… probably needed another day or two scrapping and I’d have come right! I’ll be back with some Rasberry in the next few days…

L 🙂